Picked Up A Sexy-Nerd Girl In The Nightclub Sunday Night

Sunday night after departing from the debacle of the botched meet-up where I was cock-blocked by the MILF’s son, I decided to hit up the club about 1:30 AM [Monday morning] after being home and unsatisfied with the turn of events.

While there, I Facebook closed a sexy-nerd looking girl from the neighboring island.

By “Facebook Close”, I mean that we exchanged FB-contact info [names] and added each other.

As I spotted her dancing in the club, I approached from a 45 degree angle and opened over the shoulder as lots of guys in pickup are taught to do.

I don’t think I have to tell you what opener I used again. 😉

She smiled and we shook hands upon introduction then I parted ways in search of some other chicks.

Note: Getting the contact info of girls in the club is almost always a lost cause since they won’t particularly remember you after the alcohol has worn off.

However, this chick was sober.

Monday night, through Facebook Messenger, I set up the Day2 [meet-up] for which will have entailed chatting on the sidewalk outside of her sister’s apartment.

Setting up a date/meet-up through Facebook/text, is absolutely the worst and most ineffective way to go about setting anything up. But I rolled the dice on it anyways…and was lucky!

Being a visitor on island, during our initial chat while picking her up, she mentioned that she was staying with her sister for a week. Being very familiar with the part of town her sister lives in, I took that as a green light to suggest a meet-up there.

Note: You always want to read certain cues and clues that the girl will have dropped in conversation

Seemingly meaningless pieces of information can actually mean a lot, and be your hint to what the girl wants.

Hence, if the girl mentions during convo that she’s only here visiting for 3 days, you ought to take that to mean she’s imploring you to act fast!

In addition to that, whenever you pick up a girl who is a tourist, visitor, etc, you cannot fucking afford to waste time to set something up!

Therefore, here is the chat-log from Monday afternoon while led to our meet-up Monday evening…which is an interesting tale you won’t want to miss in my next post.




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