Sunday Night Failed Attempt At Sleeping With The Mom I Picked Up Sunday Morning

After picking up the mom Sunday morning in front of her kids, because she’s scheduled to leave the following morning, I had to bump her up the priority ladder ahead of the other girls whom I’d picked up during the week.

Anyway, this is how it went Sunday evening.


By “home”, she meant at the guest-house which she was staying with her 2 kids and a grown sibling.

Being that it was almost 10 PM, I was banking on the small kid being asleep.

I arrived at her place and texted her while I was outside.

The message kept lagging and wasn’t going through because my battery went dead as I got to my destination.


No signal, dead battery, don’t know which apartment this MILF is staying in, so I called her name a few times in hopes that she hears someone calling her from the sidewalk.

On the 3rd exclamation of her name; she answered!


I waited with a plastic bag containing 2 bottles of Smirnoff Ice.

My aim wasn’t to get her drunk then try to fuck her.

I find that girls love wine coolers, hence I always bring along a few on such missions as inducements…plus I don’t drink heavy liquor, so wince coolers are my favorite.

Now, I expected her to emerge from the apartment alone. But the kid who must have been about 5 years old, pranced along with her.

“Fuck No”! 😡

If there’s 1 downside to picking up mothers, is the potential indirect cock-block from a clingy child.

I was then forced to play the nice-guy role as the kid sat on the steps with us, essentially wedging himself between me and his mom. 😦

I tend to believe that young kids instinctively cock-block any advances upon their mother from any strange men.

Call it a 6th. sense that children were born with.

At this point, I was sensing a totally let down that I might not be able to escalate sexually on this fine-ass MILF.

To add insult to injury, the kid kept trying to build rapport with me by interjecting every time his mother asked me a question.

Mom: “So, how’s your night”?

Me: “Well…”

Kid: “Hey, what is your name”?

Me: “Kenny”!

Kid: “You look like someone I know. You have the same face. Same beard, same hair…”

“C’mon kid! Shut up already! I’m trying to get something started here with your mom”!

I said beneath my breath.

What really annoyed me was that the mother made no attempts to muzzle her son, neither to kindly tell him to excuse himself or send him to his room.

In most cases, the mother almost always senses the social awkwardness and sends the child away.

On this occasion: it seems like I was stuck! 😦

Ten minutes went by, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, 30, 35, 40…almost an hour.

Our entire conversation resembled that of platonic-fucking friends!

For almost an hour, there were no leeways and no possibilities for me to get sexual: verbally nor physically!

Can’t believe an entire fucking night about to go down the drain in such a fashion…helplessly!

A bit later, the mother’s biggest child- a teenager- came outside complaining that she was hungry and that they should go look something to eat from a fast-food spot.

At that point, I was faced with 2 choices:

1.) Excuse myself and leave

2.) Tag along and hope for the best

I chose to tag along!


You never know if things may change later on.

All 5 of us took to the road (on foot) in search of a fast-food spot that is open after 11 PM.

As we walked, I tried my best to walk close to the mom in order to get some time with her.

I grabbed her fingers and held her hand as we walked.

She didn’t react badly at all to my attempt at brisk romance and PDA.

Why I had to do this was very clear. Judging from the interaction so far, I was almost forced to put myself into the friend-zone since our chat was strictly platonic.

Hence, I had to make a romantic gesture at some point before she thinks to herself that I was a complete-fucking wuss. So I held her hand for about a minute as the 5 of us walked.

By the way, this was outside of the view of the others. So such a move was a little secret between the mother and me.

After a while- another 40 minutes- we made it back to the guest-house, they opened the door to the apartment and everyone went inside…but the kid.

The mother sensed that it was over-kill so she yelled at the kid to go inside.



The only moment of privacy we had in 2 hours.

I immediately clamped down upon her by suavely taking her hands with mines, pulling her towards me from off of the steps.

She smiled as she talked about the music playing in the distance.

Knowing this was my last opportunity of the night to at least get sexual, I escalated rapidly from the time the door closed with us on the outside standing, staring at each other.

She gave the slightest bit of token resistance by playfully moving away when I tried getting behind her in order to caress her shoulders and make out with her neck.

We engaged in this playful flirting and push-pull for about 10 minutes.

I decided to call it quits after a while.

Pulled her into me for an embrace and kiss goodbye then parted ways.

That was it.

On a persona level, this was my 2nd time being cock-blocked by a girl’s kid(s).

When trying to bang women with young kids, this is a common thing you’ll have to face. Thus it is a gamble with time; whether you’ll waste it or get some free time to connect with the girl.

Well- that’s the how the cookie crumbles.

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