Quick Sunday-Morning Pickup Of Mom In Front Of Her Family

Oh- Did I forget to mention that I am an ardent mother-fucker?

😉 😉

This morning while heading home on foot from the local grocery store, walking ahead of me was a group of 5 people.

Interestingly enough, the sexiest of the bunch happened to be the most mature-looking one.

I walked faster trying to catch up to them.

Usually, whenever someone is coming up behind of a group of people, he or she walk around them in order to pass- not exactly try to break the group by walking right through them.

However, knowing that I wanted to chat up someone of the bunch, I walked up on them directly, slowed my pace, so much so that the awkwardness was apparent…which is what I wanted.

I then decided to open the mother:

Me: “Hey, why do you look so familiar for some reason. That’s strange”!

Mother: “Oh! That’s because you probably see me around here all the time”.

Me: “Could be. So what are you girls up to”?

Mother: “Just coming from the beach with my kids”.

Me: “Kids!? You look mighty young to have such big kids”.

Mother: “Trust me- I’m old”!

Me: “You keep yourself looking fit and sexy then if that’s the case”.

The walk-and-chat conversation carried on for about 25 minutes.

Nothing special happened by way of flirting and stuff since she wasn’t alone.

As we made it to an intersection, she pointed to a building and said that is where she lives, as if to say bye.

Me: “Hey, it was nice talking to you. Later, I’ll be going out to a concert. I’m sure you’re aware of it”.

She then took the initiative to throw her phone number at me because I even told her to give it to me.

Some women you’ll come across who know what the deal is, and they are keen on hints and suggestions.

She agreed to hang out later, so that’s a plus.

We then parted ways.

Picking up girls in front of their kids or family members isn’t something that I do at all.

This has only happened once prior…and that was well documented some weeks ago.

Picking up married MILF in front of her kid

Usually, I would bypass the set/girl if she’s apparently accompanied by her children or relatives.

This mom was just too fucking sexy to bypass!

Not even her daughter who looked about 20-ish, was nearly as sexy as the mother!

Another thing that I’ve noticed from picking up mothers in front of their children, is that the mothers seemed totally un-bias and oblivious to how socially awkward this could be for their children.

On the brighter side, I can imagine how flattering it can be for a mother to have herself hit on and picked up in front of her daughter(s), essentially re-confirming her sexuality and viability on the dating and mating market.

Women are very vain and self-conscious as we all know.

It doesn’t take much for a woman with children to feel as though she’s unwanted and obsolete.

Hence, it is HIGHLY flattering and welcoming whenever a guy- particularly a younger one- approaches her to try and pick her up.

I mean, at the end of the day, she can even go home and brag to her daughter that a guy chose to pick her up instead.

It can be 1 of those mother-daughter taunting sessions that lots of mother-daughter couples engage in.

After I’d picked up this mother of 3 this morning, I texted her just so that she gets my phone number and to subsequently meet up later.


Keep you posted.

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