Picking Up Church Girl In Front Of Her Protective Big Sister

Thursday night while grabbing a pizza and a chicken sandwich from an eatery, 2 girls walked in right after I did and stood in line behind of me.

After I ordered, I grabbed a seat nearby.

Me: “Is that your kid”?

Girl: No…my niece”.

Me: “Ok, so y’all are sisters”.

The bigger sister who’s obviously more protective and acts the part of the mother hen butts in:

“This is not going to happen right now”.

Her little sister, who’s my target, felt. A bit embarrassed to have her big sister put her on the spot like that…by trying to cock-block.

Me: “Is she always like this”?

She smiles.

Big Sister: “Yes. I’m just protecting her from guys like you”.

By the way, she wasn’t saying these thing in a negative tone. She smiled and smirked as if to banter with me.

Big Sis: “My sister is only here to study her books and not to study guys”.

Me: “Here? Where are you from”?

Girl: “******. I’m just here for a little time. For church camp actually”.

Me: “How can I get in on this church camp”?

They both burst out laughing at my humorous statement in wanting to go to a church camp just to get to the younger sister.

Little Sis: “How does one sign up for the camp again”?

Big Sis: “They have to go through me since I’m the coordinator…and he’s not coming to our camp”.

Me: “You are something else”!

Big Sis: “Just trying to protect my little sister”.

Me: “But I’m a church person. I’m an angel…plus I read the Bible”.

Both: “What have you learned from the Bible lately”?

Me: “I learned that it is lawful for a man to have more than 1 woman”.

They burst out laughing!

Both: “So that’s what you learned from reading the Bible”!?

Me: “Ok…I learned… [I had a pensive expression on my face as if I was deeply thinking]”.

Bis Sis: “You can’t even think of anything else”!

Me: “C’mon…gimme a break here”!

Little Sis: “Give him a chance to think”!

I then playfully changed the subject as they both burst out laughing again.

The big sister got distracted by the waitress.

Me: “So, would your big sister approve of us going on a date”?

She overheard me.

Big Sis: “Nope! That won’t happen”!

Ok guys, a key thing I would like to point out here is this: Don’t take it seriously!

While her big sister bust my chops at every angle, I didn’t take it seriously and they both noticed that.

What the bigger sister was doing is basically what we call shit testing and congruence testing in the seduction world.

The bigger sister mainly wanted to see whether I was a real man who really wanted to pick up her sister, or if I were some weakling Beta-Male who couldn’t handle social pressure.

I passed those tests in flying colors. 😉

What would most guys do in such a case…assuming they had the balls to open in the first place?

They would implode under the pressure and questioning by the big sister.

In essence, they would’ve failed the sister’s congruence test.

At this point, the bigger sister had already given me the green light to proceed since I passed her stringent tests as the protective mother hen.

My target [the younger sister] proceeded to sit [at the same table with me] in order to chat without further interruptions from the bigger sister.

Loaded down with a few bags, I said to her, “Do you need me to help you”?

Girl: “No it’s okay.

Me: “You see how you girls are nowadays? Men go out of their way to do the gentleman thing and he’s not even allowed”.

She laughs and says, “I’m sorry. I appreciate the thought”.

By no means was I genuinely trying to be chivalrous…though I would’ve helped her to sit by freeing her of the bags of groceries.

We had an interesting chat for about 10 minutes more and we exchanged numbers and Facebook before they left.

The following screenshot is from our 1st conversation.

The following screenshot from the post I made to Facebook, speaks to False Assumptions and how to use them in order to get the girl to invest in the conversation.


When it’s all said and done guys, I just want to encourage you that there is nothing to fucking fear but fear itself!

Women are NOT going to cut your head off for approaching them!

Also bear in mind that girls find it extremely flattering to be cold-approached and chatted up by a guy who has balls the size of cannons!

Hence, the next time you’re at a restaurant, at a fast-food joint, eatery- wherever- instead of sitting there doing shit but looking look- chat up girls in the joint!

Your approach and opener/ice-breaker doesn’t have to be anything spectacular at all.

For crying out loud: what was my opening line with this girl?

“Is that your kid”?

That’s it!

Nothing magical in asking that of a girl [an observational opener].

As we teach in pickup: it isn’t about the line.

It is about your energy, vibe, congruence and courage.

As you’re new to pickup, you will have had the tendency to rely on “the line” and put all faith in it as your ticket to success.

However, as you become good at this, you will come to the realization that it doesn’t matter what you say but how you say it.

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