“Thanks For The Add…Girl”

If you checked out my recently posted video on the 11 most common mistakes guys make on Facebook, you would have known that 1 of the biggest mistakes a guy can ever make upon being accepted on Facebook by a girl, is to thank her for the add.

As usual – and you can check this out for yourself- girls NEVER reply to a guy’s comment of “thanks for the accepting my friend request”…EVER!

This is because girls see it for what it is: BETA and weak!

A man who’s accustomed to having (hot) women in his life, is never so elated or pleased to have a girl accept his friend request.

Hence, whenever you thank or show a girl appreciation for accepting you, it instantly diminishes your value and worth within the girl’s eye.

You go from potential hero to zero within a fucking nanosecond…just by saying thanks…especially on her wall where others are able to witness this embarrassing mishap.

For shit and giggles, I took some screenshots of exactly the type of shit you should avoid when your friend request has been accepted.





That was fucking painful to even capture- let alone re-post.

Now guys, I’m quite sure 95% of you who are reading this, are guilty of this weak shit which turns girls off in a heartbeat.


You now have me to kick your goddamn ass for continually being a jackass…granted you were likely unaware that thanking girls for the add was a nail in your coffin.

On that note, I understand why you would believe that coming off as a respectable guy would win yourself some points with women.

However, you’re missing a key point as to the way women operate and to what they respond.

If you understand women, you will have known that acts of niceness come off as weak to women.

It’s a classic case of the cliche: “Nice guys finish last”.

Nice guys do finish last in dating.

Where it pertains to picking up girls on Facebook; nice guys also finish last there too.

Niceness and niceties are turnoffs for women!

Hence, refrain from trying to be this nice and respectable guy who thanks women for accepting him into her social club or into her world.

If you want to attract hot girls over Facebook; you treat them as though they are the ugly girl next door…figuratively speaking.

If you want to learn how to pick up girls on Facebook like a boss, you should undoubtedly get my Facebook bang product [the bonus product] at the following link.



5 thoughts on ““Thanks For The Add…Girl”

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  1. School got me hiding, plus tasting things I learn from your blog in the field 😀

    For the “Thanks for the Add” I hated right before I even know game/ pua exist… I just perceive it as a sign of desperation/ weakness as you said.


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