Kenny PUA Podcast Show Ep.17- “Exposing PUA Mike Squattin Cassanova”

Mike Squatting Chodanova

Hey guys, I finally found some time to continue my PUA podcast show…for good reasons this time.

Everyone in pickup knows Mike Casanova, whom I like to call Mike Chodanova, a quasi troll and dick-head who takes pleasure in shit-talking and trolling PUA’s on Facebook.

Well- the feud between him and me has reached a boiling point where I felt a need to put this podcast together in order to expose the fraud known as The Squatting Casanova.

Some of the things I touched on is how Mike Chodanova lives in Las Vegas – a city of hookers- and he still doesn’t get laid.

Also why he’s the worst pickup/PUA coach ever on the scene.

I also touched on some history dating back to 2010 on the Casanova Crew Forum where Mike and I met, and where his hating and trolling of my pickup stuff began.

This the 17th episode was posted yesterday to my Youtube channel.

Enjoy the exposure and a bit of Pickup Artist politics.

2 thoughts on “Kenny PUA Podcast Show Ep.17- “Exposing PUA Mike Squattin Cassanova”

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  1. No offense kenny but Mike’s girls are 10 times hotter than yours and his videos are also much more enjoyable to watch.


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