Do You Delete Girls On Facebook? [Game For High-Value Men]

Do you have standards in the game?

I preach a lot about standards and preservation of Alpha-Male qualities.

In other words: for men to draw lines, set boundaries and to act upon them whenever a woman blatantly crosses those boundaries.

An Alpha-Male, i.e. a real man, doesn’t take much opportunistic crap from women because he places values on himself and his time.

If a chick doesn’t respect your time, then she’ll NEVER come around to the idea of meeting up with you; whether for a date or sex.

I’m reminded of a time that a young-married chick whom I’d picked up pulled an unfortunate stunt on me when we were to meet up.

This chick was totally into me, but because of her situation [being married], it made setting up a rendezvous a bit tricky.

Our sole means of communication was Facebook since we’d exchanged info and added one another.

After some months of flirting and basically having an elicit-online relationship -to put it that way- we were to finally meet up again after her husband had gone on business to Miami, Florida.

The opportunity to meet, have fun and fornicate was logistically ripe!

Her husband was slated to be away for a 3 or so days.

Having called her on day 1 of her husband’s absence: she neglected to answer my phone calls.

Day 2: same shit!

In hindsight, we only had 1 night left to finally seal the deal that has been brewing for months.

By the 3rd night, it was do or die- now or never!

As the evening came upon us, she didn’t contact me, which meant 2 days of not returning my missed calls.

I gave it 1 last shot and rang her phone to no avail.

Sent a Facebook message in the event that something might have happened to her phone.

No reply to my FB message.

This was utter lack of respect for my time and I took it personally.

I wasn’t butt-hurt.

I felt disrespected to the highest fucking degree!

By that evening, I did what was necessary, which was to delete her from my Facebook and phone book.

On day 5 when her husband was already back in town, she contacts me on Facebook, noticing that she was deleted as my friend.

She gave some bullshit ass apology and reason as to why she never returned my calls.

At that point: I didn’t care!

She had already hung herself ROYALLY!

I never did reply to her messages, and that was that.

Such women are waste of my time as this girl had proven.

The only was to redeem yourself as the guy in such a situation, is to walk.

If she gives a fuck, she will chase as you walk.

Even if that happens, from history, I’m smart enough to know that once a flake; always a flake!

Girls who disrespect you time, hardly ever turn around in ordinary cases. Hence, it is best to keep walking.

When it comes to Facebook and even your phone book, I can bet that there are tons of girl’s contact information at hand…of girls who at some point disregarded your time and value as a man.

There is no reason to keep them around.

Albeit, I operate from a “3-strikes and you’re out” policy.

However, after the 3rd time of non-compliance, it makes no sense to keep such girls around by having them in your Facebook or cluttering your mobile-contact list.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to execute your freedom to hit the un-friend button on the girls who have no regards for your time.

What's your view?

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