Example Of “DHV” [Demonstration of High Value]

In my most recently published video, I posted some real-world text-game with an actual dialogue between a girl and me, whom I’d met the other day.

A common question in confusion I get from guys is:

“Is it possible to tell a girl that I do pickup and it works in my favor”?

Well- the obvious answer is “Sure”, as I’d demonstrated in the video!

Whenever I meet a new girl, more often than not, I will almost always let her know my schtick of being a pick-up artist practitioner and or instructor.

This is tantamount to saying to a new girl whom you’re trying to get with:

“Hey girl- I fuck women for recreation”! 🙂

Always bear in mind that at the core of it all: women love men who are enamored with the idea of picking up women.

What's your view?

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