10 Things Guys Do On Facebook That Turn Women Off

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Trying to pick up girls on Facebook is a delicate art, which only a handful of men on the globe will have mastered”.

The 11 most common mistakes guys make that kill their chances are as followed:

1.) Stop thanking women for accepting your friend request

2.) Stop complimenting girls on Facebook

3.) Refrain from in-boxing her right away

4.) Quit posting pro-women statuses

5.) Never comment on her timeline/wall

6.) Quit posting statuses and memes which depict women as whore-bags

7.) Stop posting slut-shaming statuses

8.) No more, “I’m so bored, who wanna come spend time with me”, statues

9.) Stop posting dumb-spectator shit like photos of Lebron James dunking or how much you loved the latest episode of some TV series

10.) Quit randomly friend-requesting girls without reading their shit!

11.) Quit sending fucking dick pics! And quit asking the girl to send you boob shots!

Check out the video which I’d published days ago on the same topic.

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