What You Can Learn From Lesbians

Lesbos aren’t gun-shy about making moves on girls.

The other night while buying a pizza, some Lesbian chick was talking shit to 1 of the girls behind the counter.

Lesbo: “I don’t want a relationship with you. What like and love you’re telling me about. I just want a piece of your pie and that’s it. I’m not one for the love stuff”.

I was like “holy fucking shit”!

Talk about congruence: she was congruent with her declaration!

Not a sign of flinching!

Hopefully such occurrences will get you to crawl out of that shell where you’re afraid to express sexual desires for women to women.

If chicks can do it publicly, in spite of all the social taboos, then why the hell you as a man are afraid to speak to women in such a way?

What's your view?

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