Some Times You Have To Give The Girl A Little Incentive To Accept Meeting Up With You









BTW guys, I just want you to realize that whenever a girl is adamant about not being DTF, it usually means she’s DTF. 😉
Plus, why would you go visit a seducer at his hotel, knowing that he wants to fuck you, knowing he’s all about DTF girls, knowing he’s all about picking up women…plus you have a fiance. Goes to show the illogical nature of women and their poor decisions in life.

All those pointers are besides the point.

As for incentives, you pretty much should meet women half way.

In my case, the girl stated that she drives.


This eliminates the need for public transportation or taxi fare.

Usually, when trying to get a girl to my place (or hotel) for the 1st time, transportation is almost always the biggest obstacle.

Around these parts, girls are fearful of traveling at nights due to a sting of rapes lately.

This chick having transportation, reduces the fearfulness to travel at night.

With that, it can only help facilitate the meet-up by offering an incentive of gas money. 😉

Another point of clarity is location.

The island in which I reside is adjacent to another island.

If you’re familiar with the landscape of New York City [my home away from home], it is equivalent to Brooklyn and Staten Island being separated by water, which can be accessed by either a ferry or bridge.

In my current location, though I live on this particular island, I often take the ferry to the neighboring island to do business and so forth.

What makes this sort of setup great, is the simple fact that women are more open-minded to fucking someone from another country, than they are to fuck their own nationals.

Being an “outsider” in this case [a traveler] who’s slated to stay at a hotel, I embody that foreigner’s appeal which makes girls much more comfortable in coming to spend time with me, in exclusion of the date aspect.

Just to add to the point of incentive: you can’t offer dick as the sole incentive for a girl coming to see you…that’s if she’s a girl with whom you’d never had sexual relations.

Sex alone won’t cut it!

A girl needs more than the lure and promise of sex to come to a stranger’s place.

Therefore, always seek to give some incentive or concession, whether you truly end up incentivizing her or not.

Incentives and inducements can come in the form of various things:

*Paying her cab fare

*Picking her up

*Promising to cook for her


*Getting drunk [if she’s into that]

*Watching a great movie

All of those things are inducements which most girls need to have as plausibility to go to a guy’s house.

Is this bribery?

In a way- it is!

Saying to a girl [as I did], “Drive to my hotel. I’ll take care of the gas money if it’s far”, is a subtle form of bribery yet inducement…but it works.

Lastly, this pickup all ties into my method of picking up girls on Facebook…at which I’m a master.

If you’re hungry to learn how I go about getting sex from Facebook on a super-consistent basis – and how you can replicate these simple steps- check out

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