Sending Dick Pics Will Turn Women Off

Instinctively, I feel that every guy knows that sending dick pics as their opener is a very lame attempt at getting a girl’s attention.

We do it anyway!

The thing is guys, the idea of sending dick pics isn’t a bad thing.

What usually kills guys is the timing and ineptitude.

Sending a dick pic as your opener/ice-breaker is tantamount to walking up to a girl on the streets and ask her:

“Can I rape you”?

What most guys do online [particularly over Facebook] is upon adding a girl to their Facebook, they [men] use that opportunity to send a dick pick as if to say, “Hello! Welcome! I wanna fuck you now”!

Girls get instantly turned off by that!

On a daily basis, my Facebook feed gets flooded with post from women on my friend list complaining about guys sending them dick pics out of the blue.


I would then have to apologize on the behalf of other men who lack social intelligence.

A dick pic should only be sent during sexting…or during any other plausible situation!

However, you should NOT go from “Hello” to dick pic and think that you have a shot with the girl.

What's your view?

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