Facebook Bang…The Bonus Product


Hey guys, not much promotion necessary, so I won’t bombard you with a lengthy-product pitch page about why you should purchase this digital product.

You will have already been familiar with my shtick as the leading guy in the pick-up community when it comes to seducing women over Facebook, and imparting those advanced tactics to the world.

If you had landed on this page, then I’m assuming that you got here through my Youtube channel.



Be as it may, my ability and knack for picking up girls on Facebook is already well publicized, particularly through my Youtube videos…as you would’ve known.

Ok, enough blowing my own trumpet here.

Let’s briefly talk about you, and how and why I can help you with getting laid with hot girls on Facebook.

The reality is; Facebook isn’t a hook-up site, neither is it a dating site.

It is where girls go to talk shit, spew drama, be nosy and pass some time…most of their time.

With that being the dynamics on the ground, you would’ve already started with a huge disadvantage in trying to get laid through Facebook.

This is what particularly makes your task much more difficult, and why you haven’t been able to pull ass on Facebook.

Now knowing the reality on the ground: this is where Kenny Socialkenny Joseph comes in. 😉

Over the years, being frustrated with my perpetual failures to connect with all these hot women on my Facebook, I backwards-engineered the process and began to dibble-dabble and field test certain nuance routines and approaches to the hot girls in my Facebook friend list.

I began doing the total opposite from what every other guy was doing.

Holy Shit!

Girls were flooding my inbox with messages, wanting to get to know me better…which in seduction terminology- means to hook up.

Over the last 5 years, with these brand-new technique, tactics, tips, tricks and hacks [simple to advance], I’ve been able to turn my Facebook into a reliable pussy paradise, where I no longer felt the need to be active on dating sites such as POF, Tagged, Hi5, Jazzed, Match, etc.

Facebook became an easier niche from which to get laid…and it was extremely easy for me to get laid on dating sites such as Plenty of Fish!

On a further note, what makes guys fail miserably on Facebook, isn’t necessarily the technique aspect, neither failure to execute certain tips which I share.

However, the approach and mindset are the biggest blunders.

The Dos and Donts!

The average guy finds himself erring more on the side of the “Donts” than Dos.

Once you avoid doing the “Donts”, you can quite easily and naturally transition into making the right plays [the “Dos”].

Upon purchasing this revolutionary-digital product [newly released], you will have set yourself apart from 99% of the perpetual losers in the world who continually do it wrong.

Facebook is NOT a fucking dating site! This means that your approach will have to be more stealthy and unorthodox.

I will show and teach you:

*How and when to friend-request

*When to send that 1st message

*What to include in your initial message in order to increase your chances of getting a reply

*How to guarantee a reply

*How often to text/inbox

*How to get the girl on Facebook to chase you to death

*Why you must get her to chase you in order for her to fuck you

*When and how to go about getting her phone number

*How to guarantee she gives her phone number

*How to avoid killing your chances

*How to attract girls to you

*How to use 1 girl in order to attract many others

*What to post on your status…and how to post

*How to rope a girl into commenting on your posts and wall…which will serve to attract her and other girls

*Which status updates turn women off and why you continue to make such mistakes

*How and when to know if and when the girl is open to meeting up or hooking up

*Why patience is key, while at the same time you should be aggressive

*How to sexually turn a girl on over Facebook, to sexting then to sexing

*Why and how you should use tagging, and how to avoid tagging the wrong way

The list is extensive of what you will learn from this bonus product which comes in the form of 2 instantly downloadable files.

Upon securing your copies of this Facebook Seduction Course, you’ll be redirected to a unique page in which to download the 2 products.

The beauty about it is that you can instantly implement the tips, tricks and approaches without having to complete the PDF course in order to begin execution of Facebook Bang.

Your particular sticking-point may just require a simple hack, which is why you won’t have to spend an entire week trying to complete the Facebook Bang Course, since both digital products [PDF format] barely amount to more than 100 pages.

As I customarily do; I cut through all the fluff, bluff and bull to get straight to the point…unlike the rest.

The hidden beauty in the bonus product, is the approach I take which is to share real examples with you, of how I get women to chase over Facebook, how I get girls wanting instant phone sex to sexting, and how I get girls wanting to cheat on their boyfriends and husbands.

Sounds interesting?


20.00 USD :both products

Like my Facebook page so we can keep in touch!


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