What You Should Do Before Friend-Requesting Girls On Facebook + Why You Should Add Girls In The 1st Place

Typically, guys go about friend-requesting girls on Facebook in ad hoc fashion: without taking other factors into consideration.

Before hitting that “Add Friend” button merely because of the girl’s physical affectations, you should first delve a bit into the girl’s online persona in order to ensure to the best of your judgment, that such an add wouldn’t come back to bite you in the ass without provocation.

What I often do whenever I come across the profile of a random girl whom I would like to sleep with, before sending that friend request, I would click her profile and skim her timeline some.

I basically do this in order to get a better idea of what the girl is like, what she likes, hates, what she posts about, etc.

This is the background work that almost every guy neglects.

I learned a great lesson about 4 days ago when I neglected to follow my own method/advise and I went on ahead to add a hot girl without skimming her timeline…simply because she was smoking hot. 😦

Her posts flooded my feed, which is a customary occurrence I’ve notice whenever you newly add someone.

Talk about fucking virtual cat-fights and bitchy drama!

Everything this chick posted was either a call out to some chick whom she thought was hating on her. Or it was a post on how many bitches she wanted to beat up for looking at her wrong.

Holy fucking shit!

I deleted her ass with the quickness!

That had to have been a record-shattering moment for the fastest de-friend ever pulled on a girl by a guy in Facebook history.

That sort of shenanigans from a drama-queen I really wasn’t about to entertain on my feed.

Adding the wrong girl doesn’t just manifest itself in the form of a hoodrat hoe who cusses 24/7 on the internet.

There are cases where guys mistakenly add women who harbor pro-feminist ideologies.

Such women are usually staunch opposition against pickup and the idea of guys hitting on women over the internet or in the real world.

They see pickup as sexual harassment.

You don’t needs these types of women in your midst, i.e. in your friend list.

However, had you done the least amount of background work before adding her [by browsing her profile], you would’ve undoubtedly come across such postings which call for the subjugation of men, and how women are being harassed daily by cat-callers on the streets of NYC and why cat-calling should be unlawful…as they have already pushed in some quarters of NYC as of late [Those femi-nuts won again]! 😦 :mad:.


Apart from the femi-cunts and drama-queens, you have the ultra-religious girls…or at least the ones who pretend to be religious.

Nothing worst than adding a girl to then come to find out that she’s a champion for Jesus…which is her right to have those religious views.

As someone who doesn’t subscribe to religion [namely Christianity], it is an instant boner-killer whenever I open up my Facebook app and all I see is “Hit like if you know Jesus loves us” posts and memes.

Now- don’t get me wrong- I am accustomed to seducing and fucking these so-called religious girls, simply because I know that 90% of them are hypocrites who will give up Jesus and religion upon encounter with a master seducer such as myself. 😉

Hence, I am not opposed to adding and shagging these religious hypocrites.

In fact, a great portion of my lays consist of such women.

However, for the average Joe who isn’t skilled in the art of seduction, trying to override the frame of a religious girl in order to convince her to fuck you, will have been a futile mission.

Therefore, I urge you to not add those girls who are all high and mighty on the religion drug.

You can save yourself the headache by firstly ensuring that you browse the girl’s profile and timeline before hitting ‘Add’.

If her profile is restricted whereas you can’t see her public activities on her timeline, then you can always hit the ‘About’ field where you may have access to viewing her background, schooling and some thing(s) about her hobbies and so forth.

If those are even restricted, then there is usually a photo or 2 [mobile album] you can view which may give you some insights into the kind of girl she is [such as the memes she posts].

Thus, to put this all together, you want to run this little background check before adding a chick, in order to avoid friend-requesting:

1.) A Femi-Nazi

2.) A Hoodrat/Drama-Queen

3.) A Religious Fanatic

Ok, so now that we’ve gotten the not-so-good stuff out of the way, let’s tackle the good part of adding girls to your Facebook.

Why You Should Add Girls…And How To Use Them

Whenever I add a girl to my Facebook- particularly the ones in whom I have zero to low sexual interested- I use them as pawns in the game of pickup.

Sounds nefarious as shit, but nobody gets hurt or damaged from this.

Now, the thing is, I don’t have to advise guys to add girls.

Guys add girls at random without the advice of anyone.

What they do with and about those new additions is where the problem comes in.

Adding a new girl just to take up space on your friend list is pointless.

You want the girl to work for you indirectly if anything. Whether you’re trying to fuck this girl or not shouldn’t matter.

You can use her as a pre-selection or social-value tool. 😈

Most of us have girls in our Facebook who never comments on our stuff and vice versa.

This is useless when you can have those girls draw other girls in and boost your perception stock in the game!

The more variety of people you get to participate on your statuses, flips that social-value switch inside the heads of women, setting you apart as a man who commands an audience…which is an attractive quality to women.

With that being said, whenever I’m trying to set a great impression as a leader with Girl A, I use Girl B [by baiting her into my status] to engage me on a particular post of mines.

Girls B just might be an unattractive girl whom I have no intention to hook up with.

Women don’t see other women in the same light as men do.

In other words, a guy will judge a girl’s worth solely based on her outer beauty or lack therefore: an ugly girl has less value to a man.

For women, this definitely isn’t the case since women aren’t looks oriented when it comes to value and worth.

Hence, I scoff at the ignorance of men who believe that you can’t use an ugly or fat girl as a social value or pre-selection pawn.

A hot girl will feel more threatened and uneasy by a girl who is of less beauty than her as opposed to someone who looks better than her.

Therefore, you can use the unattractive girls in your Facebook to attract the hotter ones whom you’re trying to hook up with.

For more advanced tips, check out the Facebook Bang product.

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