Girl Gets Taste Of Her Own Meds- You Have To Reject Girls Too

There was this girl whom I’d picked up back in February at a Syrian pizzeria joint.

You can read that field report here: Pizzeria Girl.

For the entire month of March, we were to meet up/hook up 😉 at my place but she kept bullshitting me, creating all sorts of concoctions as to why she didn’t make it, etc.

Since she has a boyfriend, logistics became a problem in that she wasn’t able to sneak out from beneath his presence to come see me during the nighttime…since she shares a home with her BF.


We hammered out the logistical matters and came to the conclusion that the ‘daytime’ would be ideal…however- there was 1 problem- I work during the daytime [8 am to 3 pm].

Be as it may, I decided to take a day off work, just to facilitate our rendezvous at my apartment.

She flaked!

I end up staying home with the expectation/agreement that she was to come to my pad around 9:30 AM, but she never fucking showed!

Now- the thing is- this should be expected.

Women are notorious for flaking and playing such games.

However, I’d invested too much time and energy into this girl and meet-up to just have her perpetually flake out on me.

Such flaky behavior persisted so I decided to cut her off by blocking her on Whatsapp Messenger and deleting her phone number…hence the following screenshot.


Evidently, on Whatsapp Messenger, whenever you block someone, your profile info doesn’t show up in their Whatsapp.

It’s the equivalence of blocking someone on Facebook whereas they no longer will be able to see your profile.

Therefore, she tracked me down and sent the above message [in screenshot] about a day ago via Facebook Messenger.

Apparently, she’s taken-aback by the thought of a guy actually hitting the next button on her. 🙂

Ok guys, is there a lesson for you here?


Whenever a hot girl takes the liberty to play head games and shows that she doesn’t respect your time: you should move the fuck on!

You have to show women that not only are you the type of guy who will reject them. But that you’re the type of guy who operates from a frame of abundance.

In other words, you aren’t hesitant to pull the plug on the entire operation.

Extend latitude of course!

Give the girl the benefit of the doubt!

If she stands you up once; perhaps she has a legit reason. So you shouldn’t wantonly next girls at the 1st instance of head games…because after all- all women play head games in some form at some time.

This is the reason why it took me this long to delete this chick.

I gave her ample chances to show that she’s DTF and want to hook up.

She blew all of her chances so I deleted her.

The hidden beauty in rejecting a girl is that she will almost always come around to her senses and quit the games once she realizes:

1.) You have options

2.) You aren’t that invested/interested

In this field, there will come lots of times where you will have to teach girls a lesson by giving them a dose of their own medicine in the form of deletion and or rejection.

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