20 Things Girls On Facebook Don’t Care To Hear In A Guy’s Status Update

Facebook has a way to tool guys out without them doing much to cause this upon themselves.

More guys kill their chances with women over Facebook than at a gay-pride parade.

When hoping to attract girls through their Facebook profile and postings, 99% of men fumble this like a hot potato.

Guys talk about “Rejection” and girls rejecting them. But the truth is: most guys reject themselves before the girl even has a chance to do it…needless to say.

One way in which guys kill their chances is by posting shit which doesn’t demonstrate anything whatsoever of attraction value.

You have guys posting shit about Pokemon animated cartoon and the latest Soccer match…then wonder why they’re single.

Now, make no mistakes about it: I am not saying that you should aim to please women by posting fem-centric status updates.

It is quite the opposite!

If you’re looking to attract women and get dates and sex from women on Facebook, then your postings will have to reflect that of a guy who is sex-worthy.

Posting photos of the latest World Cup game won’t get you any closer to having that girl inbox you or post to your timeline.

It will actually push her away even further.

Ok, so what are 20 statuses women could care less about coming from a guy?

1.) “Just bored”

2.) “I’m bored. Someone come hang out with me”

3.) “GN…I’m going to bed”

4.) “Morning. Have a blessed day”

5.) “Inbox me if you want to talk…somebody…anybody”

6.) “Cooking dinner. Who wants to join me”?

7.) “Am I handsome ladies”?

8.) “Who’s watching the game tonight”?

9.) “Who’s up with me”?

10.) “I can’t sleep”

11.) “I need company”

12.) “Why don’t girls like me”?

13.) “How y’all doing”?

14.) “Off to work”

15.) “Just came from work”

16.) “Bored at work”

17.) “I have nothing to do for the weekend”

18.) “Life sucks”

19.) “Being single is so frustrating”

20.) “I miss my ex-girlfriend

Those are just 20 of the most common-status updates – lame ones- that guys typically post to their Facebook for the world to see.

The thing is: women can get away with posting anything- regardless of how asinine, inane or downright senseless.

Hence, there are many guys who take a logical approach to this and think to themselves, “If women are allowed to post such statuses without backlash; then why can’t I”?

Well- the answer is pretty simple- no matter what women post, guys won’t get turned off either way. So (hot) girls can post whatever the fuck lame shit they want, and they’ll still enjoy the validation of having 100 likes and 30 comments on a status which merely reads, “Sup people”!?

As a guy, the game is rigged against us, therefore our postings and statuses have to be striking, shocking, controversial, original or…socking [I had to insert that twice just for emphasis].

If your statuses aren’t generating any comments or hits otherwise, then you’re obviously lame and are posting thoughts similar to the 20 lame statuses I cited above.

Women simply don’t care for them…or for you for that matter.

When you post lame shit, you not only kill your chances with women within your Facebook social circle aka friend list, but you kill your chances with mutual friends of those girls whom you may come across at a later time via friend request.

If you’re sleepy: don’t fucking post it to Facebook…unless you’re gonna be creating about it!

For example: you shouldn’t do this [which most guys do]:

“I’m so bored right now. Who want to inbox me”?

However, if you are going to post such a lame status, you want to frame it differently opposed to coming off as though you’re a desperate loner:

“I’m so bored right now. I need a girl to sing me a lullaby and rock me to bed like a baby”.

See the difference?

One status says lame, boring, lonely and desperate.

The other says witty and humorous.

Just to give you an example of the type of things I post to my Facebook [statuses], check out some of my latest updates which get girls talking about me, attracted to my style and wanting to meet up/hook up.









You get the hint right?


If I’m bored: I never post it!

If I’m going to be: I never post “goodnight”!

If I’m sad: I never post about it!

You get the point…right?

At the end of the day, you must learn how to captivate a girl’s attention.

Realize that women over the Internet suffer from ADD and ADHD [Attention Deficit Disorder].

In other words: they have very fucking short attention spans.

If you’re not sure how to create this vibe such as what I utilize: then feel free to follow my Facebook page and learn!


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