Why You’re Stupid For Not Chatting Up Fatties

If you follow me on Facebook and once followed my old Twitter account, you would have been familiar with my shtick and knack for gaming girls.

A huge part of my success in game and becoming a social master, is the fact that I chat up and flirt with anyone…as in any girl!

Most guys who get into pickup, are lulled into the HB hype by thinking that if they don’t chat up women of immaculate beauty: it somehow doesn’t count.

How absurd!

This backwards ideology has stunted guy’s progress and set them back by at least half.

In other words, had the average PUA newbie been chatting up every girl he gets a crack at, he would have progressed at a much faster rate opposed to only singling out the super-hot girls in whom to chat up and game.

I am actually the 1st in pickup to advocate that all women are game-worthy…though I was once notorious for fat-shaming.

It doesn’t mean you have to fuck every girl or the ones you find reprehensibly unattractive.

I’m simply saying that by chatting up more girls- all girls- you will have put yourself way ahead of those guys who are combing the venues and streets in search of the HB8’s and better.

Some years ago [back in 2012], a clown blogger who goes by the name of Matt Forney, had created the following meme in an attempt to defame me and somewhat shame me for chatting up “fatties” on Twitter…according to him.


Little did the idiot know- including his minions- I was continually building my reservoir of social skills and flexing my flirting muscles while they were busy circle-jerking each other in Twitter mentions when they could’ve been honing their craft by @mentioning women over Twitter.

Hence, while I was progressing in game and refining my craft [by chatting up every girl], other guys were bunting their potential progress by limiting themselves to only chatting up the sparingly hot girl who comes along ever so often.

Outside of the internet: the same can be said for aspiring PUA’s.

When I was a newbie, many many years ago, I used to hit the bars and nightclubs religiously. But only gunning for the hottest girl in the venue.

Sure this makes for a great challenge and ego-boost, in knowing you can chat to the hottest girl in the venue.

However, there was hardly any guarantee that I would even get to the hottest girl…let alone get the logistical chance to chat her up.

What would in turn happen, was an entire-fucking night wasted with no sets under my belt to show for it- simply because I was prowling for the elusive HB10’s!

Hypothetically, what if there was none in the venue at all!?

What I should have done instead was to chat up the 1st girl who happened to be in my way upon entrance into the club.

Moreover, I should have chatted up the 4, 5’s, 6’s and 7’s instead of wall-flowering and pacing around like someone who had missed the bus when social skills were being handed out.

To this day, I see other PUA’s making the same mistakes as I did when I was a newbie, which is to talk to no girl at all unless she’s a solid 10 in everyone’s book.

As for online and trying to attract girls over Facebook: the “chat up everyone” approach is still applicable and rational.

Guys fail to realize that pre-selection is viewed completely differently through the eyes of women and men.

In other words: girls don’t judge other women on how old, young, fat or skinny they are.

Any girl presents a threat to another girl just by virtue of being a girl.

That’s it!

Likewise, any girl who comments on your statuses, will have managed to draw in other girls…even if she is butt ugly and way below the societal standards of beauty.

Once again: women don’t look at other women and judge their value based on how they look.

That is what men do as the ‘Visually’ stimulated creatures we are.

For men, it is all about the girl’s appearance.

For women, the actions and sub-communications are way more important.

Hence, I have all types of women who regularly comment on my Facebook status updates who will serve as pawns in the game of seduction in attracting hotter girls who may have been lingering in the periphery.

This is unfortunately what most guys miss by thinking that it’s a DLV (Demonstration of Lower Value] to engage girls who aren’t that hot on their statuses.

I’ve proven this to be pure bullshit time and time again.

Another problem that most guys in pickup face, is the fact that they’re looking to impress other men rather than appeal to women.

Guys: you’re not in pickup to pick up other men!

Who gives a fuck what other men think of you and your approach to getting laid!?

You’re in this to attract women…right!?

Therefore, pay no mind to guys who may attempt to shame you because of “fat girls” commenting on your wall or status updates.

They can’t pull that shit on me…At All!

I’ve been in pickup way too long for Johnny-Come-Latelies to dare try to question my approach and method to picking up women.

As someone who commands a following in this genre, over the years, I manage to awaken guys to a novel approach in game, which is that every approach counts!

Every approach you don’t make will count against you!

Hence, if you’re running Day-Game for instance and you haven’t chatted up any girls within the 1st few minutes of being in the field: then you’re obviously doing it wrong!

You are running up and down, burning yourself out by trying to extract the hottest girl out of the crowd of random women.

This approach is only plausible if and when you’re looking to take someone home.

However, if you’re ‘Practicing’, there is no reason why you should utilize this backwards and antiquated approach to getting good with women by only approaching the hot girl who sparingly walks by.

Every girl whom you potentially approach is practice time, field time and experience in the fucking bank!

Contrarily, waiting for the perfect target to approach will only diminish your field and experience time by 75%!

Listen- there are countless nights in the past when I would hit up a bar and there would be absolute ZERO fucking hot girl in the entire venue!

I would bar hop to another spot and the odds would get dimmer and the girls are more unattractive, more guys to contend with and so forth.

I would end up going home prematurely without a single set under my belt- not a single social muscle flexed in the entire night!

After years of going through this, I said to myself,

“This has to stop! I can’t be going out every weekend and not have shit to show for it”!

That is when my style changed from gunning for HB10’s to chatting up anyone in the venue who has a vagina!

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to take women whom you deem as unattractive home!

You can pretty much use that time and that approach to get in state if need be.

There is such a thing as warm-up set you know. ❓

You don’t actually have to approach your idea girl at the time of night when you aren’t socially warmed-up.

Those times should be spent on gaming girls whom you have no interest in taking home…which are the fat girls and grannies…granted you’re not into shagging them.

Gone are the days where you should be expected to wall-flower inside the bar like an AFC, just because no hot girls are presently there.

I’m reminded of a recent Facebook post by pick-up’s wannabe comedian/troll, Mike Casanova, in an attempt to make fun of PUA guru, Jeff Allen [JLaix], where Mike posted the following photo of Jeffy chatting to a girl inside of a Vega venue.

PUA guru, RSD Jeffy

Mike Casanova was pretty much insinuating that PUA gurus were chatting up “Fat girls”, contrary to what their promo-pieces state, and it is absolutely reprehensible to talk to a girl who isn’t stick-figured!

I chimed in on the same post with a fair assessment.


As you would’ve read from the screenshot: Mike’s justification was warranted…by him at least.

Nevertheless, it could have very well been a case of what I described earlier as warm-up sets or limited sets…or simply that JLaix doesn’t mind shagging girls on the thicker side…like I enjoy doing [but that’s no surprise as a black dude]. 😉

Be as it may, as the running title clearly states: “You’re stupid for not chatting up fatties”!

Over the internet- Facebook for example- I implore guys to apply the very same approach and rational towards gaming girls online.

If “Game” opportunity presents itself by way of a girl who isn’t your type: Take advantage of it anyway!

Doing so cannot and will not hurt you, nor your advancement, but to accelerate it and push you way ahead of the guys who are solely scheming on opportunities to chat up the hottest girls.

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  1. I am not into fatties at all (well, I hate fat more than I do fat people. Fat sucks, and I hope those people lose it someday). However, I am picking up what you are putting down. You have to build social confidence. Another good post, Kenny.


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