A Flirt A Day Keeps Stress Away

This morning while heading to work, as I walked the remainder of the way, this slender MILF whom I see around my work area was walking up behind me.

Though not a complete stranger in the face since we regularly see each other around. But we never spoke before…not even a hi exchanged.

As she draw neigh, I stopped:

Me: “How are you”?

MILF: “Oh! Were you talking to me”?

Me: “Yea! I’m waiting on you actually. I know we work in the same area so I figure we’d walk and flirt”.

MILF: “Flirt”!?

She blurts out surprisingly as she blushed in the face.

She asked how I was doing, I asked her in return and the conversation went on as we walked and flirted for another 2 minutes or so.

I don’t know how this happened, but the conversational topic took a turn towards gay marriage and the legalization of pot. 😯

What a drastic turn from, “You look so scrumptious today”, to, “this world is corrupt and in the next 30 years, every vice will be legalized”…so said the MILF.

The spontaneous interaction came to an end as we reached an intersection where I turned left and she made a right.

I never bothered to get her phone number or anything since this was just 1 of those spur of the moment flirtatious vibe.

However, I want to encourage you guys as usual, to flirt around a bit throughout your daily runnings.

Make a woman’s day by flirting with her spontaneously.

As someone who’s an ardent MILF-seducer, I can tell you unequivocally that you have no reason to fear hitting on older women.

They will almost always appreciate it and show that appreciation with a genuine-gratuitous smile and reciprocation.

It is only in your head and through sitcoms that you foster the belief that older women [let’s say over 35] would somehow feel disrespected if they were to be approached by noticeably younger men.

I’ve had way more younger girls scoff at me for trying to hit on them that women who are older enough to be my mother. 😯

Hence, bear those factors in mind and learn to flirt with women of all ages and sizes when on your daily journey.

What this will do overtime is to transform you into a flirting and social-fucking machine!

You’ll become akin to a natural who acts off impulse, opposed to someone who has to think and get inside of his head with trying to find the right words and flirt lines.

Everything will naturally flow!


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