How To Pick Up Difficult Girls [On Facebook]…Part II

Hey guys, the well-anticipated redux to the video which I’d posted a while back on “Tooling guys over Facebook and walking away with the girl”.

I have somewhat of a ridiculous knack for picking up girls on Facebook, though I largely prefer to chase ass in person like any real man would.

Be as it may; I will teach you within this article [with screenshots as real illustrations], the subtle art of picking up bitchy girls on Facebook, and by extension, the internet in general.

As I’ve always preached the following hard-hitting point around these parts: Hot girls on Facebook are usually bitchy and have tremendously high Bitch Shields”!

Don’t know what a “Bitch Shield”> is?

It is a built-in psychological mechanism activated by women whenever they come in contact with guys, particularly of lesser value, who try to make sexual passes upon them.
A woman’s bitch shield is her quasi-protective mechanism which serves to expose and ward off potential suitors.

The hotter the girl, the larger her Bitch Shield.

Over the internet, her Bitch Shield is magnified even more because there are guys in bunches coming at her from every angle with tons of lame-shit ice-breakers and pick-up lines which are equivalent to cat-calls on the streets.

Bearing this in mind: hot girls on the internet are justified with being bitchy.

Most guys don’t see it that way. But the truth is: it is guys’ approaches [lame-shit ones] that turn otherwise courteous damsels into heartless-icy bitches.

It isn’t that women over Facebook are really dagger-wielding creatures who relish at the thought of shattering the hearts of Beta’s.

In fact- most girls who come off as bitchy on the surface, are actually sweethearts if you get to know them!

It is 1 of those contradictions in life whereas the girls who appear sweet on the exterior, are actually mean sour-apples, while the apparent meanies are really the warm dolls.

Anyway, so now that you know why most girls [the hot ones] have to be cold [to screen and ward off losers], let’s get into the fun stuff! 😎 😎

How To Pick Up Bitchy-Hot Girls On Facebook

Before I deliver the tactical aspects, allow me to share these screenshots with you from the comment section on a post by a bitchy girl who’s a fellow member of a social-network group on Facebook.

Remind you- she’s just there to network- and NOT to hook up!

This point is absolutely the most missed by men on social-media sites.

Men fail to understand that Facebook is NOT where chicks go to meet guys (for sex)!

There are tons of super-discreet websites exclusively for that purpose…such as Ashley Madison, where disgruntled housewives go in search of extramarital fun. 😉

Facebook is where girls go to gossip, have cyber cat-fights, seek validation from losers and to network in the most pitiful of forms.

That’s it!

Most guys are under the wrong impression: that girls are looking cock on social-media sites.

This 1 misconception is the root of all your girl problems as far as Facebook pulls go.

Now, it isn’t that you can’t pick up girls on Facebook.

I do it all the fucking time!

Every week actually!

Every other day actually!

However, it is my unorthodox approach that gets me the girls on social-media sites.

Ok, so here are the screenshots with the hot girl’s identity censored to protect her from potential stalkers. 😉



Now- how was my approach?

Was I hitting on her?

Far from it!

Now- the average guy’s approach within these networking groups is as if he’d never graced the walls of a vagina before…which is likely.

They go over-kill desperate and lame!

Now you see why hot girls have to pretend to be bitchy in order to avoid this bullshit coming from all angles?

Be as it may, I just want to sum up by saying that if you want to pick up, seduce and shag hot-bitchy girls from Facebook, it is almost inevitable that you will have to fly beneath the radar by employing some “Indirect” Pickup methodology.

You have to show these girls that you’re not (outright) hitting on them, nor making any sexual suggestions.

That will come after you will have isolated the girl by getting her personal details…or even by in-boxing her.

With the bitchy girl from the screenshots that I posted above; she expected that I was to act like 99% of the other guys who approach her online by flooding her statuses with compliments or sexual comments.

However! I did the total opposite.

Also, if you read the screenshots diligently, you would have noticed that she was trying to tell me to inbox her if I wanted to talk. But I kept beating around the bush and playing indifferent.

What that accomplished was that it demonstrated to her that I wasn’t desperate and wasn’t going to inbox her in a heartbeat unless she gives me a reason to do so.

Hot girls chase after guys who don’t readily jump through their hoops.

In other words, a hot girl- a bitchy one- is repulsed by a guy who doesn’t give her a hard time and doesn’t appear challenging.

In fact- all women are turned off by men who aren’t a challenge.

Hence, when you analyze my banterish comments in the screenshots, I was displaying a few key components to attracting a girl online.

Most important of those keys, was my last comment: Nonchalance!

What does a guy do when he sees and wants a hot girl?

Does he put it off?

Does he nonchalantly leave it to “the elements or the right time”?

Of course not!

He pours his feelings and affections out there from the get-go as if it were his last day on Earth!

Doing so over the internet is a HUGE turnoff and the fastest way to get rejected.

When you put a hot girl off for later, it automatically flips a switch inside of her subconscious brain, making her think to herself that you [in this case- Kenny], are a prize!

Not only that, but observing a nonchalant attitude towards contacting her, will at best leave her waiting in anticipation for that communique.

However, you have to make her want/crave it by not hitting on her initially, and not flooding her inbox neither…initially.

With the girl in question: I eventually inboxed her…but not on her terms- on mines. 😈

Now- the seduction begins off camera…if you follow my analogy.

The thing is, and this is partly why guys blow themselves out through Facebook comments, is that blatantly hitting on girls in the comment section will not only make them feel uncomfortable, but sub-communicates to the girl that you lack social intelligence and intuition. And if you did have social intelligence, you would know better, that lauding a girl with compliments where others can see/read, will have killed your chances by amplifying the awkward factor.

Lastly, this sort of approach to picking up hot-bitchy girls on Facebook, isn’t just specific to Facebook and bitchy girls, but all girls for that matter. Just that bitchy hotter girls have lower tolerance for being hit on online since guys usually maul them like a wild pack of ravenous hyenas.

A bitchy-hot girl just wants to see that “you get it”, and that you can maintain composure in the face of a hot girl like she is.

That’s it!

She doesn’t want to see you tooling yourself out like some chode who hadn’t gotten laid in a decade by trying to compliment her to death.

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