Friday Night Field Report- Kenny Has Female Fans

Friday evening while running some street game, a Rav 4 SUV pulled up at the corner of a bodega where I was standing and drinking a bottle of rum-cream liqueur.

A passenger exclaimed:


Now, remind you- no one outside of the internet calls me “Social Kenny”, so I was a taken-aback and didn’t know how exactly to take this.

For all I know, this was some SJW [Social-Justice Warrior] feminist, itching to pick a fight with me over my borderline misogynistic articles. 🙂 😦

Lady in SUV: “Are you Socialkenny”?

A bit confused:

Me: “Who wants to know”?

Lady in SUV: “******a”!

The SUV pulled up closer to the curb and to the building I was standing next to.

Me: “Who”!?

Lady in SUV: “Hold on! Lemme pull up”!

The female who was driving the SUV encouraged her to get out in order to meet me.

Lady in SUV: “I watch your videos on Youtube and read you website”.

Me: “Oh for real”!?

I said that with a bit of skepticism and leeriness as I was still trying to gauge what was going on here.

She hopped out of the SUV and approached me.

Though she had a cheerful countenance, since this was sorta different for me, I wasn’t sure what to expect as she approached: a scolding, beat down or a hug.

To my surprise: it was an attempted hug…which led to a full-blown hug.

The female driver of the SUV said to us that she will pull over to the side and park.

I was like, “WTF”!

Too bad for me that they weren’t my idea type.

In plain language: they were fatties…both of them.

Now I knew firsthand how celebs felt being mobbed by unsuspecting groupies and fans: it isn’t an overly welcoming feeling.

Anyway, so the driver parked up, got out and joined her friend and me on the corner.

She went into a long explanation as to why and how she found my videos and how she felt about pickup and dating coaches.

Me: “So…how did you know it was me…Socialkenny”?

Girl: “From the face”!

Me: “So you just spot a random guy and random face and instantly knew it was me”?

After about 30 minutes of discourse, she asked if we could take a pic.

Me: “Sure”.

She and her friend [I supposed] debated over whose cellphone they were to use to take the picture.

Driver Girl: “Your flash isn’t that good”!

Fan Girl: “Yes it is! Take it with my phone and see”!

They took about 5 test photos on their respective Android smartphones.

Driver Girl: “Naaaaaah!!! This one is too dark”!

Fan Girl: “Why I look so fat”!?

Few more pics and they were done.

Feeling star-studded, and since this was so much of a new experience for me [to be approached by a subscriber of mines], I had her bluetooth me the photo.

Socialkenny and a female fan

What q weird night to say the least.

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