The Bitchy Bartender From Hell Field Report – Part II


A weekend or so ago, I walked into a bar/lounge which I went to some weeks prior in order to grab a drink and toast to the long Easter weekend.

Approached the counter:

“Lemme have a Vodka and cranberry please”.

Bartender: “We’re not serving any mixed drinks right now. Only beers. So when you’re ready to order a beer or soft drink- lemme know”.

Now- the thing is- it isn’t what she said but how she said it.

Her attitude and facial composition as she talked to me, was as if I once fucked her, knocked her up and dumped her like a bad habit.

She sucked her teeth and turned off to deal with another customer.

Generally, I would swallow my pride and walk away.

This time: I wasn’t having it!

I recalled the same bitchy and snobby attitude she gave me weeks prior which I let slide like a skater.

On this occasion: it was not happening again…coupled with the fact that I was somewhat annoyed already that the Easter weekend hadn’t panned out the way I envisioned it.

Anyway, so I gave her a piercing stare in the eyes that could’ve killed!

Me: “If you’re not serving mixed drinks for whatever reason, all you had to do was say so without a stink-fucking attitude you bitch”!

It was like that all-too-familiar moment in sitcoms where the music halts abruptly and everyone in the venue looks aghast at the social awkwardness on display.

😯 😯 😯

“Did he just say that”, was the look I got from the bitchy bartender and the other on-looking patrons.

Bartender: “Excuse me! Are you talking to me”!?

Me: “Hell fucking yes bitch I’m talking to you! Every time I come into this establishment, you treat customers like shit. When you’re working in the service industry, a certain comportment is expected of you bitch! So you need to fucking learn how to do your job”!

As expected with most hot bartenders, she has her minions of ugly girls who fan the smoke up her ass like a flame-throwing device.

Her friends: “Why is he talking to her like that!? That’s rude and uncalled for”!

As equally expected, some ‘Regular’ who probably blows smoke up her ass also, emerges out of the periphery to offer me some words:

“Hey dude, cool out man! Take it easy”.

I rambled on nevertheless:

“This bitch shouldn’t be employed with such an attitude, let alone serving people who are paying her fucking rent! I’m not like these other muthafuckers who are going to stand for bullshit from any bottom-of-the-barrel servant girl”!

Bartender: “Who other people are you talking about”!?

Me: “All of these muthafuckers in hre who allow you to treat them like shit but are too pussy to put your ass in your place”!

She runs over to 1 of her girlfriends and began to explain to her what happened and why she was so justified in giving me shit.

I approached them and she put a hand out as if to stop me:

“Don’t fucking come close to me”!

Me: “Fuck you…you fat bitch”!

I hit her where it hurts. 😉

If it’s 1 thing I learned over the years as it pertains to women and weight issues, is that every girl thinks to herself that she’s fat.

No matter how skinny she is: she thinks she fat.

No matter how many accolades, prizes and compliments she receives from both sexes on her killer body and how “in-shape” she is: she still thinks she’s fat and needs to lose weight.

Hence, as you’ve probably heard by now, the worst thing you can ever say to a girl, is to call her fat.

After dropping the “F” bomb…the other F bomb, you could see the anger in her eyes like, “How dare you call me fat”!

At this point, I requested to see her supervisor, manager, owner or someone in charge of this creature.

As if to taunt me and call my bluff, her friend yells out to me:

“She’s right outside! Go ahead! The owner is right outside”!

Thinking I was calling bluff here, I went outside and asked around for the owner of the establishment.

A lady came aside and introduced herself as the owner.

I took her to her worker and pointed out my dissatisfaction:

“Every time I come into this establishment, this particular worker of yours seem to have a problem with me and always go out of her way to speak to me with a stink attitude and I believe that it is unbecoming of someone who works in the catering and service industry to not have the menial basic of skills like how to greet and approach people and potential customers”!

The owner took me to the side, away from the loud music, and told me that she has had similar complaints about this same bartender, and she is truly sorry for the inconvenience.

She pleaded with me to forgive her on the behalf of her subordinate.

Owner: “I will talk to the manager and the bartender to apologize to you at once”.

I told the owner that it was okay and that she doesn’t have to go the extra mile to demand an apology.

She insisted and had the bartender come over to me and apologize in front of staff and her male and female minions who were cheerleading her fuckery.

She was immediately knocked right off of her high horse as she was shocked that it went this far.

I explained to the owner that things didn’t have to escalate this way. All I wanted was a Vodka and cranberry mix.

Owner: “I understand and I’m really sorry. We were short on ice and that’s why we weren’t serving any mixed drinks or cocktails at the moment. But we have ice now. I’m gonna serve you on the house for the entire night”.

She then went to personally prepare me a Vodka and cranberry, brought it to me…on the house.

Owner: “Whatever you want, I let her know and she will serve you on the house for the rest of the night. I’m really sorry and I will talk to her to ensure that this doesn’t occur again”.

Me: “Thank you”.

For the remainder of the night, I downed another Vodka cranberry, delighting in the fact that it was on the house and I get the bitchy bartender to serve me…all night. 😉 🙂

On a parting note, what I regularly observe as I’ve been going out virtually every weekend since 2003, is that guys will tolerate opportunistic bullshit from women: whether they be bartenders, waitresses, club girls, etc.

Due to the beta-ization and neutering of men in society today, a girl is liable to get away with any sort of rudeness towards men without fear or trepidation of being put in her place.

Since men think ass-kissing is the way to get laid, which they have no imperical datum to substantiate but to the contrary, they continue to take rude and foul behavior from women, under the impression that the more they withstand and take, they will somehow gain favor in the eye of the girl.

By no means was I the 1st and only guy whom this same bartender had given unwarranted shit to.

However, I can guarantee that 99.9% of the other men whom she had done this to, simply lapped their tails, secretly spoke to the owner and left it at that.

I on the other hand, felt that she was well deserving of a royal scolding and public shaming in order to gain some semblance of a reality check, that the world doesn’t always meld to her ways as if she were in control of destiny.

I’m a strong proponent of “cussing a rude bitch out” whenever the situation calls for it.

Some in pickup may see this as reactive, weak and so forth.

As I’ve stated numerous times in the past: there’s a time and place for everything.

There’s a case for remaining non-reactive and feigning James Bond cool.

Equally, there’s a time and place where the ‘Cool’ approach must be put aside.

Too many guys allow women to walk all over them simply because of pussy power.

When you’re willing to put a girl in her place, it shows her that pussy isn’t that powerful after all, and dick actually has some power of its own.

All in all guys: get rid of this myth that an Alpha-Male is someone who passively allow others [i.e. women] to trample upon him, and pretend as though it never happened.

An Alpha-Male is a man who is willing to do and say the unthinkable, put others in their rightful place when they step out of line. And an Alpha isn’t afraid to offend for a greater cause.

A Beta-Male is someone who’s passive, and passively allow others to constantly disrespect his manhood.

Bear that in mind.

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  1. Wow. This makes every asshole I’ve ever served look like a saint! Your just another ass on his high horse. Congrats you are a pro bar patron! That takes talent! You never know what is going on in someone else’s life. What if you got her fired. What if she finally had the courage to leave her abusive spouse and you getting her fired made leaving him financially impossible. Than he beats her to death a week later. She would still be alive had you not had a bitch fit over a look and tone. Maybe think about that the next time you decide to get on your high horse.
    P.S. Linder no circumstance is it ok to talk to a women that way! You are obviously proud of yourself to write this. You in no way should be. I am embarrassed for you! To talk to a women like that because you didn’t like her tone just baffles me..


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