Don’t Take Rejections Personal [infield clip]

Hey guys, I put together a little video of myself getting rejected. 😉

First off: rejections don’t exist!

I’m merely using the term “rejection” since most guys can relate to re term.

Reason being for the video is in part to showcase to you guys that even the advanced masters have sets that fail to hook.

Too many guys in pickup only show then glamorous sets where they manage to pull [pick up the girl]. But only a few are willing to showcase the interactions which stall.

At the end of the day, I want you guys to view your approaches upon women as a learning lesson overall.

Even if the girl tells you to “Fuck Off”!

Take it like a champ instead of being butt-hurt about it.

Also, remember to always plow to the bitter instead of giving up prematurely.


What's your view?

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