Online Game Gets No Easier – Pulled Within 4 Texts

Picking up girls online is as easy as taking a piss.

it only seems complicated because guys complicate it for themselves.

Monday evening while browsing my favorite-internet dating/social-media site, Tagged, I came across a hot girl who passed my proverbial-boner test with flying colors.

She’s a 27 year old with a stunning body and the perkiest set of racks I’ve laid eyes on in a while.


This was how the quick-online pickup went.

[My texts in the white background and hers in light blue]

Image 1

My opener was pretty simple as I complimented the girl on her getup.

If you’re gonna compliment a girl online, please stay clear of generic compliments on her beauty and looks.

Whenever I compliment a girl online – which is rare as flying donkeys- I use my SPA model: Style, Personality and Attitude.

In other words, I compliment a girl on either her “Style, Personality or Attitude [swagger, etc].

By doing so, you separate yourself from the ass-kissing crowd whose only play is to laud women online with compliments of how beautiful they are.

I also added in a little neg by saying that she looks tall in her pic…granted I don’t know her at all to even know whether she’s tall or short…but that’s besides the point.

In addition to that, I added the most crucial element to the fast-online pickup by telling the girl that I’m not from here, which serves to add some scarcity to the dynamics.

Girls will act more proactive once they know and realize that they limited time to get with a guy.

The fact that I told her that I’m only visiting Antigua [which technically I’m not since I live here], it spurred her into action in wanting to meet up.

Image 2

I’d asked her about her plans for the week in which she said she doesn’t have any…yet.

If you wanna know whether a girl is serious about meeting up, look for signs in the way of questions as when the girl asked where will I be staying.

Image 3

Cutting to the chase, I throw my pitch for us to meet up at a bar and grill joint [the Beehive] on Thursday.

She’s ok with that.

Image 4

Once again, if you want to know whether a girl is into you or not, you must pay attention to questions, the type of questions she asks.

She asks if I use Whatsapp messenger.

In essence, she’s asking for my phone number since one needs the other’s phone number in order to establish contact via Whatsapp.

We exchanged numbers and that was that.

Whenever a girl asks you for your phone number or contact information on her own volition, it is a sure sign of her interest in you.

Ok, few things I’d like to clarify.

I am residing between the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.

I regularly go back and forth between the 2 islands.

This enables me to create a scarcity effect where the girl is then forced into action by the mere fact that she doesn’t know when she may see me again.

I talk about this extensively in How to pick up American girls.

You always want to position yourself as a nomad and someone who isn’t guaranteed to be there tomorrow.

This sorta frame will propel girls into action, sensing that you’re somewhat of a scarce item.

The opposite effect often happens once the girl senses that you aren’t going anywhere.

Game on!

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