Don’t Take It Personal When She Doesn’t Accept Your Facebook-Friend Request

From my previously published video, a guy had contacted me and brought to my attention, a segment of the video that I didn’t pay much attention to during the editing phase.

Did I hear her correct that she has over 700 friend requests pending”?


You heard correctly bro!

Plus 700 frikkin’ friend requests pending!

It is very common that a guy friend-requests a girl on Facebook – particularly if she’s a semi-hot girl- but he doesn’t get a response at all in the form of his friend request being accepted.

I know the feeling.

For those who aren’t as resolute in the face of so-called rejection: an ignored-friend request can make you feel somewhat inadequate and self-conscious.

It is akin to being rejected by a girl in person…though not that painful.

In light of that, this revelation should put your fragile heart at ease:

Most women, even the ugly ones, are bombarded with friend requests on a daily basis.

The not-so-hot girls are inclined to respond…half of the time.

However, the ones who get smoke blown up their wazoo [i.e. the hot ones], will customarily miss your friend request.

Truth is: it isn’t that she declined your friend request…which is very likely.

It is more so that she simply didn’t see it. Or your request got lost in the shuffle among many…hundreds!

I mean- after all dude- she’s gotten hundreds of friend requests and notifications piled up to the fucking ceiling!

What are the odds of yours getting lost in the fray?

Pretty high, right? ❗ ❓


This is no different than the inbox message you sent her a month ago which she didn’t reply to…because she never seen it…or it got lost in the shuffle.

All in all, I’m making no excuses for chicks here.

I know very well that there are scores of shady women out there who will be poised to ignore your friend requests and messages, solely to get a temporary boost to their egos.

However, there’s a strong possibility that your friend invitation may have gotten lost in the mix.


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