Friday Night Field Report – The Bartender From Hell

Been a while since I knocked up a Night-Game field report for you guys.

The night kicked off at about 6:30 PM [Friday] as I left my apartment for the downtown area.



I was to meet up with this smoking hot 18 year old at the bar [pictured below with adjoined screenshot from Facebook messenger on Friday evening].




However, that plan fell through as I was more up for street game than to hang out with this chick.

After a while of combing the streets for some hot girls to pull, my stomach was on empty so I grabbed a pizza on the roadside.


Some hours later, I made it to the bar/nightclub and had a fucking blast.

I usually go out every weekend but I hadn’t really gone clubbing or bar hopping for the year.

So much happened that I can’t recount every detail as it went down…not that I was hammered by the way.

What really stuck out though was the bitchy fucking bartender who gave me attitude all night! 😯 😡


That bitch literally terrorized my entire night as if she had it out for me for some unknown reason.

When I ordered my 1st drink [Apple Martini], she yelled at me for leaning over the bar counter. 😡


To add insult to injury: I had to chase her down for a fucking straw which she should’ve placed in my drink in the 1st place!

Bitchy Bartender: “You should speak up next time”!


She threw the straw down into my drink with the plastic half way hanging off the straw into my drink! 😯

Generally, I wouldn’t hesitate to give a bartender a royal cussing [I’m notorious for cursing out bartenders], but I kept the peace while gritting my teeth in disbelief at this bitch’s audacity!

About 45 minutes later, I went back to the counter and ordered a beer.

She had me standing there while she served about 4 other patrons who got there after me to order their drinks.

At this point, my ears were fucking fuming!

Later down in the night/morning, after chatting up a few girls, I felt that I was in the mood for some makeouts, so I proceeded to the bar counter to buy a mint to freshen my breath from the alcohol.

Bitchy Bartender: “We don’t sell 1 mint. 3 for a dollar”.

Me: “But I don’t want 3 mints. I only want 1”.

I wasn’t being patronizing- honestly. I only wanted 1 mint. My pockets were already stuffed with gadgets and shit, so I really didn’t need anything extra to stuff.

She insisted on selling me 3 mints for $1 instead of the customary 25 cent per mint inside of this venue.

After some debate, she sold me the 1 mint I wanted.

A while later [perhaps after 4 AM], I asked her to refill my cup with ice [which is free by the way] but she refused.

This BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My drink was fucking hot and this chick refused to throw a few ice cubes in my cup…free ice at that!?

I gave up and drank the lukewarm drink!

Overall, I had about 3 alcoholic drinks for the entire night [which is a lot for me] and capped the night/morning off with a plastic bottle of Coke.

Across the way from the bar, there’s a bench-like sitting area where lots of girls were congregating, so I found my way over there to hit on some girls.

I didn’t manage to take anyone home. But in spite of that, I got physical, flirty and sexual with various girls across from the bar.



By the time I left the bar, the sky was already brightening.

I hadn’t been out till sun up in years…perhaps 9 years!

In the Caribbean, most bars and nightclubs usually close at dawn if there are still patrons there.




Street game and night game ain’t easy but it’s fun.

When you dedicate yourself to pickup and going out, it actually requires vast amount of hours in the field.

I went out from 6 o’clock PM Friday night, on my feet virtually the entire time, and strolled in my apartment this morning [Saturday] at 5:30 AM.

If you aren’t doing it, then I suggest you get some real gam time under your belt and quit cheating yourself by only spending 2 hours in the field…especially on weekends.


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