New Social Experiment Idea

I have an idea for a new-social experiment: Crotch Bulge!

Checked out a few of those videos on Youtube where women buldge watch guy’s crotch on the bus and trains. This really goes to show how women are huge perverts too…which I already knew.

Be as it may, I plan on going out tonight with something crammed down into my crotch area to give the impression of a super hung guy…just to see the reception I receive.

I will also try to record to catch girl’s gaze to see where they’re actually looking.

Very interesting experimentation.

Couple with the fact that my girlfriend tells me that she watches guy’s crotch area for a bulge, and it’s actually a very common thing like guys checking out random girl’s asses.

Keep you posted guys.

Remember: women are huge pervs. Some of you guys just can’t believe it.

2 thoughts on “New Social Experiment Idea

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