You Make Your Own Reality Pt. 1 [Quick Advice For Your Inner-Game]

As a guy who’s been in the trenches of pickup and seduction for many years bow, a rock solid inner game had to have been the catalyst to my perseverance.

If you wish to persist in this lifestyle journey: you also will have to learn to re-frame negative beliefs and negative feedbacks.

Most guys drop out of pickup because they weren’t resolute enough in the face of criticism and blow-back…which speaks to faulty inner game issues.

The kind of blow-backs you’re bound to face in game, are detractors who talk shit in hopes to deflate your inner confidence and derail your progress with women.

In the face of such criticism towards you taking up the journey in pickup, re-framing (negative) aspersions is a must.

The truth is: other men will deem what you do [pickup] as offensive, womanizing, desperation, harassment, you name them!

Bear in mind that my emphasis is placed on “Other Men”, as being the detractors, shit-talkers and casters of aspersions.

Women on the other hand, advocate pickup.

Women are the least of your concerns where it pertains to learning an art that will help you get better with women.

Since you’re in pickup to get better with women and not to meet men: why the fuck are you concerned with what other men think and say about you doing pickup!?

Listen, I’ve been called everything from a rapist, serial harasser to desperate.

By who?

Other men of course!

Your biggest hater and opposition in game will be your fellow man.

You have to be mentally strong enough in order to withstand such false labeling by the haters, or else you’ll crumble right back into your loser ways.

As someone who’s been in the game this long, whenever I get criticized by other men [always men who don’t get laid nevertheless], such labeling simply rolls off my shoulders like water.

I’m not affected by negativity.

I got into pickup to learn how to get laid and to teach you guys the same.

As long as women are on my side -which they are- I can care less which AFC Beta [men who don’t get laid] tries to talk shit by loosely casting around labels such as rapey and harassment.

The reality is: women want men to learn pickup…at least the hot girls do!

Women are dead tired of having to have to be accosted by men who have no clue as to what attraction is, how to generate it and how to get laid…which is what women also want.

The reason why girls come off as bitchy and standoffish whenever approached by men, isn’t because women are opposed to the idea of being approach. It is simply because of the approach in the 1st place [lame-ass cat-calling and so forth].

Hence, men tend to get the impression that women don’t want to be approached.

However, if they only change their approach, then the reception from women being approached, would’ve been different. But make no mistakes about it: women are up for being approached.

Men, at least the ones who will hate on you [who are many] and get into name calling, aren’t worth paying 1 grain of attention to.

You are in this to get laid and not to try to impress other men, neither to appeal to their sense of what is right or wrong.

At your stage, it will require solid inner game to plow through bullshit and criticism from other men. Just as it requires a solid inner core to withstand rejection from women.

As you gain experience and time in the field, you will have come to the realization that the guys who talk shit about you for trying to meet women, are only doing some out of their own vanity, insecurity and inferiority complex.

Imagine if you were a guy who couldn’t approach random hot women…which you were at 1 point?

What would be your impression of another guy who was able to step to those hotties, generate interest/attraction, get contact information and eventually hook up with scores of girls?

You’d probably feel somewhat envious and question yourself as to why you’re unable to do the same [meet lots of women].

Hence, whenever you encounter other men who talk shit about you doing pickup, always re-frame their negative attacks as signs of their jealousies, inner weaknesses and low-self esteem issues being projected onto you.

You are the man they wish they were!

I repeat: whenever other men try to shame you for being involved with pickup [and it’s always the guys who don’t get laid]: Always re-frame their negative point of views for what they really are- they wish they were you.

As the running title of this post goes: “You make your own reality”!

In other words, life melds to whatever it is you feel and perceive!

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