Want To Impress A Girl? Why Aren’t You Cold Approaching?

Arguably the most searched question in Google in relation to dating, mating and relationship is:

“How to impress a girl”?

By far, every guy wants to know how he can impress a girl; either with the perfect line or perfect move.

Truth is: though the so-called perfect line or perfect move can certainly impress a girl, you don’t want to set the dynamics of the interact between yourself and the girl, with you being the one aiming to please and impress her.

That’s for starters!

If you’re browsing the internet in search of ways and techniques in how to impress a girl, then you’re already off to a bad start in your quest to conquer vagina.

Be as it may: guys won’t listen, so here is my take on how to impress women and set you apart from almost every other guy on planet Earth.

Sounds interesting?

I eluded to this in a recent post but never went in depth.

The best way to impress a girl, in particular a stranger, is to simply do some cold approach.

I know this is old rhetoric that you’ve heard before…especially from me. But I cannot desist from stressing how invaluable it is to approach women on a regular basis.

Intricacies aside, the balls to approach and talk to a random stranger [a woman] is in and of itself a huge feat with grand dividends in return.

As I said in a previous post: “other men aren’t doing cold approaches”.

Little bullshit cat-calls performed by guys with pea-sized cojones, don’t nearly constitute cold approaching.

“Cold Approaching” is actually striking up a conversation out of thing air with a random stranger.

It isn’t cat-calling girls and hoping that they stop…which they ever rarely do.

Simply having the balls and wherewithal to start an in-person conversation with a girl whom you don’t know, will have been enough of an impression to impress the girl better than any line could, any car could, or flashing of any moola could.

What's your view?

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