The War Between Ana PUA & Luis Ramos’ Camp Heats Up


What’s been buzzing in the PUA community as of late?

Besides the many cold wars off-line between various camps, the newest-hot drama to arise in the community, has been the warring between Ana PUA & Luis Ramos along with his henchman/wingman: Cupid Player…who’s also a friend of mine.

Well- in fact- I’m friends with all 3 of them, though Ana and I started off on a pretty rugged road due to a misunderstand facilitated by Luis Ramos deleting Ana PUA’s comments on a particular Facebook status…but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, so bombs have been detonated and missiles sent airborne between Ana PUA and Luis Ramos and company.

How did it all start between the 2…or 3 [Cupid Player]?

This Facebook post by Luis seemed to have prompted it.


Apparently, and this is no surprise to me since I feel the same way as Luis does on this, Luis hates Simple Pickup.

For those who aren’t into pickup and may not have known, Simple Pickup is a super-popular pickup company which features prankish-type pickup videos on Youtube, which gets them millions of views upon upload.

Ana PUA, who’s a Lesbian pick-up artist based in California [where Simple Pickup is also based], is a huge fan of Simple Pickup and their brand of game. So it was only right for Ana to defend the cause of her inspirations…and she’s also a member of the Simple Pickup forum.

Simple Pickup
Simple Pickup

Luis’ gripe with Simple Pickup is the same as mines: we were both unfairly banned from their forum without committing any infraction whatsoever [by the way, those were completely separate incidents] .

It is what it is!

I’m used to PUA politics by now.

Therefore, on the said status update which Luis Ramos had posted to Facebook days ago [dissing Simple Pickup], he and Ana PUA had some word exchanges which are too explicit to post on a site like this which is geared towards civility.

Who am I fucking kidding!? 😆

The following screenshot from the Facebook status of Luis’ will give you a great idea of how this war kicked off some days ago.


Unfortunately, I got dragged in, largely due to Luis’ excessive mass-tagging of PUA’s and pick-up guys…which is seen as mass spamming by others.

The taggings are illustrated by the whopping 69 people tagged in Luis promotional piece. 😯



Ana and I exchanged some words due to a misunderstanding, but that was subsequently resolved as cooler heads were calling for calm.

Be as it may, the 2 went to war, subsequently dragging other seductionists into the fray, including guys like Squatting Casanova, Jeff Jericho, my nemesis, Bravo [Stephen], funny-man Ed Boyd and many others.








During the fray, I had a moment of laughter when my buddy David Kocher chimed in with a posted meme of Rodney King.


😆 😆 😆

Eventually, in the latest round of drama, Luis’ wingman, Cupid Player aka Supermega Pickup Artist, jumped into the battle, which set the stage for a 2 on 1, with Ana PUA being the lone girl of the 3 war machines.


Luis’ argument is that every other PUA is religiously hating on him because he gets laid a ton as a virtual newbie, while the seasoned vets who don’t get laid, are left to feel somewhat envious and butt-hurt…according to Luis’ theory.

Ana’s argument is that Luis is delusional, super conceited and overly cocky in believing to himself that he’s some sort of pick-up God…when he’s only 18 years old with vastly limited experience in the game…according to Ana.

General consensus around the pick-up sphere decided on that.

One such claim made by Luis as to why he feels he’s being unfairly hated on by other pick-up practitioners, was the fact that Jeff Jericho recently took some subliminal shots at him on his website, by posting the following photos of Luis and his recent pulls. i.e. Luis’ girls.


In essence, Jeff Jericho was saying that Luis Ramos’ girls are only 5’s at best on the proverbial-looks scale which Jeff wrote about in his most recent article.

Luis obviously wasn’t pleased about that.


Hot Babe scale by Jericho PUA

Jeff Jericho

Ok, so according to some, the general consensus among the pick-up community is that Luis Ramos is way ahead of himself and high off of arrogance [not Kenny’s words: but consensus].

Interestingly enough: Luis knows how everyone feels about him.

In that regards, I have to give him credit for staying the course in the face of major blow-back from top-tier guys in the pick-up scene.

As an attempt to bask and relish in infamy, Luis has been irritating more folks with such photos as the following posted to his Facebook.


…Which led to comments like these, instigated by no other than Mike Casanova:


The consensus’ argument is this:

Luis, you can’t nearly be the king of pickup when you’re only 18 years old with limited experience in the field dude”.

On a related note, and some would say that this added fuel to the fire and inflated Luis’ head even more [not my words actually], was that Luis was featured on the PUA Lingo website, the pick-up directory owned by Vince Lin aka Alpha Wolf.

Many mainstream PUA’s and seduction practitioners have never gotten even a mere mention on PUA Lingo, let alone Luis Ramos, an 18 year old kid from Baltimore, Maryland, gets to be highlighted among the lights and names of guys like Tom Torero, Mystery [the pick-up godfather], Zan Perrion, Johnny Wolf, AFC Adams…just to name a few mentioned in the following article from PUA Lingo.

Which PUA has the hottest girlfriend?

In light of that, there are some in the seduction community who feel somewhat slighted by Vince Lin.

Vince Lin aka Alpha Wolf
Vince Lin aka Alpha Wolf; owner of PUA Lingo

Personally, I have no qualms with Alpha Wolf [Vince Lin] since we’ve always been on good terms for years now.

As for Ana PUA, being the most vocal critic of Luis’ game [a critic among dozens such as Mike Casanova], I respect her willingness to call out someone whom she sees as having zero game [Luis Ramos].

What would the game be like if no one was calling out anyone?

Not to mention that Ana is probably the only female PUA in the community who actually games/picks up/fucks other women [she’s a Lesbian].

Hence, she’s a unique snowflake among jagged rocks, yet she’s able to stand her ground in the face of the boys like Luis, Cupid Player [Supermega…] and Dylan Sierra.

I mean, shit heated up so rapidly, it actually caught the attention of the pick-up godfather himself: Erik Mystery, as he chimed in on my Facebook link to Ana PUA’s video where she attempted to rip Luis Ramos & Cupid Player, some new asses.


In all honesty: I’m neutral in this latest pickup fight.

I like Luis! And I know I will be castigated and get some bridges burnt for such a declaration. But the kid is fucking entertaining!

I like Ana too! And that isn’t just because she has a pair of tits!

The girl has fucking game when it comes to picking up other women!

In the meantime, as the war heats up between the 2 [Ana and Luis], they have taken it to Youtube, exchanging words and taking shots at each other through audio recordings.

In Ana’s audio response on Luis’ game, she cited [in her opinion] that Luis lacks calibration, social intelligence and he just doesn’t have enough pick-up experience under his belt to see these things…let alone brag that he’s the king of pickup.

The infamous-infield pickup video in question that she’s referring to [which according to her, shows Luis’ ineptitude in the field], is probably Luis’ most famous video to date: “kissing an Asian mom in front of her daughter”.

Apparently, The Squatting Casanova and other pick-up guys, seem to agree with Ana, that Luis’ game suck.


“Why myohmy” being Ana PUA’s Youtube screen name.


To me, Luis’ primary position/qualm with Ana seems to be unclear.

I don’t think he is saying that Ana has no game.

What is Luis’ overall argument overall?

All in all, what do I think about the feud between those 2?

I think it’s healthy for pickup.

Every now and then, little wars and scuffles flare up between gurus, coaches and practitioners.

However, this 1 has been the most intriguing to date with so many dynamics and nuances, that it’ll make your head spin!

Peace and Love!

You can subscribe to Ana PUA on Youtube here:

You can subscribe to Luis Ramos here:


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        1. Damn! They petitioned to ban you!? I’ve heard of petitions to ban Simple Pickup. I wrote such a petition once. But I never heard of a case where the forum petitions to ban someone. WTF. What was that all about Cupid Player?


          1. Lol whenever you have the time to share, lemme know.
            But I got banned for posting an infield.
            I actually signed up to their forum and within my 1st post I got banned…in less than an hour.
            I actually got banned from RSD forum for the same thing but at least I lasted some weeks or days on RSD


    1. Oh sure Shocky. I do it all the time. Apart from the pickup stuff and me being engaged in coaching, I have a 9 to 5 job that is non-pickup related. I work that job from Monday to Friday. However, the weekends are what I dedicate to traveling whenever I do travel. I usually ask for Thursday off sometimes and hit the road/travel on Thursday and spend the weekend somewhere else and return Sunday or Monday morning.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok bro thanks a lot. That really makes a lot of sense, never thought of that. I wanna get into traveling more to meet new women especially after reading your materials which really helped a lot!


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