I Get Rejected Way More Than Most Guys + The Desperation Factor

Something I referenced in a previous post was rejection.

Now, we all know that rejections don’t exist.

That isn’t quite what I wanted to tackle (whether rejection is legit or a figment of the imagination).

Seemingly, due to my apparent successes in the field and how easy it seems to get hot girls to chase me via text, some of my readers are under the impression that I don’t get rejected or that I get rejected far less than any other dude.

This misconception isn’t due to any imperical datum. In addition to that; I don’t give the impression that I’m impervious to rejections. And this can be substantiated by my many posts of failed sets, failed approaches and so forth.

I’m no Nick Krauser here [no mal intended Nick].

The reality is: I get rejected way way more than most guys.

If you understand the implications of the numbers game, then this reality wouldn’t be difficult to grasp.

The more girls you approach, the greater the odds that you’ll get blown out.

It is pretty much that simple.

Most Guys Don’t Approach Women Because They’re Afraid Of Rejection

With the reality that the more one approaches, the more one gets rejected, in order to avoid the sting and pain of rejection, most guys decide to not approach at all while electing to play armchair quarterback from the comfort of their computers.

It is much easier to risk getting rejected online opposed to under the scrutiny of watching eyes…though no one is really watching.

You have to have a rejection-proof mentality in order to become a pickup artist or play at this game.

Most guys who get into pickup, never make it pass 1st base. And this is because it is difficult for them to push pass so-called rejection.

As for myself to date, I get rejected every week.

Every day actually.

Does it affect me?


I am somewhat immune to rejection nowadays…which is where you should aim to reach eventually.

The more rejections I get, the more resistance I build towards it. But make no mistake about it: I get rejected all the time.

I get rejected over text, phone call and in person.

The final point I want to touch on is the notion by AFC Beta’s that to get rejected and persist and not give up, is somehow seen as desperate.

Yea- go fucking figure.

Guys who are not into pickup, usually never get it.

On a particular men forum which is non-pickup related [flooded with Beta-Males and keyboard jockeys], someone had posted some links to my articles, ironically in an attempt to paint me as a desperate pussy-chaser.

As expected: Average Frustrated Chumps [AFC’s] stick together as they are dumbed down by mainstream as to what is effective dating, so I was chided out and branded as desperate for doing pickup.

Once again, this sort of mentality is fostered by men with zero to limited experience with the opposite sex.

They see trying to get laid religiously as an act of desperation rather than a natural and primary function of every male who walketh the Earth.

Somehow, to them, pickup is seen as something desperate men get involved in.

What they are actually saying in essence, is that every guy should play armchair quarterback and hope and pray for pussy to fall into their laps.

If you’re ever proactive about getting ass: you are somehow branded desperate according to group think and the mainstream-dating world.

Well, to be honest, I’d rather be desperate and chase ass to get laid than desperate and stay home and spank the monkey.

As word of advice to every guy out there who is serious about pickup: your fellow man will not understand!

You will be envied, despised, hated and shamed by the average man.

You have to learn to withstand these sort of public scolding and realize that guys who hate on you and deem what you do as desperate, are only confessing to their inferiority complexes and lacking in the dating and sex department.

Therefore, pay no mind to detractors. And pay no mind to rejections.

Both do NOT fucking exist!

My haters- the ones outside of pickup- do not exist to me.

They are like empty drums making noise in the wind.

Likewise with girls who reject me and the ones who aren’t into me.

What's your view?

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