She Barely Got Away – NYC Girl Field Report

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While hanging out alone outside of a lounge Friday morning, this captivating girl walked by with the grace and elegance of a swan.

It was so apparent [her sexiness] that traffic had literally stopped for a nanosecond while guys in cars paused, stared and cat-called.

A random fellow standing next to me exclaimed to me:

“Damn yo! You see that fucking ass on her”!

Yea- it was that critical!

Always up for a challenge and an opportunity to get my cock in new poon, I went in pursuit of this elegant traffic-stopping girl…who stood about 6’2 might I add [and that’s without high heels]. 😯

Side note: the setting reminds me of that infamous “Walking in NYC as a woman” video where 90% of the guys just stood there, admired and threw out some random pick-up lines to no avail.

The 2 guys who did have the balls to approach, were completely game-less and clueless AFC’s.

It also goes to show that most guys are content with just watching and staring but never approaching and pursuing.

How else would you have a shot at getting the girl if you don’t approach?

Go figure!

Furthermore, 99% of guys will NEVER approach a sexy girl who stops traffic merely with her walk, because most guys are terrified of rejection- especially in the public eye where others might be watching.

Be as it may, as a Pick-up veteran who understands that rejections don’t exist [it’s all in your head], and who isn’t afraid to “go for it” in any situation; as the girl walked by and every guy in the immediate eye-shot stopped and stared, I pursued her without an ounce of fear.

I had my Sony HD cam on me, but this happened so spontaneously, I didn’t have the time to record the set.

Me: “Hey! Girl in the blue dress”!

I shouted to her from about 20 yards behind of her.

Me: “Hello! Girl in that blue-flower dress thingy”!

She recognized that I was addressing her so she stopped mid-road, looked back and said something which I couldn’t quite hear because I was still at a distance, plus it was windy as hell out.

Nevertheless, she stopped and waited for me to catch up.

Great sign! πŸ˜‰

Now, let’s pause there for a bit.


What is the average guy’s impression of a super-hot girl as this one was?






You name it!

Most guys are under the impression that hot girls are bitchy and are difficult to talk to.


Hot girls are the easiest to approach and the most sociable women since they’re accustomed to having to have to interact with lots of significant people who are vying for their time, such as: bosses, coworkers, agents and other men of notoriety.

Hence, a pretty girl has to be sociable in order to get favors bestowed upon her.

However, most guys don’t bother to approach them because they feel like they don’t stand a chance.

Anyway, so the dialogue went like this verbatim.

Me: “Oh okay, so you didn’t want to stop because of the facial hair and I’m looking all wild. I bet if I had just gone to the barber and got a fresh metro-sexual cut, you would’ve stopped in a heartbeat”.

Girl: ” πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Me: “So…I’m kenny”.

Girl: “I’m ***”.

Me: “For some reason, you don’t look like an island girl”.

Girl: “Maybe it’s the accent. I’m from New York”.

Me: “Oh for real? Where at”?

Girl: “The Bronx”.

Me: “No shit. I used to live in the Bronx. Crotona Avenue”.

Girl: “Ok I know where that is. I’m from Fordham”.

Me: “Where at? Fordham is so big. That could be anywhere”.

Girl: “Oh, near the university”.

Me: “A side bloc, or literally on Fordham Road”?

Girl: “Fordham itself”.

Me: “So what brings you here to the islands”?

Girl: “I have family here so I’m visiting. What about you”?

Me: “Same…except I live here”.

Girl: “But you have a strong New York City accent”.

Me: “Yep. The accent is hard to kick I guess. By the way, that dress is very short. How do you manage to not get mauled by dozens of guys”?

Girl: ” πŸ˜† πŸ˜† I get all these guys approaching me since I’ve been here. Damn it’s overwhelming”!

Me: “I can imagine. So how long you been here”?

Girl: “Since Sunday”

Me: “A whole week and I’m just now seeing you. We have to make something happen fast then”.

The chat went on for about 15 minutes as we came to a shed of sorts and sought refuge from the island sun.

Me: “Anyway, I’m not gonna keep you any longer since I have to get breakfast [it was about 10 AM]”.

Girl: “Yea, I have to make me some too”.

Me: “So you know what’s the next logical step from here, don’t know”?

Girl: “What? You want my number”?

Me: “Smart chick! Yes”!

Girl: “1718*******”.

Me: “But does your # work down here though”?

Girl: “Yea. T-Mobile has a plan where I can still use my SIM card and # as if I was back home”.

Me: “For real”?

Girl: “Yea. Call it and see”.

“Ring, Ring, Ring”!

Girl: “That’s your # right”?

Me: “Yep. So I’ll hit you up later on Whatsapp to see what’s your plans”.

Girl: “No problem. I’m supposed to go out with my cousins tonight. If anything, we’ll meet up while I’m out”.

Me: “Yea. BTW, where do you stay”?

Girl: “At a hotel on ******* street”.

Me: “Ok. That isn’t too far from here”.

That was the pickup.

Nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary.

Later on that day [Friday night], I got caught up doing other shit so I never bothered to text her to meet up since I can always do that the next evening.

The following evening, I did text her but got no reply.

Later Saturday night, I got a return call from her saying that she left Saturday morning.



If it was 1 fundamental error I made in the initial pickup, it was that I never bothered to get the logistical details of when she was to leave and return to NYC.

Had I known she was leaving Saturday morning and that Friday night was to be her last on island, I would’ve undoubtedly contacted her that Friday night to hang out.

However, I dropped the ball and decided to put it off for Saturday night, not realizing that she was scheduled to leave Saturday morning. 😦 😦

Rookie mistake that periodically happens to the best of them.

Hey guys, as a note for future reference whenever picking up foreign girls: Always get her logistics as far as when she’s leaving.

I was left to SMH at how close I was to potentially shagging this girl [women on vacation are the easiest to fuck].

I literally had my night planned to include bringing this chick back to my apartment which was in a mess nevertheless [what a godsend in that I didn’t waste my time to even tidy the shit up].

I spent the balance of the night editing some video and stuff since I was too distraught to even go out and game.

3 thoughts on “She Barely Got Away – NYC Girl Field Report

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  1. I think most guys start learning game as a means to an end. I know when I started, I didn’t care about the process. I only cared about getting in some drawers. At some point I reached a place where I enjoyed the process as much as the bang. I never thought I would enjoy hammering away at female screening protocols, but when you know what you’re doing, its fun as hell.
    This thought occurred to me because this field report is dripping in outcome independence. Even though there is fine ass girl involved, the story isn’t about her. Its about the hunt.

    I’m pointing out the obvious. Of course a FR is about what you did, why, and what you can do next time. Of course you don’t put the pussy on the pedestal. I’m just saying its nice to see someone who isn’t an approach robot grinding through sets.


    1. Nice way to look at it Apollohan. I feel the same way too. If it’s just about the lay, how long will one sustain? Not long at all. One has to enjoy the process, the thrill and the chase. And that is why I’m still enjoying pickup. I get more excited about the chase than the actual lay. I wrote about that before. The lay itself is actually like a buzz-kill because once that happens (the f-close), what next?


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