Reader Question: “How Many Girls Do You Regularly Pick Up”?


A very common question I get asked is:

“How many girls do you pick up”?

The answer simply varies due to numerous factors.

How I Manage My Rotation Of Girls

Managing one’s bang-prospects in the form of girls picked up, requires the strategic approach of an ardent tactician in his craft.

I may go a week where I deliberately pick up 2 girls.

The following week, I may pick up 20.

By “pickup”, I mean to get their phone numbers.

There are some weeks where I would be ‘On’ like a precision-guided missile, hitting up every avenue and crevice on the streets like a pick-up madman.

Other weeks, I’d be content with just 1 new number as I would’ve already been gaming up a significant portion of women to begin with.

Be as it may, on average, I pick up about 3 new girls a day during a decent week while on a hot streak.

Pickups over the internet account for about 25-30% of my overall conquests as far as phone numbers go.

If I pick up 20 girls this week, 6 or so of them, would’ve been from Facebook or an online-dating site.

However, the vast majority of my pulls are made from street pickup [cold approaches].

Now, the raw fact is this: if and when I do pick up an average of 20 new girls during a week, there’s no way humanly possibly that I or anyone for that matter, could actually game 20 girls simultaneously and still remain effective.

The numbers are just too great without enough time within a 24 hour span to grab and keep the attention of 20 new girls…not withstanding that young girls are ADD and ADHD.

What would typically happen in such a case is, I would narrow down the 20 to a workable and manageable 5-6 girls.

By a process of rapid elimination, I would marginalize or delete the girls whom I deem are more prone to flakiness and head-games.

How do I come to the determination of which of the 20 girls are into head-games?

I would have gathered this piece of information from our initial interaction.

Now, this doesn’t mean that my assessments are always spot on.

For all I know, I routinely eliminate solid leads who may have been DTF, while keeping on board flaky girls who have no intentions to ever meet up.

It is a gamble nevertheless and an elimination process must take place.

At times, presuming that most of the 20 girls picked up were solid fuck-prospects, instead of elimination 15 of them by deleting their numbers, I would keep their numbers stored in my phone for future seduction purposes where I can game them the following week or so.

Why I don’t particularly like doing this is because of the potential and likelihood that the initial-bubbly vibe will have evaporated and the girl will not have remembered who I was.

In the event that 2 or 3 of the selected 5 girls turn out to be flakes and dead leads, I can always substitute them out for 2 to 3 of the other prospects which I’d put on the back-burner to potentially be eliminated.

Be as it may, 5 to 6 new girls a week are workable…at least for me.

Presently [as of this week], I would say that I’m working on 6 girls actually.

By “working on”, I mean trying to fuck.
If by a week’s time there is no significant breakthrough with a specific girl: I eliminate her by either:

1.) Deleting her #

2.) Putting her on the back-burner by freezing her out while subbing her for another girl

If by about 10 days and a significant breakthrough doesn’t materialize in a meet-up with the girl: I basically move on, knowing that the following week, I will have met and picked up a new set of 20 girls anyway.

Hence, I have low to zero tolerance for going back and forth via text or phone convo for weeks and months on end like most guys do.

If by week 1 the girl doesn’t commit to meeting up for the Day2; I suddenly lose interest in pursuing the lay.

I also sparingly recycle girls who may have fucked around and flaked on me a time or 2.

For instance, if a girl decides to play head-games in week 1 [though all women are prone to playing head-games to some degree], I would cut her off, freeze her out but keep her number stored on standby.

Perhaps 3 months down the line, I would hit her up again to start afresh…essentially giving her a chance to redeem herself.

You have to take into consideration existential factors which might have been at play on a prior occasion.

Perhaps the girl was going through a mean breakup when I picked her up and she just wasn’t quite ready to commit to fucking another guy yet…hence her flaky and indecisive behavior.

I would put such a girl on the proverbial back-burner for about 3 months, and hope that whatever she might have been going through, would no longer be an impediment to a rendezvous together.

Hence, a quasi-recycling procedure in your overall seduction repertoire is advisable.

I’ve met girls who were cold and bitchy today, but were darlings 4 months later. So, I always try to exercise discretion and to think for the girl since it’s very unlikely that she would come clean as to why she’s being flaky, bitchy and so froth.

Current affairs can turn a charming darling into a wretched-cold woman overnight.

Anyway, so at any given time, I’m poised to tackle 5 or 6 women through a combination of texting and phone calls, with the next goal in mind being to meet up.

I see no point to engage a girl in texts and calls for 5 successive months just to make something happen.

The reality is, and from my experience, if by the 2nd week [3rd week the latest], and you haven’t managed to meet up with the girl yet, it is good as dead.

Hence, it is advantageous to get the ball rolling right away while the initial attraction is still there and at a reasonable temperature.

I’ll speak more to that in a subsequent post.

4 thoughts on “Reader Question: “How Many Girls Do You Regularly Pick Up”?

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  1. Hello from Germany. Cool stuff. Really authentic posts, no “wischi waschi” at all, but straight to the point and based on infield-experience/ evidence/ emperia. Plus, your are really a social and responsive person, living in an age of non-responsiveness (which I partially do understand, because one can get easily overwhelmed by getting to much responses and things have to get managed somehow). With this post you are providing a profound insight into what it means to have an abundance mindset (it is going hand in hand with real abundance) and time management. 😉

    I think, the big ones in the industry could and should (!) learn something from you. Contents there get more and more watered-down. Philosophical transactions get more and more extended, but the real stuff is shown just in context-free snippets.

    It’s great that you are delivering real value due to your passion for game and teaching, By the way, some time ago I tried to transfer some money via PayPal (“buy Kenny a drink” – funny idea). But the transfer failed. I tried it three times, each time the transaction was denied. But from my side it’s working, using PayPal regularly. It should have been 50€, in case that on your account are 0€ or 3×50€ we should find a technically more convenient way. lol Of course you would not need to pay back anything, I’m just curious what was going wrong with the IT.

    All the best



    1. Great analysis of my format Matt. Not even I could’ve broken it down that simple lol.
      As for non-responsiveness, just as you said, we can all understand why it exists. But I believe more so, it comes down to laziness and an unwillingness to be responsive.
      As for field experience, it is the name of the game. This is why it is very difficult for me to take advice from guys who don’t live it.
      Tons of psychologists, doctors, shrinks, love gurus, etc. have all these grand theories of why this and that is so. Yet hardly any of them arrived at their conclusion based on actual experience, personal evidence and so forth.
      At the end of the day as far as this post is concerned, it is all about cultivating an abundance mentality.
      As for the big ones in the industry, who I am personal friends with by the way [due to PUA politics and business], not calling any names, but it is a machismo and ego type of thing as to why they won’t go public and admit that they have learned a thing or 2 from my work. On a personal level, I regularly get phone calls from the big names asking me how to stay relevant in pickup and other such advice. I find it flattering. But at the same time, they won’t ever go public and say that Kenny taught me so and so, or I’d learned so and so from Kenny. It’s all ego bro…but I’m cool with it because I understand it is difficult for most men to actually cultivate an Alpha mentality.


    2. As for the paypal anomaly, I can’t put my fingers on it. I guess paypal doesn’t want to encourage donations since they won’t necessarily get a cut? But it’s the thought that counts Matt. I believe in (good) karma, so it’ll come back somehow in some form.


      1. Cool. Thanks for the insights.
        Of course karma is a good thing. 😉

        In a former post you wrote that you are mostly relating new contents to those things that are actually going on at a given time. This makes sense, I would do it the same.

        So if it would be convenient for you, let me know when you have would have to offer an article or vid about some topics I’m interested in. And we could try the payment again via PayPal or American Express.

        Topics, which I’m interested in at the moment are for example

        – How to trick body and mind to go out when feeling emotionally really exhausted and physically kind of tired after 10+ hours work. This could interestingly be fixed probably by going each day in a box camp or dojo, but I would prefer a less time consuming way and something without getting beaten up. lol

        – How to “break free” in a club environment after already lost momentum and state, after “falling from the wagon” so to speak? How to regain state, how to break through? Maybe in analogy to RSD Ozzies “Fear Technology” (of course I would consider additionally to go to his bootcamp).

        – How to deal with negative momentum (factors that sum up during the course of a night and are reducing the momentum)?

        – Dancefloor game without dancing (I remind your opener “I can dance better than you” lol I actually would use this, but how to follow up in a loud and overcrowded place?). Gaming 20-40 year old women on the dance floor as a 40+ year old guy. Bar game with 20 year olds is OK, but regarding cold approaching on the dance floor I’m still looking for the right angle/ move/…

        – Ways of closing/ pulling more effectively. Avoiding “the point of no return, ponr in the sense of getting too physical without sleeping with her, which would make her flaking at the day 2. (Observation from RSD Todd).

        OK, that may be enough. Just to give you an idea what is going on in a German guy’s head in the times between the wars. lol

        Skype is no option for me at the moment but if you have to purchase some tailored material in form of texts or vids let me know.

        All the best



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