These Pick-Up Prankish Type Videos On Youtube Are Very Misleading For Men

Picking up girls should not be a sprint!

I came across this video on Youtube a day or so ago that literally made my stomach churn.

Not to mentioned the video is entitled: “How to actually pick up girls”.

In part, I blame those fuckers at Simple Pickup for facilitating the grounds for guys like these to get the impression that picking up girls is all about the pick-up line.

Now you have clowns upon clowns coming out the woodworks with these prankish type of pickup videos showcasing the use of pick-up lines as a way to pick up girls…which always fails.

As I mentioned in a recent video of mines: “Pickup lines can very much work”!

It isn’t the lines that get the girl, but with what you back up the lines.

The thing that these pranksters don’t understand, included the average guy who may go out trying pick-up lines, is that a pick-up line works great as an opener in order to open the girl. But that’s it!

You cannot use the pick-up line as your green light to go for the phone-number close.

If you watch the video above, you will have seen this same mistake repeatedly committed by the guy in the video.

After he throws the pickup line which works great as an opener/ice-breaker by making the girl laugh, he foolishly transitions right into, “Can I have your number”?

With such an idiotic approach, it gives the impression to the girl [and the audience], that the pick-up line was what the guy was banking on as the reason why the girl should give up her phone number.

A pretty stupid reason to expect a girl to give her contact info.

This is why 9 in 10 times, all of these guys fail to get numbers.

The girl will flat-out say, “Nah”.

Just check it out yourself.

Watch any one of those pickup type prank videos on Youtube, and you’ll see that 9 in 10 times, the guys fail to get the girl’s number…almost all the time.

Hence, the epic and continuous fail of these clowns, give off the impression that pick-up lines can’t and won’t work because they fail them 98% of the time.

Pick-up lines are awesome: though we in the pick-up community frown upon the use and idea of using cheesy pick-up lines in order to pick up girls.

Nevertheless, it behooves me at the rate in which these youtubers fail yet it still never dawns onto them that they should change approach/strategy.

Make no mistakes about it: these guys watch PUA videos religiously which is where they get the idea of pickup from in the first place. So it isn’t as though they don’t have a workable format or information in which to utilize for success [the PUA’s approach].

Dammit though! You don’t need any more evidence than what is already seen from these guys to realize that they are full of shit and that such videos serve no purpose but to mislead men into thinking that pick-up lines used in the manner in which they use them, is a winning strategy.

All evidence point to the contrary.

Pick-up lines are great ice-breakers. But that’s as far as they go.

You must have something, i.e. a verbal gambit, in which to transition and build attraction.

That is the fundamental problem with those youtubers who put out so-called pick-up videos.

They go from opener/ice-breaker/pick-up line, straight to, “Can I have your phone number”?

Those idiots attempt to close within 5 seconds literally! ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

On top of that, the manner in which they try to close by going for the phone number, is even more ridiculous in that they make a fundamental mistake that every guy in pickup is privy to: “Never ‘ASK’ a girl for her phone number. You tell her to give it to you”!

All youtubers and pranksters ask/beg for phone numbers.

Why is it a terrible idea to ask a girl for her number?

“Asking” signifies low value and permission seeking.

Someone who asks is almost always in a subservient position while the one being asked, is simultaneously placed in the position of authority.

This is why you never ask a girl for her phone number.

Furthermore, “Asking” denotes a lack of confidence and surety in oneself and frame.

A confident guy doesn’t ask.

Why should he?

He instructs and leads.

The way in which you go for a girl’s phone number is to do/say anything which doesn’t come off as though you’re asking for something.

Me: “Anyway Tracy, I gotta get back to my friends. Nice to meet you you little brat. Here! Take my phone and put your number in so we can set something up at a later date”.

That is 1 way in which you can go for a phone number.

Simply take your phone and put it in the girl’s hand and tell her to input her digits.

How much more confident does this method appear to be opposed to going :”So…can I have your phone number”?

Hence, in theory, these youtubers make 3 fundamental errors when trying to chat up girls.

1.) They rely solely on the pick-up line

2.) They ask/beg for the phone number

3.) Their conversations are way too short and basically nonexistent

When picking up a random stranger off of cold approach, or anywhere else for that matter, you have to give her a reason to want to keep in touch with you [nonverbal reason that is].

If you open a girl with a classic pickup line then within 5 seconds beg for her phone number, what incentive does this girl has in sharing that info with you?

Why would she?

What have you given her that would make her desirous of keeping in touch?

Absolutely nothing!




La shay [for those who speak Arabic]!

This is why 98% of the times, youtubers fail to get numbers.

In the rare event that a girl does cough up her phone number [and this may happen from time to time because lots of girls don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they give their #], it will have been a fake #.

If she does give her real #, she won’t answer when you call.

Hypothetically, let’s say that you actually get 1000 numbers from going from pickup line directly into phone number. Nine hundred and ninety-nine of those 1000 phone numbers secured, would have been for naught.

In other words, you would’ve gotten 1000 phone numbers with only 1 of those who would actually talk to you by answering her phone.

Since the world doesn’t quite work in hypothesis, going out using pickup lines straight into begging for phone numbers, you will fail almost all the time.

The girl will say “No, you cannot have my number”.

As I said before, you have to give the girl a reason to want to stay in touch.

A handsome-physical appearance isn’t enough!

This is why you need conversation/dialogue before going for the girl’s contact information.

The faster you go for the girl’s phone number, the greater the chance that she will deny you it.

Hence, the longer you wait to go for the phone number, the greater the chances that you’ll actually get it.

The girl now has a valid reason to want to keep in touch after you would’ve chatted her up for 15 + minutes.

The longer the conversation goes, the more the girl gets to know a bit about you.

She gets to sense whether you have a personality, humor or if there’s any chemistry between the 2 of you.

Furthermore, she gets to see whether you’re some wacky lunatic of whom she should be avoid like the plague.

If your conversations are only lasting 20 seconds on average: how the fuck will the girl decide which side of the fence you are on: whether you’re a crazy loner or a cool guy she’d like to fuck someday?

With this lack of information, she will always decline to giving you the number.

If she does give you the # within 10-20 seconds, you can count on it that it will have been a fake #. If it were real, she will screen your calls to death until you get the point that she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Why Do Guys Rush For Phone Numbers?

On a final note, I recall the days of my newbie years in pickup: it was a fight to see how fast I can get a phone number.

Why was this?

The quicker I can get the number and get the heck out of there: the better off I would be…so we all thought.

This is the mindset of every guy who rushes for a phone number.

He’s in effect trying to get in there and get out as fast as possible before shit fucks up.

Well- I’m here to tell you the not-so-obvious: this is the wrong damn approach.

It not only speaks to your lack of confidence and competent, but it denotes your inability to verbally connect with a girl.

These are the main reasons why guys in general, and those youtubers and pranksters, rush for the girl’s phone number:

1.) They want to minimize any possibility of anything going wrong

2.) They aren’t sure of themselves

3.) They have no verbal game, hence they must get in and out fast before it leads to a conversation which they [the guys] cannot handle

At the core of it all, it is a ‘Lacking’ why guys go from opener/ice-breaker to phone number within 20 seconds.

In the grand scheme of things, youtubers who put out shitty content, are misleading guys into having the wrong idea of what picking up girls is.

To their credit, they aren’t the only ones who propagate this.

The average Joe on the street who may have the balls to approach women [be it so-called ‘Naturals’], also make those fundamental mistakes.

Ask the average guy on the street: “What advice can you give me in how and when I should get a girl’s #”?

He will say something among the lines of:

“Just step to the girl, introduce yourself, get her name then ask for her phone number”.

That’s it!

That takes no more than 10 seconds to execute in theory and reality.

Hence, the average guy on the street is also deluded about how to pick up girls.

No amount of meaningful dialogue and connection is even given consideration: Just in and out with lightning speed!

This sort of game doesn’t fucking work! And you don’t need me to tell you that.

Online: the same is the case.

Guys rush for phone numbers even as their openers/ice-breakers.

I see this shit all the time on Facebook! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Some clown in the comment section would say to the girl on her status:

“Hey sexy lady. Can I get your number”?

The girl will of course flat-out say “Hell No”!

Therefore, this quick-lightning approach to getting girls numbers isn’t some rare occurrence.

It is actually the standardized approach yet the wrong approach.

If you want a solid phone number which leads somewhere: you must prolong the fucking interaction.

In the event that logistics don’t permit- the girl really has to go in a hurry because her bus is near- then and only then should you close fast by getting a quick number.

In such a case, it is even a 20% chance that the girl will be into you. But due to logistical constraints; you had to go for the quick number though your chances of getting the girl will have only been a dismal 20%.

As a last bit of advice, don’t watch these pickup videos online of pranksters and youtubers using pickup lines, and think to yourself for a minute that thus is the way to approach women.

You must have dialogue to back up the pick-up line or else you will fail.

The videos you should be watching are those of PUA’s such as my Vietnamese buddies out of Maryland, Phu and Cong of the Black Sheep Society.

Those guys are just 1 out of many dozens of solid pick-up/seduction outfits on the internet…myself included of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Quit watching Simple Pickup shit and other channels of the likes!

Those dudes are clowns.

During my browsing, I came across a channel of a Mexican American PUA based on the West Coast, USA.

His game is rock solid also.


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