More Reasons Why You Should’nt Ask Girls Whether They’re Single Or Not

One of my favorite-nefarious pastimes as of late, is what I like to affectionately call: Exposing the Beta-Males.

You see, no matter how many times I scream and shout, rant and rave, preach and teach: guys still don’t get it.

What doesn’t guys get?

The fact that a girl doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether she’s single or taken. She having a boyfriend/man shouldn’t be of another guy’s concern if he’s looking to hook up with her.

Women get really annoyed whenever guys ask them their relationship status: single or taken?

The following screenshot depicts that annoyance from a female friend of mines on Facebook.

Image 1

On the surface, it seems to be an innocent and reasonable question a guy should ask a woman in whom he’s possibly interested.

However, that is just another case of guys using guy logics to try to interpret chic logics.

It just won’t work!

What seems normal and fair for a man, is likely to come off as weird, annoying and a turn off for a woman.

For a guy [and also logics would have it], it is reasonable to ask if a girl is single or taken.

For the girl on the receiving end of such a reasonable question: she interprets it as a matter of, “If you like me, why the hell would you care if I have a boyfriend or not”?

In a sense: women are right!

If you like a girl, why the hell should you care to even ask her if she has a boyfriend?

Why should the fact that she has a boyfriend deter you from proceeding to get to know her?

It shouldn’t!

Hence, that is the reason why girls will punish you by rejecting you once you begin to pry into her personal business of whom she’s fucking and whom she’s dating.

It is none of your business guys!

Women will fucking cheat!

I said that a gazillion times already.

Women with boyfriends will cheat on their boyfriends.

Then why ask?

Why continue to piss girls off by hitting them up online asking if they’re single!?

Take a look at my comment on the same status update.

Notice how the girl agrees with my take on such a matter?

Image 1

I can imagine all the Betas who might have hit the girl up about her relationship status, feeling all butt-hurt that I showed them up to the girl like clueless idiots. 😦 😦

At the end of the day: the girl will choose to hook up, not with the guy who genuinely cares to ask about her status, but the guy like myself who doesn’t give a shit about her status, therefore doesn’t ask.

The girl will volunteer than info on her own at some point during the chat.

You don’t have to fucking ask her!

Plus if you’d been following my writings, you would’ve accepted the reality on the ground which I’ve been preaching at nauseum: “All girls have boyfriends”!

Hence, to ask a sane and hot girl if she has a man, is akin to asking a physiologically normal girl if she has a vagina. 😯 😯


All normal and sane-minded girls have a boyfriend or 2 for that matter.

Asking her the obvious [especially over the internet], will have ticked her off royally.

You have to remember guys; you aren’t the only dude hitting up the girl asking the same lame-generic ass questions.

Twenty other Betas have asked her those same questions…that same day!

How much you think a girl can take before voicing it and putting you guys on the spot like school kids?

Wake the hell up!

I’m sick and tired of having to shame my fellow man as if he were a wet-behind-the-ears lad who hasn’t gotten a clue as to the female mindset.

Asking a girl if she has a boyfriend, does NOT show how considerate, upright, ethical and respectable you are.

It sub-communicates to the girl that you’re a coward, an evolutionary weakling, a dodo, someone who’s risk-adverse and a guy who just doesn’t get it.

Now, why would she sleep with you, given the fact that she sees you in such a terrible light?

Exactly- she won’t!

She will fuck a guy like Kenny who doesn’t ask questions, but wisely makes his pitch while banking on the sale being made in the end.

A woman in general, won’t respect a man who operates as though he cares about her best interest.

As vulgarly powerful as that declaration sounds; I’ve proven this hand over fist on a daily basis.

The more you care about a woman’s interest(s), your chances of sleeping with her will have diminished.

Trying to be that Mr. Respectable Guy who wants to know from the gate whether the girl is single ot taken [in essence, looking out for her interest], will actually backfire on you.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t ask the girl if she’s single.

Just that you shouldn’t do it as your opener/ice-breaker.

In other words, if there’s a girl online whom you fancy [on Facebook for instance], the worst possible approach to take in order to get to know her or to make something big happen, is to ask her if she’s single or taken as your initial message or your follow-up message.

Always allow the girl to divulge that information on her own volition.

Chances are, and this is from my experience: 99.9% of the time, she will come clean within the initial conversation to tell you that she has someone.

Therefore, you asking makes no sense at all.

Whenever I pick up a girl, be it online or through cold approach on the streets, the furthest question on my mind to ask her is her relationship or marital status.

I frankly DGAF!

If it’s the girl I want: I go after her.

I won’t be that foolish as to create unnecessary obstacles for myself such as asking about a possible boyfriend or husband, which will only cause the girl to feel slutty and as though she’s doing something wrong…like cheating on her significant other.

Allow the girl to make her own decisions!

On a final and related note, there also seems to be a great portion of men out there who stridently believe that they will win some sort of brownie points if they only appear to be considerate.

These guys are effectively conjoined with the so-called Nice Guys, who in reality, are actually the biggest-deceptive scumbags of Earth.

They only appear to care about integrity and principle. But present them a real chance to fuck a girl who has a boyfriend, and watch them hop, skip and tumble to get their peckers into that awaiting vagina.

Hence, so-called nice guys and the moral crowd who say stuff like, “I respect a girl’s relationship and I wouldn’t try to sleep with a girl who’s taken because it’s just wrong”, are more often than not, just saying so in order to win points in the ethics basket in hopes that some woman will find pity on him, thus rewarding him for his outstanding moral code…by sleeping with him of course.

Not only do women see through their deceptive game like sparkling marbles in a glass jar against a black backdrop, but girls often reward them with the friend-zone and platonic-relationship status. 🙂

How’s that as a reward for being a self-righteous prick?

I just want to leave you with a last bit of insight on female psychology.

Women rarely ever give consideration and credence to men with moral and ethical positions on dating, sex and relationship.

In other words; your upright outlook on such matters won’t at all sway a girl in your favor, rather the other way.
The reality is, dating isn’t a field for the feint of heart.

It isn’t a pleasant arena for those men who harbor such beliefs as, “Women are innocent and adorable creatures”.

Dating in the 21st Century is a cold-fucking world!

Women are slicksters beyond the average guy’s comprehension.

It isn’t that women have game.

They have tricks.

A huge difference between the 2.

Stay tuned for the next post where I shed some light on girls having shitty game and what you as the guy should do in light of that.

Cheers to the weekend!

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