How I Deal With Non-Responsive Girls On Online-Dating Sites [A Pickup]

Every so often, I come across a tough cookie online who gives me massive shit when trying to pick her up.

Such girls are usually the non-responsive types.

My answer to girls like those is to give them shit in return or to act like a dick in order to arouse some sort of dialogue.

There’s a phrased coined by Todd Valentine of RSD which I’m enamored with: “If everything fails: try anything”!

Very powerful concept and it is ingenious.

If a girl isn’t responding to your messages, you have nothing to lose by being somewhat dickish.

Not every girl will respond positively or respond at all.

When a pickup goes smooth, it is a great feeling.

When it goes bad, starts bad or doesn’t go at all, most guys fold, submit and bow out gracefully.

I believe in burning the boat down when there’s nothing to lose…and with courting women, there’s hardly ever anything to lose.

Don’t get me wrong in thinking that I’m advocating chasing, desperation or being needy.

Furthermore, girls who purposely don’t respond to messages online, are usually the bitchy types who are accustomed to giving guys the stiff-arm treatment like a Running-Back in American Football.

It is no secret that the customary bland and meek approach by nice guys, doesn’t work at all with girls who come off as bitchy and are non-responsive.

This post is geared towards highlighting an important element that should be part of your overall strategy to getting women: Willingness to risk it.

Willingness to risk a set by getting a bit rude, pushy and impatient, is the opposite of playing it extremely safe by adhering to all unspoken-social rules.

Playing it safe won’t work on girls who get hit on all the time and have very low tolerance for low stimuli.

In order to get the attention of a girl who’s being non-responsive, You have to show up on her radar in a strong way by being somewhat of a dick yourself.
You can’t fight fire with pebbles…if you want a decent analogy to grasp my point here.

The reality is, there are lots of girls online who simply won’t entertain your messages if those messages fail to arouse them to action.

At the end of the day, you may not have gotten the girl’s #, but the “try anything when all fail” approach, will have been cemented into your pickup repertoire for future reference.

About 2 weeks ago, I had this exchange with a girl I was trying to pick up on Tagged.

The break down is pretty simple: I messaged her but she never replied after about a week had elapsed.

I totally forgot that I even messaged this chick until I happened to browse my sent messages box and seen that I’d messaged her.

That sparked my subsequent responses in order to force her to reply.

[My messages in the white background, hers in light blue]

My intent was clear: which was to get her to meet up with me in the city.

She wasn’t down [yet], so I decided to push the issue some more.

I repeat: by no means am I advocating that you chase, become genuinely needy and act all desperate with reckless abandonment.

A girl is smart enough to sense when a guy’s messages come from a place of neediness, desperation or playful poking.

This chick knew I wasn’t desperate and needy, though my texts to the normal eye, would appear as though I’m being a needy-AFC Beta.

In fact, my game was so subtly ‘ON’ that she ends up saying that she wasn’t desperate…which is indicative of the fact that she knew I wasn’t desperate [though it’d appear so to most guys]. And it was also a testament to the fact that I presented myself as higher value.

Very stealthy stuff guys.

At the end of the day, we did exchange numbers as seen in the screenshots. So it’s just up to me to now work the angles towards meeting up with her, perhaps at the designated fish and veggie market on Saturday.

In a nutshell, the lesson I want you to take away from this post is pretty simple: When all fail: try something else in order to get a response instead of moving on without first exhausting every possible angle.

The James Bond cool approach doesn’t work with every girl!

There are scores of girls out there in the online-dating sphere, who only respond when they’re tested, pushed, called out and roughed up.

Read: I’ll fuck her or she’ll hate me: go hard or go home

As I said previously, you may not get the girl ultimately, but you will have learned some valuable lessons in female-behavioral psychology, and how when misjudged, one is almost always forced to defend him or herself in order to clear up any misconception about him or herself.

Always be a bit creative and think outside the box.

“Confusion” is actually an art also, and a good way in attracting a girl and getting her to engage in dialogue online.

As you’d seen from the screenshot: I took this girl left to right, East, West, gave an indirect compliment while negging her, accused her of being a grumpy chick [another neg], got her #, gave her mines, showed her interest, showed her disinterest, got her engaged in conversation, negged her again by calling her “fish lady”, essentially showing her that I don’t play by the rules, and just because she’s has big boobs and a cute face; doesn’t mean I’m going to kiss her ass.

The art of “Confusion” in a seduction!

Once you communicate to a girl online that you have nothing to lose and that you aren’t afraid to offend her, such an attitude flips a switch inside of her head from “totally not-interested” to “possibly interested”.

With non-responsive girls, you have to show them that you aren’t afraid to risk the entire fucking pickup by being somewhat of a dick.

It isn’t that you remain a dick neither. After you manage to pick up the girl [if you do], you can go revert back to the James Bond cool vibe in order to build more attraction later on.

Likewise with this girl.

I had to fuck with her head a bit in order to get a dialogue to materialize.

Now that it was achieved, as I transitioned to Whatsapp Messenger in order to text her, my dickish attitude had subsided and it was straight to seduction business as usual.

However, I first had to establish the indelible vibe that I’m willing to risk it all by eliciting shit tests from the girl.

Anyway guys, I’ll keep you posted as this chick and I have been hitting it off ever since.

On that note, I’ll leave you with an interesting video from Todd Valentine on drawing women in by provoking them.

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