20 Ways Most Guys Tool Themselves Out On Facebook [screenshot edition]

After seeing all of the ridiculous shenanigans perpetrated by men on Facebook, I came up with a brilliant idea for a series of blog posts: “20 ways most guys tool themselves out on Facebook“.

In the grand scheme of things, there is a bigger picture, and that is to keep you guys from committing the same mistakes which almost always lead women to shutting you down over Facebook.

Now, here’s a screenshot I’d taken from a female friend of mines who posted the status below to her Facebook.


As someone who hates with a passion whenever people adds me to Facebook groups: I felt this chicks pain.

Now check out how this guy name Keith tools himself out by making a ridiculous comment in trying to get the girl to engage him…but got shut down with a simple 1-worder: “No”.



That was short, sweet and to the point.

What a way to get flat-out rejected.

Now, why did she reject him so hard?

Firstly: his comment was ridiculous as an attempt at humor.

Humor is great, but calibration [timing] and social intelligence as we teach is pickup, are even greater in getting a good response.

Secondly, this tool/fool made his comment with a sexual innuendo.

Once again: sexual innuendos are great. However, if you don’t utilize social intelligence, it will come off as sleazy and creepy.

Third mistake in this guy’s Keith comment was the fact that he added a “?” mark to his comment.

If you’re familiar with my posting on text game and texting women, you would’ve been familiar with my insistence on No question marks when asking questions!

The thing is, whenever you put a “?” mark at the end of your comments/questions, it lowers your value inadvertently.

It sub-communicates that you’re expecting/awaiting a reply.

One of the biggest ways to annoy women over text, is to give them the impression that you’re expecting them to reply.

By adding question marks at the end of your questions in texts, it also adds an element of neediness and subtle desperation to your messages.

That is why whenever I text women, I almost never add question marks when I ask them something because I know doing so, will almost always put the girl in the position of power while reducing my power.

The ball gets shoved into her court.

By not adding question marks, it gives the recipient [the girl] the subtle impression that you don’t care whether she replies or not.

Furthermore, you don’t care if she misconstrues your message in not knowing whether your asking something or making a statement.

The beauty is though: people are smart enough to know when you’re asking a question opposed to making a statement.

Overall, this guy tools himself out by trying to be Slick Willy, and instead got rejected hard.

Is he the only guy making such silly mistakes at trying to win girls over with shitty humor cloaked in sexual innuendos?

Of course not.

Most guy’s game is the same. And I do nothing but laugh and tool them out also.

By being the only “different” guy out of the crowd who isn’t kissing ass and trying slick his way into conversation, girls will reward you by chasing you while shutting down the tools.

Don’t be the tool…or fool!

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