How Long Does An Average Relationship Last For A Woman + Why Girls Dread The Title Of “Single”


“Okay, okay, okay; I know you guys are dead tired of me harping on the subject of women and boyfriends by saying that “there is no such thing as a girl being single”.

Truth be told: “Single women don’t exist”…at least not in the way you’ve been conditioned to think.

Over the last 5 months, I’d embarked on a case study of the women whom I slept with, the ones who barely got away from my penis, and those with whom it never really got off the ground at all.

Bear in mind this interesting piece of statistical fact: Every girl whom I’d picked up over the last 5 months, all surveyed to have had a boyfriend and or a husband.

How many women had I picked up, seduced and banged over the course of the last 5 months?

That figure is unknown since I haven’t kept track since about 2007.

Saying that bit to say that single women don’t exist and there’s a reason why…which I’ll get into later.

The Average Relationship Doesn’t Last 4 Months

Ok, of the personal cases I’d studied over the past 5 months of women I engaged, all of who had some significant other in their life via monogamous relationship, 85% of those LTR’s [Relationships] disintegrated in less than 5 months.

Of those [relationships] that did exceed the 4 month mark, they quickly imploded within the next month or so.

Why can’t a woman keep a man?

Why does her relationship fail so often and so quickly?

As I wrote about in a recent article: relationships for a woman are like routine transitions in life.

Read: The sexual-grace period

She doesn’t view a relationship as something that is supposed to last till the end of time…obviously until she hits 45 and the reality smacks her in the face that she is no longer a viable candidate on the dating market and she cannot compete with the girls half her age, thus she scrambles to settle down with a Beta-Male when she’s over the hill and dried up with a not-so-pleasurable vagina to go with it.

However, as long as she remains in her sexual prime [from puberty on up], a relationship will have had less value to her as an engagement worth investing into as a long-term one.

It is for this reason why I urge every guy under the age of 30 to never commit themselves to a monogamous relationship with a girl under the age of 30 ’cause it will hardly ever work out.

I get e-mails all the time from high-schoolers and guys in the tertiary-education system [college] reading:

“Hi Kenny. I love reading your stuff. I have a problem though. My girlfriend of 4 month have been acting really strange with me lately and she’s asking for space. Please help me. What do I do? I really want to keep her”.

Such e-mails usually flood my inboxes in droves. So much so that I simply ignore 60% of them as I reached a point of low tolerance with the shenanigans of men in dating.

What those guys don’t realize, as 99% of us men are in the blind to, is that relationships have an expiration date for most women…just as attraction also has an expiration date.

That expiration date of the relationship usually comes by the 4 and a half month mark.

In the average life span of a girl, she will have had about 7 so-called serious relationships…all of which failed obviously.

Have you ever known a girl between the ages of 21 and 40 who has only had 1 relationship in her entire life…in the 21st Century?

Likely not…unless she’s prone to lying just to conceal this [which lots of women will do].

Women transition in and out of relationships as if they’re casually changing underwear.

They just don’t feel a need to put the effort into it in order to ensure longevity to the best of their ability.

Therefore, if you’re a guy in college who’s dating a girl within the same age group: you can expect to be cheated on and dumped before the 1 year mark hits…if the relationship lasts that long.

If guys only see relationships as women do [a transition from 1 relationship to another], then the world would be a better place with less divorces, less broken homes, less illegitimate children being born, far fewer father-less kids and less suicides originating from guys getting their hearts crushed by a cheating girlfriend, thus deciding to go out in a noteworthy fashion.

I’m reminded of a case here in Antigua some years ago, where a guy drank a bottle of brake fluid in an attempt to commit suicide upon learning of his girlfriend’s harlotry.

On a related note, there’s a reason why the divorce rate is so astronomically high over the last 20 years.

There is also a direct correlation between the super-high divorce rate and how women see long-term relationships.

Girls Dread Being Single

Ok, so now we know that women in their sexual and physical prime aren’t inclined to monogamy and committed relationships, this begs the question:

“Why do they then commit to exclusive relationships in the 1st place”?

I go further to ask: Since women hate the idea of being locked down in a relationship where their freedoms are stifled and restricted: then why bother go through the hassle and the torture of an inevitable breakup, essentially causing psychological trauma upon both parties involved?

Great question. And I’m sure that you already have a cogent idea as to why this is.

For starters, a girl will choose monogamy just to be able to fuck some guy(s) without being branded a slut-bag for having sex outside of the confines of an exclusive relationship.

Society judges, punishes and crucifies women for having unbridled sex.

I spoke about this in my most recent video.

A girl cannot afford to wantonly have sex about the place [though she does] as her reputation and social value will have been at stake.

Therefore, in order to have sex without repercussions and social backlash, she will choose to enter a relationship with a guy whom she’s screwing, just to continue screwing him without paying a price of carrying the harlot banner upon her head.

Do you see how this works now?

A relationship for 90% of girls under the age of 30, is just to enable them the social rights to hook up with a guy without being labeled a slut for doing so.

This is why most girls covertly try to swindle a man into a one-on-one relationship after they would have hooked up.

It is a psychological-protection mechanism to protect her social value and reputation.

Ninety percent of relationships are born out of hooking up first, rather than getting to known each other over a duration of time, then hooking up.

It isn’t that the guy particularly wants a relationship after hooking up.

It is the girl who secretly, and often times, forcibly pushes this agenda for exclusivity. Not out of “love” or really wanting to give monogamy a try, but her selfish self-interest in wanting to save face and to salvage her reputation after hooking up.

Hence, it is all about the girl. She could give a rat’s ass about the guy, his feelings and what he wants out of this.

Thus, whenever a girl gets into a relationship, 90% of the time, it was just a strategic move on her part in order to allow her free reign to fuck a guy [her so-called boyfriend] until she gets tired of that 1 dick and decides she wants another…hence she dumps the current boyfriend, meets a new guy, hooks up with him, feels slutty, tries to save face by tricking him into a relationship, sex continues for some months, dumps that guy, hooks up with another guy, cheats on him, feels ashamed, decides to trap the guy who she’d cheated with into a relationship and the cycle perpetuates itself [by her doing] until she would have reached the age of 40 with a banged out vagina, few wrinkles and cellulite just for good measures.

Are you following?

To reiterate: a girl does not get into a relationship with a guy because she truly loves him. But as a psychological ploy to protect her self-esteem and her reputation from being tarnished as a wanton whore.

Hence the reason why girls hop in and out of relationships like a game of hoola hoops.

They really just want to fucking hook up, but can’t.

A relationship gives them that green light to just hook up for a spell.

On a related note, this “hooking up” with a so-called boyfriend, will have only lasted 4 months or so before she gets jaded with only 1 sexual partner for such a long duration [though 5 months isn’t at all a long time].

This is why she will act up and act out just to instigate some sort of conflict in order to give herself justification to cheat, break up and to go on the prowl for fresh cock.

That is her modus operandi at the core of it all!

If your girlfriend has been acting up without a plausible reason- chances are- she is fed up of you, the relationship, and as a result, is in search of new cock.

However, due to societal repercussions, she cannot say this to you.

Only her girlfriends will she dare to have imparted such information to…since women are all well aware that they are all in the same boat and will have been demonized for telling the truth.

Therefore, if you’re banking on your girlfriend/wife to be honest as to why she’s causing so much unnecessary drama, asking for space or wants to break up, then you’re kidding yourself totally buddy.

She will NOT be forthright with you!

She will NOT say to you:

“Hey Kenny, I know we’ve been together for 4 months now but I’m in need of another sexual partner because I’m jaded with you by now. Don’t take it the wrong way but I want another dick and that is the hidden reason why I’ve been giving you hell and acting all withdrawn…I want to hook up with other guys”.

She will NOT voice that to you…which in effect is the truth.

I can imagine that there’s a great score of men reading this right now going:

“Kenny is super negative and is trying to demonize women and judge women on a whole, insinuating that all women are sluts and just want to hook up”!

Fair point!

I get why guys would feel that way.

However, my argument is substantiated by the facts and the reality on the ground.

I need no mainstream-relationship and dating expert to support and co-sign my claims.

I am the fucking relationship and dating expert with tons of real-world experience and personal analysis to back them up!

With that being the case: I refuse to sell you a dream and to mislead you into a false sense of belief by lying to you with fairy-tales of how women are so virtuous and inclined to monogamy.

You must be told the raw truth: that most girls just want to hook up without stings attached!

You must also be told the truth that most girls see relationships as mere justification to hook up with you until she gets dick-weary after 3-4 months and decides that she wants something fresh.

Hard pill to swallow when you’re the person on the receiving end of this, i.e. the guy in the relationship who actually thought that his girlfriend were the epitome of virtue and forthrightness.

Finally, I want to wrap this up with a bit on “Singledom” and why women dread being single [the title and the reality].

“Single” for a woman is akin to being unwanted, undesired and an undesirable in life.

There’s nothing sexy about “single”.

It is an indirect admission to one’s lack of worth and value by others.

Surely we men don’t see it this way…but that’s because men and women operate completely different on varying issues.

For a guy: bachelorhood is ok…albeit he’s banging women.

For a woman on the other hand, being a spinster and having no man to claim as her own, is a testament to her failure in life- ’cause after all- a human’s greatest purpose for existing is copulation, survival and replication…which requires 2 to tango.
Read Why women hate using condoms.

A woman not having a man to claim as her own, diminishes her social value while insinuating that she’s living a life of whoredom.

Society and modernism actually set it up that way while inadvertently setting women up for failure.

Imagine a girl going to the prom alone.

How would she feel personally? And how would she be deemed by her peers?

As an undesirable and a failure.

This is massive amounts of social pressure placed upon a girl, even before she hits adulthood.

She’s forced into having to have to want a man in order to complete her profile.

Now, I have no issues with this, simply because I do believe that every women needs a man in her life, and that is the way nature intended it to be.

The wicked anti-men movement known as feminism, has managed to convinced some lonely women out there that they should be independent of men and to fight the male-dominated structures of the world.

Nevertheless, most sane women, those who don’t subscribe to the crazies of femi-nazism, realize that they need a man [or men] in their life in order to grant them social status and self-validation.

This is why most girls will push for marriage and insist on it too.

Marriage enjoins with it tremendous-social status and inducements for the married woman.

Have you ever noticed the way spinsters and unmarried women look upon their married sisthren with scorn, disdain and envy.

Being married is a grand step-up in social perception from merely having a boyfriend. Hence, every sane and rational-minded woman wants to marry, and wouldn’t mine rushing into it if they were only purposed to by some random-Beta schmuck they’d only known but for 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, a girl gets zero social perks out of toting around an “I’m single” label on her forehead.

Society doesn’t reward her for being single.

Other women don’t value her.

Her mother gets no joy from her daughter not having someone stable, hence is likely living a life of harlotry.

In social media, having “single” as her relationship status on Facebook is sort of self-deprecating and demeaning…which is why most women are smart and cunning enough to at least lie about this and put “in a relationship” as their relationship status…albeit every girl has a boyfriend anyway [quite contradicting- I know].

Take a look at Valentine’s Day!

A girl without someone to wine and dine her and sweep her off her feet during this period, is left to feel shitty and unwanted while her girlfriends all brag about the stunning dinner dates they had with the guy they’re screwing.

Ok, so as you would’ve gathered from reading this passage, that women hate being single and hate the title just as much, you should now get a better sense as to why most women jump from relationship to relationship, cock to cock, in an attempt to avoid the public shame and social stigma of being labeled “single”.

“Single” for women means “Failure” in life.

There’s no greater dissatisfaction and social shame than that bore by a woman in her 30’s and 40’s who’s single and unmarried.

The dichotomy for men here, is that we will have had to settle for the proverbial crumbs and sloppy seconds in a woman who is passed her sexual prime.

Since most women under the age of 40 don’t want to settle and secretly dread the idea of settling, as a man, it leaves us in a precarious situation where we either have to settle for a girl who will likely cheat and dump us, or settle for a woman who’s been fucked about a ton in life and now wants to settled as damaged goods.

A woman in these times will only truly entertain the idea of “settling”, after her vagina will have been mangled, fucked out of place [proverbially] with menopause looming upon the distant horizon.

It is only then a girl will have realized that she is no longer as desirable by men, hence it is in her best interest to settle or die a lonely hag of a cat-lady in shame as an undesirable.


To summarize:

An average relationship for a girl in the 21st Century, lasts 4 months.

Why so?

She dreads the idea of only having 1 sexual partner for a long duration, hence she will do/say what it takes to facilitate and instigate a breakup.

Also, the reason why she elects to get into a monogamous entanglement in the first place [for a spell], is to justify her harlotry to others around her [and to herself], and to allow herself free reign to get dick until she feels the urge to get newer dicks.

The “Single” label for a woman is a testament to her failure in life, thus every girl from about the age of 15 on upwards, will try her darndest best to always carry the “in a relationship” banner, not because she truly gives a damn about the person on the other end [the guy], but just to give herself social value among her peers.

I came across an interesting post by Jackson Jeffries, who touches on this just a bit: If you’re so great, why are you single?.

I also came across a stupid post [stupid in the truest sense of the word] on the Huffington Post, written by some chick name Anthonia, entitled: “Why do men seem to move on faster than women”.

As expected from any writer in the mainstream media: he or she almost always gets it wrong: whether male or female.

That post indirectly purports and gives the impression that men are the sabotaging-agents of relationships, and that the average man has the luxury to just move onto the next chick after a break up.

Men are under no real social pressure to rush into relationships, though we tend to latch onto any girl who let’s us penetrate her flesh.

Women on the other hand, as cited in this article of mines, have all the pressure upon them to rush into relationships even to their detriment in almost all of the cases, where they wind up with the wrong guy simply because they dread so much the idea of being single.

Take care guys!

It’s a cold world out there.

I leave you with a solid video from the pickup guru, RSD Owen, on the mindset to adopt in order to keep a girlfriend and a lasting relationship by being the Alpha.

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  1. Wow so detail . So what if you in a situation where a girl ask “what are we”? Mind you if you don’t want to mess up what you two have going


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