How Having A Girlfriend [Pre-Selection] Will Force Girls To Want To Meet Up

Some months ago, I picked up a girl but never really had time to touch base and try to set something up in order to facilitate the bang.

As I mentioned in a recent article: an ardent seductionist does not have the time to keep track of every girl he pulls, every phone number he secures, neither does he have the time to reasonable allocate to more than a handful of women at any given time”.

If you’ve been following my blog for any time now, you would’ve noticed that I customarily pick a lot of women up.

No surprise there as a pickup artist.

On any given week, I’m accustomed to picking up upwards of 10 new girls [sometimes, even 4 girls a day]. And by “picking up”, I mean getting their phone numbers.

Six in ten of those would’ve come from actual street approaches where I cold-approach strangers and pick them up.
The remaining 4 would’ve accounted for those girls whom I pick up on Facebook and other online platforms.

Saying all that to say, there isn’t enough proverbial bandwidth to go around.

A PUA will lose a considerable amount of girls he’d picked up simply because he cannot divide his attention across the board while remaining effective.

With this girl, whom I will call “Mickey Mouse” because of her Whatsapp photo, that was just the case.

I picked her up but just couldn’t complete the seduction because my plate was already filled with women whom I’d been working on before I met her.

What I did manage to do though [to no avail], is to try to get her to come hang out…for sex…but of course I’m wise enough to not spell it out.

She presented me more games than a Nintendo console.

With every suggestion I made, she had an objection as to why we couldn’t meet up:

*She doesn’t know me well

*She has a boyfriend

*She’s always busy

*Her dog died 🙂

…You get the point.

Excuses after excuses!

Remind you that I hadn’t built any sort of attraction with this girl since I clearly didn’t have the time. Hence the reason for trying to get it out of the way by pushing for the meet-up so strongly.

Nothing much came of it, I moved on to gaming other viable fuck-candidates while sparingly sending her a message or 2 every other day just to keep the vibe somewhat lukewarm.

A few days ago, we texted a bit on Whatsapp Messenger with the brunt of my conversation being geared towards meeting up.

Note: I’m all about in-person interaction.

I’m not into this going back and forth with women over text about trivial shit.

Either we meet up and talk, if talking is what it is, or we say farewell to one another.

That is the frame from which you want to operate whenever dealing with new girls, especially the ones who are giving you shit.

Becoming a girl’s text-pal is the wrong approach…but that’s for another article.

Anyway, so today, she hits me up on Whatsapp as she normally does every other day.

Usually, I would ignore her messages or reply with a dismissive text.

She baited me into a text conversation where I dropped the bombshell on her: “I have a girlfriend”.

Now, the thing is: I am always forthright with women about having a girlfriend…and you all know that I advocate stridently for being honest about having someone if you do.

However, since this girl and I didn’t have much time to exchanged such details during prior chats, it totally skipped my mind to mention that I have a girlfriend.

Ok, so check out the chat log between Mickey Mouse Girl and me:


Why the sudden turn of events?

Why did she feel an urge to now want to meet up with me after playing games for almost a month?

The only “turn of event” is that she now knows that I have a girlfriend.

Thus the powerful art of Pre-Selection theory as we teach in pickup.

Women want what other women have.

If you’re a man who’s single, there will have been less urgency upon girls to want to meet up with you and to fuck you.

A girl is not likely to rush to hook up with or to go out on a date with a guy who has no women in his life.

There is no competition factor there for her.

With this girl in question, as you clearly noticed from the screenshots, she was disappointed when I broke the news to her about having a girlfriend.

However, did news of my girlfriend kill her interest?

Did she become disinterested in me after leaning that I wasn’t single?

She actually became more interested in the idea of hanging out with me as you can clearly see.

Hence the power of Pre-Selection and why most girls will not pay you any mind unless they have to wrestle away your attention from another girl.

No girls in your life? Women have less of a reason to fight for your attention…or to chase you.

The thing is about being Pre-Selected, is that you don’t exactly have to have a girlfriend.

Merely communicating to the girl [indirectly] that you have women in your life, and that you’re a consummate dater, will suffice.

I go so far as I say that you should lie if you have to by telling women that you’re not single, hence there’s someone in your life.

When I was single prior to 2009, a prerequisite in my game was to tell girls that I had a girlfriend even when I didn’t, knowing that revelation of this, will have sparked things off for the better in attracting the girl even more.

Am I telling you to lie about having someone?


Not having women in your life is asking to saying: “I am an undesirable”.

Who wants to be with an undesirable?

No one.

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  1. And as tyler said in the video this all occurs on a subconscious level beyond even her conscious awareness.So if you point any of this out to her she might deny it and say know way.Yet you know it’s true.This is also why a girl will be dating a guy and she’ll say she does’nt know why she likes him.But we know.The guy is flipping a lot of her unconscious attraction switches. It took me a very long time to figure this out.


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