If It Isn’t Possible To Sleep With Her, It Makes No Sense To Get Her Phone #

Why do we men try to get girl’s phone numbers, knowing that we will never see them?

Every guy has been guilty of this at some point or the other.

Thanks to my journey into the dating world, I no longer engage in such stupidity.

Here’s a screenshot from Facebook which made me punk my fucking guts out.

Image 21

I’m subscribed to a Facebook group that is sort of like an online-social club if you ask me.

Chicks routinely post sexy photos of themselves, essentially attention-whoring and seeking their hit of the validation crack-pipe, as desperate men continually blow smoke up their holes by way of lame, stupid and generic comments…like begging for phone numbers over the internet.

Really dude?

Do you think that this chick will actually inbox your ass her phone number just for the fuck of it…or just because you begged?

Hell no!

The thing is, when guys beg for phone numbers, they don’t take into consideration: location, proximity, town, country, region, language, etc.

Over the internet- Facebook for example- it is customary for guys to add women who are in other countries, distant cities, etc.

I find this to be completely useless for the simple fact that those guys aren’t actually going to hop on a plane to travel across the country just to meet some random chick off the internet.

As desperate as men are, we will rarely ever make such a stupid move.

Not only will safety be an issue, but expense, plane, bus or train fare, scheduling, work and meeting the other person’s schedule and so forth.

The reality is, men online aren’t begging girls for their phone numbers to actually meet up someday.

Men are actually doing this as a way to placate their egos and to shore up their brittle self-worth.

It’s about stroking the old ego for most guys.

Getting a girl’s phone number, for a man, is akin to collecting a trophy after winning some sort of arduous battle in the gauntlet.

The thing is though: getting a girl’s phone number isn’t any end-game nor cause for celebration.

Psychologically, it feels tremendously satisfying to have a girl hand over her digits.

If you aren’t going to make anything of it, and because of logistics, you simply can’t, then why go out of your way to make yourself an ass by trying to get a girl’s phone number…someone you’ll never see?

I mean, you have dudes living in the city of St. Louis, Missouri [in the United States], begging for the phone number of women living on the East Coast USA.

For what!?

Are you actually going to hitch a ride to Boston in order to see this chick?

No! And you know it!

If a guy were to actually fly across the county with the sole purpose just to meet some chick off the internet, then I can speak for women on this one and say that such a suggestion will not only come off as ultra-desperate, but it speaks to the guy’s worthless reality and lack of an actual life to say the least.

Such an engagement will not last whatsoever.

A girl might find it flattering in some strange way [flattering and weird]. But she’ll quickly come to her senses and realize that such a guy will have become a psychological liability and a waste of time than anything else.

In spite of it all, the average guy is surprisingly smart enough to not hop on a plane just to see some chick living in another city whom he doesn’t personally know.

However, a great number of guys over the internet, still feel a need to beg a girl’s phone number when they themselves know that it won’t ever materialize into anything but meaningless phone calls or texts…[Sexting if they’re lucky].

In my case, do I get girl’s phone numbers who are effectively out of reach?


Well actually, if I were to travel to a particular girl’s town, I would grab her # certainly.

That is a wise strategy.

However, it had to have been a case where I had other engagement in her town or country, and decided to meet up with her and kill 3 birds with 1 stone.

The girl being priority # 1 as the reason for me traveling?

Not in a million years.

I have a considerable amount of sexy girls in my Facebook friend list [most of them added me].

If they aren’t in my immediate country, I don’t waste time even contemplating to get their number.

I’m not into this trophy thing where I go about collecting phone numbers for bragging rights or to pump my ego and self-worth.

On a related note, every time I come across such desperate commentaries on the internet, I quickly get a reminder of why guys don’t get laid, why they’re single, why they don’t get phone numbers, and why their dating life is as dried up as a withered tree branch.

Image 21

No matter how much and how often guys get rejected for hurling compliments at hot women online, they still aren’t learning.

No matter how often I tool such guys out in the comment section on girl’s status updates, the average guy still thinks that drooling over a girl’s photo and lauding her with compliments is the way to go.

I can’t begin to count the amount of times on my hand that such a girl would hit me up in my inbox saying:

“Why are men like this? Why do they beg me for my # every minute like children…and I always shut them down but they still come with the lame shit”?

I get such messages from hot girls all the time in relation to men in general.

Girls asking why most men don’t operate like I do in the sense that I don’t beg, plead and leave cheesy-desperate comments on their stuff.

On that note, I just want to urge you guys for the umpteen time to refrain from weirding women out with fake compliments of affection, because women aren’t falling for them…not even the gullible-ugly ones.


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