Girl I Tried To Sleep With Months Ago Wants Me To Take An HIV-AIDS Test With Her [screenshot edition]

I really enjoy posting these screenshots of real conversation between girls and me.

They give a real sense of how women operate and how to understand their modus operandi.

This set of screenshots is from Whatsapp Messenger of a conversation I had with a girl this Thursday morning.

[Her messages in the blue background. Mines in white]



Ok, a very interesting chat log to say the least.

I met this girl some months ago.

Within 1-2 days after I picked her up, we met up at a park near her place.

Within 60 seconds, I tried making out with her, she plays a bit coy and said that I was moving too fast.


I chilled back.

Minutes later after some conversation, I playfully tried rubbing her thighs as they were exposed under her tight skirt.

She playfully moved her legs in a way as to say, “Moving too fast again Kenny”.

It’s for this reason why I playfully mentioned in the text log above that I’m a good boy and she doesn’t have to worry. 😈

CaptureNux 2015-02-19 12.26.15

It was basically a reminder of the 2nd time we met [D2].

She definitely didn’t buy it that I was a non-threat to her vagina. Hence her reply in skepticism.

Now, was that a bad move on my part to physically escalate so hard on her?


As a rule of thumb in pickup, and whenever in the presence of a girl whom you’re trying to sleep with: always get physical!

I don’t mean that in a rapey sense. But in a playfully dominant, romantic or intimate sense.

This way, you’ll avoid the friend zone totally!

Girls only put guys in the friend zone who don’t act.

You want to always move fast unless the girl is back at your place where you can afford to be more patient…but even that has its limitations.

However, while out somewhere, be it on a date or what have you, you want to always escalate rapidly!

This let’s the girl know 2 things about you:

1.) You’re the type of guy who will go for it without shame

2.) You’re not the type of guy who wants to be platonic friends and waste time talking about some TV drama series

A girl will always respect a guy for making a move on her.

Not only that, but her pussy will become wett as ever in the presence of a guy whom she knows will fuck her if given the proper logistics.

Contrarily, if you’re never escalating sexually or physically on a girl, the opposite effect gets created where the girl loses respect for you as a real man [that’s if she ever had any for you], and everything goes South.

Now, since this botched attempt at trying to sleep with this girl some months ago, as any lady’s man is inclined to doing, I quickly lost interest in her, in communication: in texting, calling, etc, etc, etc.

Months went by without me contacting her at all.

She stuck to her guns also whereby she hadn’t contacted me neither.

As a PUA who’s always in the field picking up girls, to lose 1 chick, isn’t even an afterthought in the grand scheme of things.

When you’re constantly meeting and screwing new girls, you have no time to lament over any specific 1 girl who falls off along the wayside…no matter how hot she might have been.

This is the mentality and frame you want to embody in dating.

Women chase men who don’t chase them.

I’ve proven this to you a million times on this website through screenshots after screenshots.

Ok, so with this girl, she contacted me this Thursday morning for the 1st time in ages…well months…but you get the point.

I still had her name and # saved to my mobile-phone book, so as I received the Whatsapp message from her, I knew who she was [I usually delete girl’s #’s after a day or 2].

As you can see from the screen shot above; she contacted me first.

It is always a great sign when a girl contacts you first.

It’s an indication of her interest in you.

There’s a art to getting girls to contact you first by the way.

It all boils down to the finer art of investment and getting the girl to invest after you will have created a decent amount of attraction.

Not that I was dwelling on it, but as I got her text message, I was reminded immediately of how hot this chick was and how much I wanted to fuck her at first sight.

With that, my intention here wasn’t to engage in a day’s long dialogue about nothing.

It was all about meeting up.

The thing is though, as you can sense from the chat log, she knows that it is a foregone conclusion that if we were to meet up again; I would try to fuck her.

She know this!

As I mentioned previously, this is the sort of frame you want to create.

You want the girl to acknowledge to herself that you’re the type of guy who will bang her.

Hence, whenever you two do meet up (again), there will have existed no doubt in her mind as to the outcome of the rendezvous…SEX…or at least something remotely close to it…like finger-banging.

Ok, so what popped up?

HIV-AIDS test!

Before I tackled that, I want to ask you something.

Is this girl into me or not?

Though I moved on her rapidly the second time we met [D2], most guys would’ve surmised that it was a mistake on my part and I inevitably turned the girl off.

I ask again, was that the case?

Is she into me?

Of course!

Therefore, was she turned off by me trying to fondle her in the park a day after I picked her up?


Sure she was taken-aback and surprised because guys nowadays being pussies, don’t move fast at all. But she damn sure wasn’t turned off.

Ok, so back to the AIDS test thing.

She came up with a brilliant idea for us to meet up again.

Remind you when I first mentioned that I wanted to see her, she flatly turned me down.

CaptureNux 2015-02-19 12.25.27

I knew it was only a matter of playing hard to get via token resistance, so such rebuttals never affects my frame 1 bit [nor should it affect yours].

Minutes later, she felt a need to tell me that she was going to take an HIV-AIDS test and that I should come along…literally tried to convince me.

With that, it is clear as day [and also a case of female psychology], that this chick really wants to hang out with me though turning me down when I’d made the offer.

Ok, so we agreed to go at a time I suggested [10 am].

Was I really going to take this test?


However, my main objective was just to meet up with her and to get the ball rolling again towards sex.

We went. But I didn’t get to see her because our timing was simply off.

I didn’t take an AIDS test simply because it was never my intention. Plus, as a conspiracy theorist, everyone knows how I feel about AIDS and HIV being myths in the way that the media purport them…but that’s besides the point.

In spite of my belief that HIV & AIDS don’t exist, I took my share of AIDS tests over the years, stemming back from 2001 to 2010 [as the photo below depicts] where I’d taken a grand total of about 7 tests. So I have no trepidation about the process [go figure].

Be as it may, we are set to meet up later this evening. If the logistics are favorable [which are on me], I will have taken her to bed…which doesn’t necessarily mean “bed”, as I’m poised to get it on wherever permitted.

All in all, what I hope for you to take away from this post is how powerful it can be to leave a girl with a dominant impression of yourself, that if things do sour, she will have missed your unique presence as time goes by, thus wanting to see you again.

Moreover, there is no incentive to playing it safe and taking it slow with a girl.

If a girl rejects you on the basis that you’re moving too slow, she will never give you another chance!

If she gives you token rejection for moving too fast, you can always regroup, re-calibrate and try again.

You always have another shot [numerous shots] once a girl rejects you for moving on her sexually with rapid speed.

Also, I want to urge you that you shouldn’t fell into a pattern of doing what a girl says in order to please her as most guys do.

When she told me to come along with her, I didn’t do so out of trying to be obedient to her.

It was solely to enable me physical proximity in order to try to sleep with her.

My objective was clear…and the girl knew it.

She knew I wasn’t coming along to be her lap-dog or provide moral support. So bear that in mind guys.

If you didn’t get to watch it, I advise you to check out this video from Liam McRae, a pickup coach out of Australia, as he talks about Rapid Sexual Escalation and why you should move fast and get physical.

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