How To Pick Up Black Girls – Free Guide For White Males…Coming Soon

Hey guys, I’ve been extremely busy the last few days toiling over a document called “How To Pick Up Black Girls – A Guide For White Males”.

I receive a generous amount of communiques from white males living in America and Europe, inquiring about tips, hacks, tricks and techniques to getting black women into bed.

Somehow, guys seem to think that picking up black girls requires a different approach than picking up white girls or girl of any other racial stock.

That is just hogwash.

Women are all the same on an intrinsic and biological level.

What works on a westernized Asian girl will work on a westernized black girl…and vice versa.

The key to picking up and bedding black girls as a white male, isn’t a different approach to the game and the pickup, but a mindset shift and a re-framing of your outlook towards the process.

My PUA buddy, Luis, out of the Baltimore, Maryland area in the United States, is a white guy who picks up tons of black girls on a regular basis: in-person street game and online.

Luis PUA in Baltimore
Luis PUA is Baltimore

In fact, Luis actually seems to prefer dark meat instead of rare. 😉

He has no significant trouble pulling black asses, getting lots of dates, makeouts and sex.

As a young PUA, Luis is a rising star in the pick-up community who has been out-shining even the more advanced guys in the field.

This guy has even been known to upload soft-core porn to Youtube from a trip to the Dominican Republic a few month back. So he’s not only picking up black girls in America, he’s also picking up black girls across the globe…not to mention this guy isn’t even 21 years old yet.

Luis PUA's Winter 2014 trip to DR
Luis PUA’s Winter 2014 trip to DR
Luis PUA's Winter 2014 trip to DR
Luis PUA’s Winter 2014 trip to DR

If you want to [and I encourage you to do so], I will post a link shortly to his new coaching session in general-pickup artistry, including “how to pick up black women” and women in general.

On that note, I am hoping by the weekend that I would have completed the free-concise e-guide, “How to pick up black girls – a guide for white males”.

Here are 2 of Luis PUA’s amateur hidden-camera videos of himself picking up black girls in the Baltimore area. 1 such video, he met a girl directly in the mall and made It happen.

What's your view?

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