What Guys Can’t Rationalize, They Attribute To Looks + Nice Guys Are A-Holes

As of late, I’ve been checking out tons of pick-up videos on Youtube, and browsing the comment sections just to get a consensus of the average guy’s analysis of game.

Not surprising, I’m constantly coming across comments which read like this:

“Oh c’mon! It’s because he’s good looking”!

“He has looks that’s why”

“He’s tall, so that’s why women are attracted to him”

“This guy is attractive so no wonder why he can pick up girls like that”

“Those sluts were drunk”!

“PUA’s can only pick up drunk women”

“He has a full head of hair…so that helped him pick up the girl”

“Game doesn’t work! All you need to do is believe in yourself. And have confidence”

“I bet he couldn’t pick up girls from my town”

“Russian girls are easy”!

“Black girls are easy”!

“He was only able to pick up that black chick because he’s a tall-handsome white guy”

“If I had good looks like that PUA, I would get girls too”

Bla, bla, bla!

This record has been stuck for the last 10 years.

Same-old rhetoric from AFC Betas.

A great portion of Youtube comments on pick-up related videos reads as the above comments that I highlighted [about 60% of them I would say].

It becomes very evident that we are still in a age where guys believe that solely possessing good looks is all it takes to get laid.

When these guys are confronted with evidence to the contrary, that average-looking to ugly guys are actually the ones getting laid: that pill becomes a gulf ball, way too big to swallow.

Why is it so difficult for the Average Joe to accept the reality on the ground: that one doesn’t need to have inherited the looks of a male model, perfect height and physique in order to attract women and get loads of sex?

It is difficult to accept because upon acceptance of this reality, it gives the excuse-maker no more reasons to have and make excuses for why he’s not meeting women consistently…or at all.

Hence, it is much easier and ego-gratifying to accept being lame, while attributing other’s successes to something you yourself don’t have: great looks, height, jacked body and wealth.

As I was checking 2 particular hidden-cam videos from Street Attraction, a UK based pick-up company, the comment section made me puke in that guys were attributing the instructor’s success to looks…not to mention that this guy is really short, balding [just as myself] and wears nerdy glasses, so “looks” is out of the window.

Furthermore, and I’m no expert on this, but as far as I know, the pickup world isn’t chocked full of Adonis-looking dudes who stand at 6 feet 5 inches.

In fact, the average pick-up instructor-practitioners who post videos online, aren’t even considered good-looking by societal standards (or women), neither are they tall, jacked nor filthy rich.

This is a community comprising of former losers who never had looks or any of those physical affectations on their side in which to attract women on the surface level.

Therefore, to attribute a PUA’s successes with women to his looks: is highly laughable.

No matter how many videos of stereotypical ugly to average-looking chaps like myself are uploaded to the web on a daily basis, the majority consensus from guys outside of pickup [even a few within], still say that good looks did it…though the pick-up practitioner doesn’t have good looks on his side to begin with!

In cases like these, I always like to put myself under the proverbial microscope to illustrate a few points.

1.) I’m no Denzel in his youth

2.) Sure I am physically in shape and ripped like a chiseled specimen, but with clothes on; it is impossible for women to see my ripped physique

3.) I don’t spend on women nor do I flash money

I am 6’2, so I guess after all- my height is what gets me laid?


Sure women love tall men. But they damn sure aren’t gonna spread it and say “daddy come fuck me”…just because you register as 6 feet and above in the stature department.

This sort of mindset is actually fucking poisonous when you think of it!

Nice Guys Are The Assholes

Nice Guys are actually the true-manipulative assholes!

Ironically enough, lots of so-called nice guys love to watch PUA videos [evidence through the comment sections].

They also enjoy [as to placate their fragile egos] hurling such labels at pickup guys: misogynists, womanizing, sexist, etc, etc, etc.

In reality, for any guy, which as the so-called nice guys do, to even remotely insinuate that women are so stupid to sleep with a guy solely because of his height or facial structure, such a guy is the true-sexist prick!

Non-pickup guys who lambaste guys in pickup, are the true women-hating misogynists, for they are the ones who degrade and downgrade a woman’s intrinsic value by merely suggesting that women who get picked up are either drunk sluts, sober sluts, crazy, desperate, lonely or troubled.

The so-called nice guy’s view of women is very low, base and contemptuous.

On the other hand, a PUA doesn’t categorize the women he approaches as either easy or difficult, slutty or virtuous.

That doesn’t even factor into our decision-making process when it comes to the approach.

Hence, it is preposterous to even insinuate that we in pickup can somehow look at a woman’s face upon the approach and tell whether she’s easy, slutty, saintly, sober or has just downed a few Martinis…and that our approaches are mainly and solely upon the so-called easy targets and damsels in distress.

In closing, you have the guys who enjoy watching pickup videos online while having preconceived notions that good looks are all it takes to get girls.

In relation to those guys, you have the so-called nice guys, who also secretively enjoys watching pickup videos, but their excuse for remaining lame pricks, is that pickup is evil and it can only work with drunk-club whores…though tons of evidence to the contrary exist.

What both sets of men suffer from and also have in common, besides sex deprivation and involuntary celibacy, is chronic excuse-making.

Psychologically, it is much easier and much safer for one to stay insulated inside of his own bubble of lameness while making excuses all day long.

Humans don’t like change, thus we rationalize to ourselves why we should continue to do the same thing even though perpetual failure is the only yield.

Lastly, in my case, I have a few gray hairs in my beard and head, my hair is thinning, I’m 33 [not exactly a spring chicken], etc. so in the grand scheme of things, I have certain so-called handicaps to deal with [though I don’t see them as that]…yet I’m still able to generate attraction and pick up and bang lots of hot girls on a regular basis- even a fair amount being young enough to be my offspring.

When it is all said and done, excuses are all you’re left with to justify your lame-shit existence: be it in personal fitness, lifestyle management, work, business or women.

Stop being spectators and critics just because your reality is too limited to accept the fact that there exist people out there who don’t fit the media’s mold of what and who should be successful in the world.

At the end of the day, what gets you laid isn’t good looks but the right attitude and a personality which attracts women.

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5 thoughts on “What Guys Can’t Rationalize, They Attribute To Looks + Nice Guys Are A-Holes

Add yours

  1. Sorry but it’s a bit ironic that a guy who’s 6’2″ and in shape wants to convince me that it doesn’t help you getting laid.
    I’ll believe it the day I see an actual ugly PUA coach who also happens to be older, balding and having bad teeth succeed from game alone. Then again some guys may have extraordinary wit but that’s also an inherited trait. I’m unable to learn that without memorising lines but that always ends up with contingencies. It’s in the delivery, puas themselves repeat that as a mantra. Except that your talking mannerisms, voice etc are all genetic.
    I’ve heard similar so called proofs that ugly men can get laid with game where David DeAngelo was given as an example who did it. Excuse me? DeAngelo is actually not bad looking. If he is then I’m Elephant Man.


    1. Hi Kenny,

      may I cite myself from a comment I made about RSD Tyler’s vid dealing with “Menvy”:

      “And prettiness between guys should not be a topic at all. “Pretty” according to whose standards? It always confuses me, when a heterosexual talks about some guys being pretty. According to what standard? What he is actually saying is: “If I would be a girl, I think I would consider him to be pretty”. Or: “If I would be gay, I think I would  consider him to be pretty”. Pointless somehow, isn’t it? Of course being envy is an unproductive state. Like eating junk food. 😦  “


    2. I don’t see the irony in that. I’m not walking around with my shirt off flexing my 6 pac while trying to seduce girls. So the “in shape” aspect is downplayed heavily. As for height, like I eluded to, it’s not like a girl is going to spread it just because a guy is tall in her eyes.
      And the reality is, when a girl says she likes tall guys, she just means that she likes guys who are taller than her. If she’s 5’1, a guy who’s 5’2 is taller than her, hence he’s a tall guy. She doesn’t mean she wants a guy who’s 6’11. “Tall” is only in reference to her height.


  2. Kenny, here’s another comment from a You Tube dating video:

    Quote “Women don’t find confidence a major turn on, they find a hot face and body a major turn on. All of you frustrated average or below average looking guys go ahead and try being a “confident”, aloof bad boy and see how well that works out for ya.

    The women will just call you an ugly asshole.”Quote


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