A 1 For 3 Saturday Night + Building The Right Vibe Towards Hooking Up

Rejection Isn’t Personal!

Valentines evening while walking around the town, I attempted to cold-approach and pick up 3 girls.

I did manage to get 1 out of 3 [phone numbers], hence a “1 for 3 Saturday” evening.

First set or approach was on a sexy girl pushing a baby carriage.

We actually walked passed each other, I payed her no mind, decided to look back and noticed she had 1 of the most shapely asses I’ve seen in weeks.

With that, I called out to her but she was already about 30 yards down the bloc.

She stopped, looked back, walked, slowed down as if unsure whether I was trying to get her attention or not.

I motioned for her to stop but she mumbled off something which sounded like “I’m in a rush”! So I let it be…though I could’ve chased her down the bloc [chasing in person isn’t a bad idea. Chasing over the internet however is a terrible idea].

Minutes later, came across another hot girl, tried stopping her but she kept it moving.

About 2 hours later, I made my way to a pizzaria as hunger began to put my stomach in a somersault.

While sitting, awaiting my order of chicken pizza, 2 girls came in to place some orders.

I thought they would leave but they grabbed a seat instead.

The one whom I was attracted to, gave me a massive A.I. (Approach Invitation) via strong-gazing eye contact.

You know the feeling when you know that someone is watching you, right?

Well it was like that.

While having my face glued to the cellphone screen, curiosity told me to look up and towards the entrance.

As I gazed up, “BAAM”!!!

There it was!

Locked eyes pretty hard with the girl!

You know the awkward feeling of when you get caught staring at someone?

That’s the way she felt as I caught her eyes. Surprisingly, she didn’t turn away instantly as most people would in such a case.

We locked eyes for a millisecond…which is all the time and indication you need in the world to realize that a girl is likely attracted to you.

As any ardent go-getter seductionist should, I got up, walked over to where she was standing near the entrance of the pizzaria and I chatted her up there.

Me: “Why are you looking at me like that”?

Girl: “Me? You must have been looking at me too”

Me: “Ok, confession. I was…and I like what I see”.

Girl: “Hmmm. But I have a boyfriend”.

Me: “Oh, that’s why you’re so afraid to talk to me in front of the other girl you came here with. Scared she might go back and tell your boyfriend”?

Girl: “That’s my sister. I’m not afraid”.

Me: “I never seen a phone like that before. What is it”?

Girl: “I don’t even know the brand. It’s not mines. My cousin’s. My phone is home”.

Me: “You happen to use Whatsapp”?

Girl: “Yea. My number is ***-****. But my internet service is down until I pay my bill tomorrow”.

Me: “Cool. I gotta be real with you. I love you”.

Girl: ” πŸ˜† “Okaaaaaaaay. But you don’t even know me”.

Me: “That’s the beauty about love. You never know when it will hit you”.

Ok, so the conversation continued a bit until our orders were ready.

Such a high-stakes pickup in a restaurant/food joint/pizzaria demonstrates 3 things pertaining to courage:

1.) You have the balls to approach women anywhere

2.) You have balls to approach women when the social pressure is high [girl being with her sister]

3.) You have the balls to take action and be a go-getter

Those are 3 super-attractive traits to a woman.

Aside from that, I would hope that you take away another important aspect to this pizzaria pickup…and that is the importance of eye contact and your ability to read it and act upon it.

As you advance in the game, you will have picked up on certain nuances that might be undetectable to you at this stage.

For instance: knowing when and how to differentiate casual eye contact from meaningful eye contact.

With practice and experience, you will be able to sense and make the distinction between a girl who locks eyes without intent, and a girl who locks eyes with the intention for you to approach her.

As a rule of thumb: when you do meet eyes with a girl and she quickly turns away her gaze (face or eyes): assume that she’s checking you out, and is interested.

On the further spectrum, which is also true, if the girl doesn’t immediately turn away or look away, but maintain the eye contact for a bit [as in my case]: then assume she is checking you out also, and is interested…hence you should approach.

Overall, you never want to wait for either to happen.

If you see a girl whom you like, then approach her instantly, regardless whether she had sent you a non-verbal invitation [eye contact] or not.

Be as it may, my Valentine’s night [Saturday] ended with a 1 in 3 pulls.

I approached 3 random strangers and was able to pick up the last 1 I approached.

Now, how did I start things off with this girl I just picked up Saturday?

As I often do, I got straight to the point by setting a sexual frame.

I had only texted her just after getting her # just so she can store mines…and that was it.

This morning [Monday] however, having my phone number, she starts off the texting first…which is a GREAT indication that the girl is interested in you. πŸ˜‰ 😎

Here’s the chat log so far from this morning via Whatsapp messenger.

Pay close attention to my sexual vibing from the get-go.

Also, bear in mind what I’ve been saying over the past weeks:

“I do not promise girls sex! I promise them an adventure and a risk”!

Not to mention that this girl has a boyfriend as she’d disclosed to me the night I picked her up [all girls have someone in their life on some level].

With that being the case [she having a boyfriend], it gives me the leverage I need to seduce her as the guy who’s encouraging her inner-slut to come out and play. 😈

[Whatsapp screenshots from our conversation earlier today. Apologies for the disjointedness. Her texts are in the blue background while mines are in the white]

Ok- that escalated quickly…but hey- what’s new?

The rest was academic.

On a parting note, I just want to caution you guys that the keys to getting laid fast with strangers, isn’t sexting, isn’t phone sex, nor is it sex talk of any manner.

Lots of guys seem to get the wrong impression that the key to my success with women, is that I bombard them with sex, sex, sex, in order to get them horny- and somehow- they will then magically say, “Come over and fuck me Kenny”!


It doesn’t work that way!

There’s an art and timing to everything I do and say, and to every sms message I send.

I’m sure any of you reading this article, can attest to the fact that sexting or being sexual over text with a girl, doesn’t at all mean she will fuck you. And doing so [getting sexual over text], will actually ruin things: 90% of the time.

After all, most guys, whenever they communicate with a new girl impersonally [via text, online dating sites or the internet in general], they begin the interaction by flirting, complimenting and getting sexual with the girl.

Everything from compliments to “I would love to fuck you”.

However, it rarely ever works! And it only serves to piss the girl off, turn her off and get you deleted, un-friended [if over Facebook], ignored or blocked.

Now, this begs the following question:

“How is Kenny able to get away with this all the fucking time”?

“How is it whenever I get sexual with a girl over text or the internet, she shuts me down hard and things never go far. But when Kenny gets sexual, the girl enjoys it, takes no offense to it, and eventually hooks up with him”?

To answer that, as I regularly state at nauseum, the key to getting strangers into bed, isn’t the promise of sex by declaring how hard or good you can fuck her with your 20 inch shlong!

The key is to promise her an adventure and a risk which she likely isn’t getting from other men.

In conjunction with this, your vibe is important, and you must come off as congruent!

If you’re sexual with a girl from the get-go, she will know the deal, and expect that your overall motive would be to fuck her.

Whenever I meet a new girl on the streets or wherever, there will be left no doubt in her mind as to what I want and the type of guy I am. Be it from the way I look at her [seductively] to my body language [sexual] and the other subtleties which get conveyed to the girl’s Hind Brain [the part of the brain which governs desires, wants, passions, arousal, etc].

Hence, when the girl and I depart, she will have already known my intention without me having to spell it out…though 80% of the time upon picking up a girl, I’m keen to telling her that I want to take her to bed.

Just because you see me get away with being sexual with women, as an outside observer, don’t think for a minute that I’m doing it without a plan from the gate.

Why women reject your sexual advances is simply because she doesn’t see you as a guy who’s worthy of getting sexual with her.

Hence, she will punish you for it, while allowing a guy like me to get away with it, simply because I communicate with her on a man to woman level, oppose to friend to friend since most guys foolishly try to friend their way into a girl’s bed…and end up in the friend zone. 😦 😦

When I communicate with a girl whom I like, it is never on a friendly or friends basis.

You won’t hear/see me talking to a girl about what type of guys she dates and what is her ideal type of man.

You also won’t catch me entertaining any lengthy conversation about her boyfriend or some guy who had broken her heart and left her in need of a shoulder to cry on.

Such conversational threads will land you in the fucking friend-zone…QUICK!

If I hadn’t said this before, I’ll say it now: A girl will never friend-zone me! And since becoming a PUA many years ago, no woman has ever come remotely close to friend-zoning me!

I give women zero reason whatsoever to even think about me as a male friend!

Hence, whenever I approach girls, be it online or off of cold-approach pickup on the streets, though I’m very friendly for sure, it is never “friendly” in the sense that I project myself as trying to become her platonic friend.

My attitude is friendly. But my demeanor and vibe are sexually playful.

With this approach to women, they instantly know what I’m about and what I want from them…without feeling used and cheap in the process since they too desire a whimsical adventure.

Therefore, when I shoot off that text message, the girl will NOT be taken-aback in a negative sense, because she would’ve already expected this sort of forward and ballsy behavior from a guy like myself [this is called congruence].

Hopefully by tomorrow or so, I’ll be able to take this new girl to bed whom I’d met on Valentine’s evening at a pizzaria.

Ciao Bella!

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