Breaking Potential Cheater’s Heart Over The Valentine’s Weekend + A Bit On Race

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Heart-Breaking Season!

Ok, so I kinda made plans with a girl on Monday…- well actually- she made plans with me…better yet- she forced plans upon me [confused yet ❓ ]!

Here’s the chat log from Facebook earlier.


Ok, so what actually happened was this.

Being that I am on a month’s vacation from my unofficial day job, I decided to hop across the water [via ferry] to spend the weekend in the neighboring island of Barbuda [Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island state].

It is literally just a ferry’s ride between the 2 sister islands.

I was set to go for today [Friday] actually, and to spend the entire weekend there until Monday morning.

Now, this chick in the text log wasn’t even in the plans at all.

She literally threw herself into my fucking plans after reading a post of mines on Facebook which said that I will be coming to the neighboring isle for the weekend.

Upon reading this, I get a Facebook inbox message on Monday from her reading:


Now- bear in mind- this chick and I had NO PRIOR PLANS whatsoever!

She’s a sexy-thick girl [of Chinese parentage] who’s been on my Facebook friend list for quite some years.

Chinese-Caribbean girl I'd picked up some years ago
Chinese-Caribbean girl I’d picked up some years ago

How did she get there, and when and how did I pick her up? I honestly don’t recall.

As someone who regularly picks up girls for a living, it is quite common to have monotonous details of a pickup slip out of the memory bank.

However, I know for certain that we never hooked up nor even met up on a second occasion aka D2. But I did run some pretty-strong text and phone game on her about 2 + years ago…which is a testament to her wanting to hook up with me [in spite of having a boyfriend].

On a side note: you know your game is awesome when a hot girl hits you up out of the blue wanting to spend Valentine’s with you…while ditching her boyfriend…but that’s for another post. 😉

Be as it may, I didn’t quite want to meet up with her, simply because I had prior plans and my itinerary was already set in stone.

This chick literally decided to railroad my Valentine’s plans by trying to supplant herself into my schedule…and my bed.

Here’s another message which she’d sent on Monday after learning through my Facebook status that I was to ferry to the sister island next door.

Watch how she maneuvers her way into my plans by wanting to spend the entire weekend at my hotel.


I never did answer her at all. 😆 👿

Ok- sure- I should’ve been straight up and tell her “NO! You cannot stay the entire weekend”!

However, I didn’t feel duty-bound to have to explain myself to some chick whom I had no plans with. So that’s why I ignored her suggestion/question because of her audacity in attempting to fuck over my plans at the last minute.

When it comes to Kenny and women- it doesn’t matter who or what you are- I prioritize my shit in a “first come first served” manner. And the hotness of a girl doesn’t sway me 1 way or the other!

That is how Alpha-Males roll!

That is the mentality/frame of a man of importance, value and quality [the boss’ mentality].

This is why and how I get tons of hot girls to chase me all the time.

I treat them as though they are second-class citizens.

The hotter the girl; the more shitty I treat her.

The more I ignore her, will only make her chase me more!

Anyway, so this chick was literally down to spend 3 nights at my hotel over the Valentine’s weekend.

Not to mention she had her stuff packed already…allegedly. 😯


In my defense; I did NOT give this chick the okay to come stay by me!

She took it upon herself to get all psyched up.

I merely re-confirmed that I still had plans on taking the trip. But not for her to stay by my hotel for the weekend [no one reads the fine print I see].

As far as she being disappointed and that whole act- it was just that- an act on my part, I played along with being disappointed just to not come off as a total-insensitive douche…though I never agreed to seeing her in the 1st place.

Honestly though, I appreciated that she had beguiled and tricked her boyfriend with an elaborate story as to how and why she will have been able to skip town for a whole weekend. 😎

I guess “appreciate” is the wrong word for this context. So I’ll just say that it means a whole lot when a girl lies to her boyfriend in order to meet up with some other dude.

Frankly, I didn’t even know this chick had a boyfriend since we hadn’t spoken/texted in over 2 years [maybe 3 years], but only sparingly commented on each other’s statuses a while back.

She just randomly texted me out of the blue with the proposal to spend the Valentine’s weekend with me.

When it’s all said and done: sure she’s disappointed. But I never told her to take any measure in order to meet up with me.

It was only after the fact [when I broke the news that I wasn’t coming], that I entertained her with a bit of playful apology for her getting her own hopes up…PLAYFUL being the operative adverb.

On a further note, my plans did get fucked up due to the ferry personnels screwing up my reservation which I had secured through my bank about a week ago for $220.00 XCD round trip [ferry pictured below].

On top of that, I couldn’t get a reimbursement in a timely manner, so I decided to call it off until next weekend…hopefully.

Ok, so what was my general and overall reason for this island-to-island weekend voyage?

To pick up girls and to shoot some day-game infield hidden-camera pickup videos!

As for the nighttime engagements, I had already had Friday night booked up whereas I was to meet with a girl whom I’d been trying to bang for some months now.

We were to rendezvous at my hotel.

Saturday night; pretty much the same shit; to meet up with a different chick, chill at a lounge then overnight it at my hotel.

Sunday night: I was to somewhat freestyle it, hit the bars and try to take a chick home for the SNL/One-Night Stand pull.

That was my entire Valentine’s weekend plan in the neighboring island.

I wasn’t gonna grant some chick whom I didn’t have prior arrangements with, the power to just pop up and expect me to ditch my other plans to have her stay over for the weekend instead.

Even if my weekend plans were to have materialized, I would not alter them just to facilitate any girl who was outside of the original scheme.

Now- to be clear here- I am not above changing plans.

That is 1 of the shticks of a master PUA; his ability to work on the fly and change shit at the drop of a dime if need be.

If Plan A fails, I would work with Plan B and C.

However, Plan A [meeting with the other girls] was still viable and workable.

Women And Cheating + The “Single” Girl Myth

As for the girl having a boyfriend yet deciding to ditch him and spend a romantic weekend with a known womanizing Pick-Up Artist…this speaks to what I’ve always taught around these parts:

Women with boyfriends/husbands sleep around the most…or at least have the desire to do so mostly!

Furthermore, I made a declaration a while ago that a lot of other coaches in the game seem to disagree with. And that is “There is no such thing as a girl who’s single”!

Believe the contrary if you want to. But there is no such thing as a girl being ‘Single’!

As long as she’s sexually active, in effect is not a virgin, then she has a boyfriend.

A boyfriend simply means someone in her life whom she feels somewhat of a responsibility to, and or from who to hide her actions and so forth.

Every non-virgin girl has a guy in her life whom she’s fucking, or was fucking, or will be fucking.

Hence, a woman always has a boyfriend even if she hadn’t exclusively and officially made that decision.

As long as she’s fucking someone semi-regularly, she or he will naturally assume the role of a quasi couple, whereas they desist from blatantly seeing/dating other people.

Hence, a girl being single is just a myth.

If she claims to be single, you can bet your last dollar that she’s still shagging her ex-boyfriend [even if the sex is dismal]. And as her ex, he still holds a certain amount of leverage over what she does…and vice versa.

Therefore, when it comes to dating and picking up women, please get this fallacy out of your head that there’s some single girl out there for you.

Women hop from relationship to relationship, guy to guy, cock to cock, depended on how greener she perceives the grass to be on the other side.

Relationships are rarely born of 2 parties being disengaged and free to mingle.

It is more so a case of 1 or both parties cheating on someone else. So if you’re playing the moral and ethical game and hoping to meet a girl who’s truly single and free, I’m sorry to tell you dude, but your dick will have shriveled up waiting on this disengaged girl to come strolling by.

To solidify this point [most to all girls having someone in their life], if you’ve been following my blog for any time now, you will have realized that 99% of the girls whom I pick up and sleep with, are either married or have boyfriends.

Is this just some weird fucking coincidence or conspiracy where Kenny happens to only meet women who already have someone in their life?

Of course not!

I don’t wear a sign on my forehead saying:

“Girls With Boyfriends Wanted Please”!

Then, why am I never so lucky to ever run into these elusive so-called single women?

Because they don’t fucking exist!

Moreover, I am a known cold-approach machine.

In other words, most of the women I meet, are random strangers from all walks of life.

Thus, what are the odds that I will only meet girls with boyfriends off of cold approaching well over a thousand women over the years?

Think about that for a second.


Nevertheless, with this hot girl who wanted to spend Valentines with me [in spite having a boyfriend/man]: it doesn’t strike me as a strange-anomalous occurrence because I know very well, that the title of “boyfriend” means very little to most girls on the planet.

I also know that most girls do NOT have an ounce of respect their boyfriends, because most men roaming the globe aren’t worthy of respect in the first place [that is because 96% of men on the globe are Beta-Males aka weak men].

The average boyfriend/husband is a provider.

In other words, his sole or primary purpose within the relationship, is to take care of the woman, pamper her, buy her the world, while she has the liberty [bestowed upon herself] to fuck some other guy who hadn’t done a thing for her [usually an asshole who’s part of the 4% of Alpha-Males].

Most boyfriends are just lucky to even have someone to call their own anyway. So the title of “boyfriend” alone, is enough to placate the Average Joe while his girlfriend schemes to accrue cock on the side.

With this being the reality on the ground [most boyfriends being clueless zombies], girls with boyfriends and husbands [often disgruntled], often play the field behind the backs of their significant other, in search of some erratic and whimsical-sexual escapade.

Hence, it never surprises me when girls with boyfriends hit me up online in search of that whimsical escapade which she cannot get from her boyfriend, because he’s too insulated and dumbed down by what his mother, Dr. Phil, Hollywood and the media say a good boyfriend should be.

A Little Demographics & Race In Pickup

As for culture, after all; this girl is Chinese.

I’ve touched on this a lot recently, that the Caribbean is a very diverse and multicultural region.

Not only that, but races and ethnic groups don’t self-segregate within their own quarters in order to avoid other groups.

Hence, you have a situation where the stage for interracial mingling is ripe and highly conducive…though people rarely ever step outside of their racial stock in order to date.

Guys like myself living in the islands who pick up women of other nationalities, are rare as flying donkeys in the Caribbean.

However, there’s a huge Chinese population in the Caribbean- including the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda where I was born and currently reside.

Therefore, bumping heads with Chinese girls who crave black meat isn’t a rare phenomenon…though local men are too pussy to step up to the plate.

I came across this old rant by an Antiguan Chinese who was ticked off by stereotypes that people are shocked that he’s from the islands…and isn’t black. He also has a cool Antiguan-English accent might I add. 😉

About a year or so ago, a Chinese Jamaican chick [a Reggae singer] by the name of Tessane Chin, won “The Voice”.

Another popular and sexy Chinese Reggae singer from the Caribbean, is a chick by the name of Nyanda.


I cited this bit [including the girl’s ethnicity], just to hammer home the point that race as an inhibiting agent, is all in your head.

If your understanding of women is good, then a girl’s race and background will be the least of your worries.

There are Chinese, Indian, Arab, White and Black girls alike [to name a few], all chasing me on a weekly basis just to escape their humdrum relationship in order to hook up with me.

Classic example is the married East Indian girl I spoke about the other week.

The ultimate lesson I want you guys to take away from this article, boils down to the subsequent 4 bullet points:

   1.) Girls will cheat

   2.) The power of having girls chase you instead of chasing them

   3.) Race means nothing

   4.) Treat a hot girl as though she’s a 5 on the proverbial looks scale

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am HUGE on treating hot girls as though they don’t exist.

A big staple in my game is a knack for turning the tide on women and giving them a dose of their own meds [pushing guys aside].

You have to remember that girls are RARELY ever ignored, shunned and sidelined by guys.

Girls do the ignoring, rejecting and the flaking.

Most men chase without having a meaningful strategy.

If you can be that 1 unique guy who doesn’t chase women [at least not online], you will stand out from the crowd of pests, and girls will then flock to you, wanting to meet, date and blatantly hook up.

However, you have to show her that she isn’t nearly a fucking priority!

Then- and only then- will you begin to have shit like this happen on a fairly consistent basis:


You’ll begin to have girls come out of the woodworks willing to risk their relationships, marriages, jobs, lives- you fucking name it- just to be in your company.

As I touched on in a previous article: “I never woo women with the promise of sex”.

I promise them an adventure, a thrill and a risk.

Not sex!

Even if I do get sexual with a girl [which I do 100% of the time within the first minute of meeting them], “sex” in the least agenda that I push [as contradictive as that sounds].

You need to learn how to play to a girl’s deep-dirty dark fantasies.

Play to her sense of adventure!

Play off of the taboo!

Play off of the fact that her parents may not approve of her daughter dating a guy of another race or ethnic group.

Always remember that it is inherently instilled in every girl to rebel and defy customs, traditions and rules.

She only needs to come across a guy who is willing and possesses the know-how to bring out that side of her.

As a budding seductionist, you must adopt such a frame and draw the girl into your reality instead of having her draw you into hers.


Though I don’t celebrate, neither acknowledge Valentine’s Day: cheers to the weekend of love nevertheless!

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