I Agree With Johnny Wolf + Puttin A Lid On These Trolls In Pickup


I usually don’t agree with Johnny Wolf, particularly when he goes off on 1 of his anti-PUA rants. But a recent status post of his on Facebook, found resonance with me.

I am very selective about whom I allow into my circle of social-media friends.

There are lots of crazies out there…and by “crazies”, I mean trolls and stalkers.

As a guru-like figure in the pickup world, Johnny Wolf I can imagine has his share of male stalkers to contend with himself.

As you will have noted from the screenshot of his status: he’s pretty annoyed by some PUA’s who send him friend requests.

Over the last year or so, this has actually been irking me like a toothache.

I absolutely do NOT accept any friend request from any guy [fellow PUA] who doesn’t have a real photo of himself as his profile picture.

I simply ignore those requests, decline, or block them- regardless of how many mutual friends we share.

You have some PUA’s who have Al Pacino or Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden character as their profile picture.

Others have cartoon animations, motor vehicles and other stupid shit as their profile photos.

Either these guys are pre-pubescent kids or grown men going through some weird phase that is beyond my comprehension.

The following-adjoining screenshot is also from Johnny Wolf’s status, where he showed some of the pending-friend requests which were sent to him.

iphone photos 369

Some of those guys I actually have on my friend list already [like Stevie PUA].

Honestly, I have no problems with a pickup guy who has “PUA” as his surname on Facebook.

That is totally fine in my book.

Just as long as he has his an actual photo of himself as his profile picture, and not some childish cartoonized image.

What actually drove me over the edge some weeks ago, was I’d accepted a friend requested from a PUA who has Charlie Sheen as his profile picture [go fucking figure].

Seemingly no problem there.

Days later, he began posting trollish shit and childish comments on my statuses and photos.

Either he was strung out on something or just expressing himself in the best way that a male virgin could. ❓

Shit got so out of hand that I had to de-friend his ass after a reputable PUA figure PM’d me about this Charlie Sheen wannabe character, is a mega-troll and has been harassing numerous pick-up guys on Facebook.

I’ve absolutely never reported someone’s Facebook before. But that was a first as this cunt was a massive pariah, leaving all sorts of crazy-fucking comments on my stuff.

Now that I’d scrolled through my inbox, this idiot’s screen name is Bradley Sheen.

After I’d de-friended him, I sent a pleasant message as a icing atop the cake. 😉


Ok- I’ll admit- that was a bit homophobic and derogatory. But can you feel how annoyed I was with this scumbaggery?

Guys like that need to be exiled from pickup…that’s if he’s even a PUA of any worth to begin with.

Since I’d blocked him and subsequently reported his account [including a score of other PUA’s who likely had reported him], I’m quite sure by now that his Facebook account was deactivated by Facebook. ❓

I have no way to confirm this…nor do I care actually. Just as long as guys like that aren’t able to comment on my stuff, intentionally trying to ruin meaningful discourse.

Now, are guys like these the exception or the norm?

Arguably the exception.

Trolls, no matter the genre, are in the minority.

Most people who actually have a life, aren’t engaging in meaningless scumbaggery just for attention.

Hence, trolls like Bradley Sheen are a lonely bunch.

However, any day now, some other anonymous PUA is likely to pop up and destabilize the community with such ignorance.

Is there a way to put a lid of these guys?

For starters, I think that every “REAL” person in pickup, should delete/un-friend all anonymous PUA’s from their profiles.

No profile photo of themselves?


We’ve been entertaining these clowns for far too long now, whereas some anonymous PUA character actually manages to weasel his way onto the friend list of numerous pick-up gurus without being screened beforehand.

I’ve always had a strange and leery relationship with any character in pickup over the internet, who insists on living in anonymity…ala Roissy, now known as Chateau Heartiste, and any other so-called Men’s Rights Activist.

Read: Why anonymity killed the Manosphere game bloggers, by Socialkenny.

Those who’ve been following me over the years, might be familiar with my past battles with anonymous bloggers from the Men’s Rights Movement.

My bullshit-sensor just doesn’t sit well with anyone who operates under the cloak of anonymity: be it male or female.

If you’re unwilling to show your face; then something is wrong.

Hence, whenever I get 1 of those frequent friend requests from an anonymous guy whose profile picture is that of an actor- plus “PUA” affixed to his name- I immediately hit the decline button with no questions asked.

Where I differ from Johnny Wolf on this contentious topic, is that according to him, these anonymous Pick-Up Artists (PUA) are somehow crying out for relevance and acceptance within the community…essentially attention-whoring.

I pretty much see those characters for what they are: unskilled, socially awkward, anti-social individuals who harbor tons of insecurity issues about their looks and the lack of a sex life.

Whichever way you put it, these anonymous trolls who don’t have a life outside of the internet, should be dealt with accordingly by way of the un-friend button.

This Bradley Sheen idiot isn’t the 1st anonymous so-called PUA who brought this unnecessary trollery to my Facebook page.

There’s Professor Lance Corporal Blumkin [what a dickish name BTW], who just as the Charlie Sheen wannabe, left all sorts of asinine comments on every 1 of my Facebook statuses and photo posts.


I was forced to delete him after weeks of extending the olive branch of civility, which was met with stiff resistance probably born out of years of being strung out to the point where rational discourse isn’t an option for this dude.

This Professor Blumkin troll and I share 171 mutual friends.

This goes to emphasize my point in that these anonymous crazies are inadvertently given shelter and refuge by most in pickup because they aren’t outed, neither called out nor put in check by other guys.

Therefore, in light of our past disagreements, I applaud guys such as Johnny Wolf for having the gumption to actually do/say something about these parasites.

Trolls are inevitable in every facet of the internet. But don’t harbor them!

With that, I’m looking forward to 2015 being a year of less bullshit as far as pickup politics go.

What's your view?

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