More Facebook Implosion By Men Without A Clue Of How Attraction Works


The Facebook thirst continues.

This morning while perusing Facebook, I came across a status post from a girl in my friend list, who’s apparently agitated at men.

I was so appalled by this constant faux-pas committed by men, that I had to share her post on Facebook for others to see.

A few of my pickup buddies weighed in on the shared post.



Now if that wasn’t a wake-up fucking call for guys out there; then I don’t know what is!

This isn’t the 1st, nor the last time I will have posted such screenshots from Facebook to my blog.

Actually, this has been my 6th or so post on the exact same topic of guys chasing women over Facebook to their detriment.

Obviously, my message isn’t resonating at all with men out there [not that every guy on the globe reads my stuff 😉 ].

I’ve been preaching the same thing at nauseum, that hot women are COMPLETELY turned off by unbridled-male attention!

Sure, every girl loves attention! But the right kind of attention in the right amounts.

The hotter the girl; the least attention you show her.

Get that guys?

This girl in particular as you can see from her Facebook profile: she is quite hot to be honest.

I can see why guys will drool at the mouth at the thought of getting her on the phone…let alone in bed.

However, the absolute-worst way conceivable to approach a girl of this caliber [or any HB 8.5 +], is to laud her with fucking attention and sweet words!

She’s too used to it!

Another Beta-Male AFC chasing her for phone time will only serve to upset the already fragile framework of a girl who gets attention galore!

Undoubtedly, a great number of men will have deemed such ranty postings from women as bitchy, self-centered, entitled, and denote someone who has a major chip of their shoulder.

I don’t see it that way.

I actually applaud girls for calling men out in such a cunty way!

In no way whatsoever under the circumstance of cluelessly “chasing women”, do I sympathize with any guy who gets his ass handed to him royally.

To be honest, I would’ve wished if this Brittany chick had posted the names and profiles of the many guys guilty of committing such atrocity towards the dating and courtship process.

Out them dammit!!!

They should’ve been put on public display for the world to see what shameful looks like.

Most guys need to be shamed into change…just as it is feasible [in my book], to shame some women into lifestyle changes also…like paying mind to their fitness instead of staying at home doing shit besides packing on unnecessary pounds likes it’s a fad.

Hence, if it takes bruising a few guys’ paper-thin egos just to tamper down the pedestalization of women; then I’m all on board with public shaming!

There is way too much information out there for guys of all ages to still be annoying chicks with the same-old lines of:

“I love you”!

“I wanna marry you”

It’s sickening!

I would expect a wet-behind-the-ears 19 year old who doesn’t know a thing about women, to go about it the wrong way like an AFC Beta.

For crying out loud though: guys in deep in their 20’s and 50’s shouldn’t be making the same mistakes over and over again with countless women, without realizing there’s a need to go back to the drawing-board in order to hatch a long-overdue Plan B.

How many women will have to outright reject you before coming to the realization that your strategy sucks and it’ll be wise to alter your approach to women?

In all fairness, I guess one could make the case that an arm of empathy should be extended to the masses who continually put hot girls on pedestals.

When this sort of wholesale Beta-ization occurs- believe it- I fucking feel it!

Every time a chick gets pushed to the point of having to berate a guy [or guys in general], as a man, a part of me dies.

However, it is necessary at the end of the day.

Complimenting women on Facebook and rushing to be the 1st guy to leave his mark by way of commentaries on her statuses, will only land you in the stalker-zone, which is effectively 10 times as damning as the dreaded friend zone.

There are tons of other examples out there of whom not to follow.

However, as you can see from the screenshot below of the girl in the spotlight: guys just keep chasing ever so subtly, trying to weasel their way into a girl’s heart by leaving lame, generic and cheesy comments on her Facebook page.

Image 3

There’s a wrong and right way to do things.

Begging girls to talk to you, and sending a million text messages, are completely stupid.

Men of importance and value don’t chase women on the internet [and by chase, I mean artlessly pursuing].

Women of value [no woman for that matter], don’t chase men who chase them.

Therein lies your mistake in trying to get with girls over Facebook.

You chase; she flees.

You don’t chase, yet be strategic; she will then chase you.

If you’re having trouble grasping this concept, you may want to read this recent article of mines.

Seduction of a sexy Indian over Facebook


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