Presenting Manish aka Deepak Wayne: A Former Student Of Justin Wayne Turned Pick-Up Coach

The biggest buzz right now in the pickup/seduction community as far as in the Youtube sphere, is Deepak Wayne aka Manish, who’s an Indian PUA turned pickup instructor under the tutelage of Justin Wayne out of NYC.

There are tons of guys who would tell you that Indian men cannot get laid with western women (particularly white ones).

Most Indian guys in the west actually harbor this limiting belief.

Guys such as Manish squashes this myth to show that looks and race don’t mean shit [as I’ve always preached] once you know how to attract and interact with women.

Props to Justin Wayne, my friend out of NYC, for transforming Deepak into a ladies’ man.

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    1. I’m not sure whether it was white males who created that myth…unless I’m wrong. I want to say that Indian men themselves have actually fallen for it though. Every week I get tons of e mails from Indian guys living in Britain saying that white girls don’t want them. I would then ask them, “How do you know that”? They would tell me that they heard so. So it isn’t even that those guys went out and get rejected a ton to prove it. They just believed that misconception.


  1. I was one of the guys that told you about Britian, In retrospect I think it’s easy to blame racism if you live in London as there is just an atmosphere of raciwl tension in that city that you won’t understand until you live there, also Indian society and it’s beliefs do not help Indian men one bit. But you’re right even I was blaming my race, it was fucked up but I thought women were racist because they didnt approach me and offer to have sex, it sounds messed up but in most of my lays the woman thought I was good looking and made the effort to kinda ensure we had sex and some of these women were quite pretty, it didnt happen in England maybe because I just didnt approach

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    1. What an irony with you being 1 of the guys who spoke of Britain and racist white girls.

      Now, I’m not saying race isn’t a factor. Just might be. But good to see that you have put that aside and start to plow nevertheless.

      I can see how and why you fall into the belief of expectation by expecting women to make the move and make the se happen.

      Hopefully in the Spring, if not already, you begin to approach in England


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