Use Hot Girls As Pre-Selection On Facebook [more Facebook game]

Pre-selection: what the hell is it. And why should it matter?

Pre-selection is like that secret, special ingredient in a pie that makes it taste that much better- but so subtle- that the eater just cannot put his finger on what makes this pie taste so goddamn delicious!

It isn’t the pecan, neither the sauce, the sliced fruits, nor the dough itself, but the absorbed and ground spices which one cannot discern with the natural eye.

Pre-selection in attracting women works the same way.

It isn’t overt nor discernible to the untrained eye.

It operates behind the scenes like the ghostwriter who composes the finest of lyrics, while the performing artist gets the credit for the hit song.

Having Pre-selection as a guy who’s in the business of attracting women [by trying to get laid], at times, can mean the difference between getting or losing the girl.

No pre-selection; some girls won’t pay you any mind.

Being a pre-selected guy; some girls can’t help themselves but to want to engage you!

In a nutshell; pre-selection is your ability to attract women from the perception of having other women in your life already.

On a broader note, pre-selection is 1 of the most difficult aspects of pickup for most guys to grasp.

Why so?

Most guys don’t have girls in their life to begin with.

However, this post will address how to become pre-selected on Facebook without actually having (those) women physically in your life.

A huge part of my Facebook scheme is to actually have hot girls on my Facebook [as friends] in order to attract and seduce particular girls whom I might have been struggling to attract over a period.

The reality is, some girls simply won’t allow themselves to open up to you unless they feel a sense of urgency, competitiveness and perceived threat by other women in your midst, i.e. your Facebook profile.

This powerful-psychological reaction breeds sayings such as:

“A woman won’t want you unless other women want you too”.

“Women are attracted to men who already have other women in their life”.

Ok, so how do I become pre-selected through this mean on Facebook?

I friend-request a good amount of hot girls. 😉

Now, if don’t know how to go about friend-requesting random hotties, I suggest you read this:

Getting random strangers to accept your friend request

Ok, so now that that’s handled, I would get a bunch of girls on my virtual team via friend request then begin to post interesting shit as usual in order to bait them into commenting on my statuses and photo posts.

They’ll be operating as my wing women without their knowledge.

How does this Pre-Selection tactic work in the case of getting the girl I want?

As I touched upon earlier, some chicks simply won’t act towards you unless there is competition and rivalry from other women.

This isn’t what you’re thinking by the way.

Rivalry and competition doesn’t necessarily mean 2 chicks physically pounding upon each other just to win over a man…though that is the ultimate form of rivalry for a man.

What I’m actually speaking of, is having women jockeying and fighting for your attention over Facebook.

I do this very often where I would somehow play off 1 girl against another in order to create some sort of rivalry with me being the common denominator.

That however, is a super-advanced form of pre-selection taken to another level.

In this post, I am simply sharing with you how to attract another girl by having other girls interact on your Facebook.

It basically boils down to posting interesting/controversial stuff that women gravitate to, which will lead to some form of dialogue in the comment section of the status update/photo.

The Facebook platform in and of itself, is an ally here.

Though I hate many things about Facebook, I love the way that it now features posts in various feeds.

In other words, if someone were to post a comment on a post of yours, that post and comment will likely show up in the feed of your other friends.

That may be a good thing at times [as in this case], but a terrible fucking thing in the case where you’re trying to have a bit of privacy in what you post.

Be as it may, what I usually accomplish, is to get my shit to pop up in the feeds of the girls whom I’m trying to get with.

I don’t have to get the girl herself to post a comment on my status.

I merely want her to get wind of it that there are hot girls taking at least a few seconds out of their day to devote to what I have to say.

That is Pre-Selection.

You’re using 1 girl to indirectly show you up to another girl…without either party realizing it.

This all seems very subtle and it is.

When you understand that women respond mostly to subtleties, such tactics won’t come as a surprise to you.

In the past, and even presently, I had tons of girls onn my Facebook whom I tried to get with but they just won’t give me the time of day.

The moment they realize that other girls hotter than them were actually engaging me, the girls who didn’t have the time of day, were all of a sudden saying “hi” whenever they notice me online through chat.

In summary, the key is just to add hot girls to your Facebook as I outlined in the link above.

Secondly, start posting stuff that is geared towards attracting girls to comment.

Need some examples of how I do this?



Image 1

Image 3

Image 6

When you will have established this sort of frame and get various girls to comment on your stuff, you will have gotten yourself some pre-selection clout to attract other girls who are lingering on the sidelines.

Posting the usual boring stuff like “Good morning”, which doesn’t arouse any dialogue, simply won’t cut it.

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    1. Thanks LL. It’s sorta shady in a not so shady way. But it’s all about being strategic for men. Women don’t have to do a thing and they get to attract all the men and attention in the world


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