Get Skype Coaching With Kenny [Program Revamped]

Back by popular demand is my Skype training and consultation program.

A former in-person student of mines from some years ago, had recently run into a sticky situation with a girl whom he’s met after being under my tutelage.

Though we never had consultations through my Skype program. I felt that it was good reasoning to re-launch the program which had went dormant due to my busy schedule in other areas of pickup and seduction.

Just as my revolutionary-coaching program through Whatsapp Messenger, my phone program [via Skype] serves the same purpose, which is to either:

1.) Offer advice and training related to pickup, seduction and socialization in and one-on-one setting

2.) Troubleshoot your dating and courtship issues with women in general, or a particular girl

For some of us, my Whatsapp program [via text] isn’t suitable due to time constraints.

Getting your questions, queries and situation remedied through the phone [at least through Skype], is best suited for those who a quicker and real-time approach to their sticking-points.

Sounds interesting?

Check out the product page by clicking the image link below.


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