I Don’t Sell Sex…I Sell Adventure, Risk & A Great Experience

What are you selling to women?

Are you selling sex, or a good time?

Selling sex indeed is what I do.

However, I package it as not just sex but a risky adventure nevertheless.

Selling sex to women isn’t that appealing.

After all, a woman can have sex on the platter at the snap of a finger. So there is no special appeal and draw to a guy offering her sex.

What she doesn’t usually have at her disposal, is risky yet fun adventure where sex is involved as an additional perk.

Selling the idea and promise of a good experience is what you should aim to convey, and not necessarily how good you are in bed and how great of a sex-perience she can have with you.

You think she hadn’t heard that shit before?

Of course she has.

This is why I never sell girls the idea of just sex since such talking-points are all too common.

There just isn’t enough steam to take that ship anywhere.

Ok, so how do you sell a girl an experience, a good time, an adventure in risk?

If you read the previous article of the Indian girl seduction, I gave a pertinent and lengthy synopsis of how I make this happen.

Now, on the surface, the chat log appears as though I was selling sex hard core.


However, what I was actually doing was selling the idea of having an adulterous and adventurous time where sex is involved.

It is exploiting the dynamics at hand and using them in a way that gets the girl engaged in the idea.

You may ask, “what were the dynamics at play”?

1.) There was a risk factor involved since she’s married

2.) Crossing ethnic lines is also taboo…which heightens the tension in a good way

3.) The idea of meeting up with a total stranger also adds to the risk factor and also heightens the tension

Those 3 factors are what I sold indirectly in that specific set.

“Sex” was never my selling point to her.

I sold an idea of risk.

If you don’t know by now that women are junkies for risk, then you ought to hand in your resignation papers and stick to playing video games.

The next time you find yourself engaged in talks of sex with a girl, do a little introspection and ask yourself:

“Am I selling sex or a good time”?

If you find that “sex” is what you’re selling to her; then you may very well want to dial it back and make “Risk and Adventure” the focal point of the interaction…at least the underlying theme.

fabricate some sort of risk that you can interject into the dialogue in order to heighten the experience for the girl.

If there are contrasts: highlight them!

Sell the girl the idea that if you and her ever get together [i.e. to hang out], it may cause some sort of existential friction which is nevertheless a reason to proceed.

This is why and how I get lots of women to cheat on their boyfriends and husbands.

I don’t sell them sex.

I sell them the idea that what we’re doing is somewhat wrong yet right…at least in the moment for this moment.

I focus on adventure and the pending thrill we will possibly have behind the backs of their significant other.

Now, I know this sounds completely counter-intuitive and backwards. But in that is where lies the beauty and the appeal.

Let’s be real here, how many women over the internet have you sold the idea and promise of good sex in bed to, and it rarely ever leads to actual sex?

A ton, right?

You’ve probably never been successful at trying to sell sex over the net.

Hence, I don’t have to tell you that selling sex as a guy is a futile strategy.
You’ve realized this through your many failures.

Ok, to summarize, if for instance I meet a girl over Facebook whom I’m trying to hook up with, I firstly try to find out by some means, what contrasts may exist between us.

This is where the magic comes in.

For instance, a great number of girls I sleep with, register as being somewhat religious.

As an Agnostic who doesn’t believe in religion, I make that contrast a workable theme when interacting with a girl who attends church on a regular to semi-regular basis.

Therefore, I position myself as the heathen attempting to lead her astray.

Once again: I wouldn’t sell her sex. I sell her the idea that to deal with a guy like myself, would be a huge risk to her religious piety.

I seduce her on that basis of contrasting views and lifestyles.

This is the same approach I take towards interracial dating.

I sell a taboo, which is that if we hook up, she could possibly be the recipient of some social backlash from her peers or family.

Not that they would ever know that we are to hook up. But the perception is just as power [even more so] as the reality of someone in her family discovering that she’s been banging an race intruder.

With that, you want to exploit the contrasts which exist.

If there are none; then create some! But quite naturally, there will always be contrasts and conflicting views and sub-texts between all human beings.

If you’re dealing with someone of another religion: there is contrasts there.

If dealing with a girl of another race or ethnic stock; there’s an inherent contrast there.

A religious girl and you’re an Atheist; contrast there.

A key reason why most girls won’t sleep with you, is simply because there isn’t any tension or contrast since you haven’t created or highlighted any.

Does the girl have a boyfriend?

Well there you go: natural contrast there for you to work with.

I know I’m beginning to sound repetitive here but I’m trying to hammer home the point that you should be selling a risk in hooking up with you, and not sell the idea of just hooking up.

You have to remember that there’s a reason why women love Soaps.

It is the contrasts, affairs, risks, thrills and drama.

We see all sorts of taboos and explicit plot lines in soap operas.

Start selling girls a soap-opera encounter and you’ll see how many women begin to chase you.

Selling sex alone isn’t anything special for girls who are sold sex all the time.

Sell an adventure!

Sell an affair!

Sell a risk!

Sell a taboo!

Sell a wrong!

Sell a fantasy!

Sell a unique experience!

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